(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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Loved Quantum Break. I'm glad Remedy are dropping the TV show element of their games, It may had worked for Alan Wake, but cutscenes were hard to sit through in QB. Brilliant game though.

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This game series is amazing. Discovered it in arcades in Tokyo. Came back and waited for English Android release. Probably the best rhythm game I've played.

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That last picture is amazing. I can't wait to play this!

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F**K YES. This is better than all of E3 combined.
I can only hope this game doesn't lose it's way.
My body is dry...I mean, ready.

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Nah. Love my Vive and the extra choice for it, sift through the shovelware and you can find amazing new VR games EACH DAY on Steam.

I will get a PSVR one day just for Wipeout VR.

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I am so looking forward to this. Loved Quantum Break, but think it had a complete ending with the characters I wouldn't want retreaded.

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Can't wait. Serious Sam is one of my absolute favourite franchises.

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I totally forgot about Megaman Universe. That would had been great! Wonder why that never happened?

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Tied between Microsoft and Bethesda, I'm not sure what happened to Sony this year. MS not only had the exclusive factor this year but shown some stonkingly good games and some multiplat sequels we knew were happening, but it was great to see it confirmed on stage with trailers and gameplay, such as Dying Light 2. Bethesda are getting better every year and now I really value them as a publisher with id's IPs under their roof.

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Yeah, but I want Kuwabara to beat up Freiza and WIN. That would be a crossover bigger than Infinity War, lol.

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I know most people are going to rag on at me hating on this and posting my opinion, but this really isn't what I expect from Sucker Punch and after Infamous I think they can do so much better than just doing Assassin's Creed Japan.

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Yes. I am. Unless it's hiding a lot of massive gameplay mechanics that come in later, this doesn't look that different to Dynasty Warriors or Tenchu. I'm just seeing very little originality and much to be excited about, this was a whole load of gameplay footage where nothing happened.

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Seeing that it's Jump, I'd love to see some Yu Yu Hakusho love and kick the s**t out of Frieza.

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This is a step back from Infamous Second Son, if you ask me.

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I am all for this. It looks like the locomotion will be a lot better than how DOOM VFR originally worked. Plus, the vehicle sections are brilliant set pieces of the new Wolfenstein games, which sometimes seem to end too soon. I'm happy to see a full experience made for them.

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Killing Left 4 Vermintude: Aliens

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I really don't like Gears. It doesn't have half the mythos, symbolism, heroism, patriotism, mystery and upbeat teamwork as Halo. I care about Halo's characters, I never felt any link to any of the stereotypes in the Gears franchise or playing as an unemotive Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. All Gears ever had for me was a polished middleware engine. Amazed it's lasted that long. The new one, however, does look like a good game.

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More like Reach, less like Halo 5 and we're all good. Is this actually Halo 6 though?

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Maneater and Sable both look brilliant in utterly different ways, also, I sure hope Revive supports these new Oculus exclusives.

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This looks great. I might finally fall into that Skylanders/Disney Infinity/Lego Dimensions trap.

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