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HUR HUR HUR I get that reference.

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I didn't think it was that serious that hell needed to be a part of this!

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*shrugs* I liked the game.

On topic: I'm looking forward to it, Playtonic!

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With how shitty the current FF games have become (I hated FFXV), giving it to Yoko Taro would certainly give it some fresh air.

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Seriously?! PS4 version then...

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Kotaku's scum.

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I'm not. I'm indifferent. But hey, hope you have fun with the game!

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The only opinion that matters is mine only. I don't care of some random dude's opinion. Also, avoid looking at the comment section. Some prick just potentially spoiled the game for me.

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I don't want to be Negative Nancy here, but...

It's IGN.

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lmao thanks for the laugh

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I've noticed this with Sony as well. If they had just an inkling of faith in Demon's Souls and From Software back then, I have a feeling From would've been bought out by Sony. They're not really good at gauging a game's success, especially from small developers.

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Am I missing something? Crash Bandicoot in July?

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I'm so happy right now

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Dragon Quest Xi on the 4th and Spider-Man on the 7th! My wallet! :'(

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He's hot!

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I'm surprised to find a redpiller here in N4G. Do you visit r/MGTOW, brother?

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... and here I am, thinking it'll delve into Christianity!

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I just find it ridiculous how someone is actually trying to rationalize such a move as a positive one. I have never seen anyone spin this as good, especially so-called "journalists", aka the scum of the Earth.

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Everyday is Men's Day.

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