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Still want a sequel. #7
Can't agree with this more. #1
Forgetting about Farcry there, Dude. For we would not have the Farcry franchise without Crytek to begin with. #1.1
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lolololol, no.

Vita is far more than that. #20
This gets announced, I buy an Xbox One to go with the PS4. Sunset Overdrive has piqued my interest and Xbox is the only key to Halo. Just a matter of time now.

Crackdown has really got to pump up the fun factor after Saints Row 4 which took the best from the Crackdown and Prototype games. #10
He's got a massive forehead though. #23
Probably the quickest and largest shopping spree I've done on Playstation Store for some time.

Came away with Olli Olli, Retro City Rampage, Escape Vector, Spelunky, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation and Mass Effect Trilogy. #8
What a rubbish list. #10
Which isn't singleplayer? #1
Oh, I strongly agree with most of these, PS4 UI is a total stepback from the PS3's which was developed over time. #8

...LIFE. #2
Yeah, it's awesome in Remote Play, isn't it? #3.1
The DLC should be free too as the game is more or less given to every PS+ subscriber. To pay for DLC for the original game you don't actually physically own would be an odd move as PS+ is basically renting a license to keep the game, not own.

Thereby forcing the wanters of the DLC with PS+ to buy the original game AND the DLC.

So I can see a bit of an issue arising over the distribution of this future DLC. #2.1
That's awesome. Also, this game is a great homage of Shufflepuck Cafe for Amiga, for anyone interested you can get the game in a bundle deal here: #1
I often wonder why Shatter hasn't been ported either. #2
Wondering if this HD remaster will be coming out on PC. I hear good things about the engine. #5
Okay, that IS awesome news. #1.1.2
I'd rather the PS4 get an update for a PS3 style XMB. I miss organising stuff into easy to navigate, divided folders. #11.1
I began a gen with EDF2017 on 360 and I will poetically end a gen with EDF2025 on PS3.

I've been so looking forward to this for such a very, very long time. #3
Gears of War - Terrible hunched over steroid using midget character design, depressing architecture and colour scheme, unimaginative enemy, terrible story writing and dialogue, unlikable characters concerning lack of compassion for protagonist, 'soap on a rope' lancer, never evolved after much better cover shooters were made, no way as interesting as the mythos of Halo but oddly claimed to be equal of, waste of Epic's resources should be making new UT. #12
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