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Nice one. #11
Never understood why Point Blank missed 2 gens, aside from the DS port.

I mean, we had the Move and Kinect last gen, LBP leading the way with quickly made creator content.

I mean, wouldn't Point Blank editing your own stages and targets out of photos be the greatest thing?

I swear, Namco are missing out on one here. #9.1
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters!

*Amiga conversion in video link due to awesome soundtrack. #10
Oh good! Shadow Complex is one of the best exclusive games on XBLA. Be sad just to let it die on people's 360 harddrives.

EDIT: Geometry Wars 2 too? Oh you shouldn't have! In this case can't wait for the update! #10
Yeah, because threatening Jeff Minter of Tempest 2000 for Llamasoft's TxK is a great way to 'do things right'. #7
More of Delsin Rowe please! #22
I am missing Dead Space so much right now. Finally got around to getting the Awakened DLC for DS3 a couple of weeks back. I want to delve in that dark sci-fi universe and strategically dismember again! #11
Oh ma, halfway through watching this. Utterly brilliant. #4
I need to keep playing this. Not played a bit of it since end of Nov. Too many games, Steam sales, etc. #9
The alternative video link at the end is utterly brilliant. #6
Really hope both the EDF titles get localised. The last PSP port of EDF2 sadly didn't. #2
I really don't understand why Acti are sitting on this potential goldmine IP in this time of digital downloads enabling smaller games and HD re-releases.

HINT. #47
Still want a sequel. #7
Can't agree with this more. #1
Forgetting about Farcry there, Dude. For we would not have the Farcry franchise without Crytek to begin with. #1.1
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lolololol, no.

Vita is far more than that. #20
This gets announced, I buy an Xbox One to go with the PS4. Sunset Overdrive has piqued my interest and Xbox is the only key to Halo. Just a matter of time now.

Crackdown has really got to pump up the fun factor after Saints Row 4 which took the best from the Crackdown and Prototype games. #10
He's got a massive forehead though. #23
Probably the quickest and largest shopping spree I've done on Playstation Store for some time.

Came away with Olli Olli, Retro City Rampage, Escape Vector, Spelunky, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation and Mass Effect Trilogy. #8
What a rubbish list. #10
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