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This looks... good.

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It looks like someone rested a pizza on top of it.

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Apparently, the journalist who wrote this masterpiece want us to persuade him/her that a video game console is a basic need like food, clothing, the air we breathe.

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Cry me a river

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Does an Earth fall from the sky? Can we ride that earth?

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Day 1!

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Didn't know that. Maybe 'placeholder date' wasn't the right term to use. Still, releasing a game in December feels weird.

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You don't hear assholes, you smell them.

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The skeptic in me feels like this is a placeholder date. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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The fact it's Spiderman they're dealing with effectively broadens their market, potentially to people who are fans of the comic series but are not 'gamers', so I think Sony shouldn't worry about that aspect in trying to sell the product. The only thing they have to market, as I've said before, is it's distinguishing quality from other bargain bin movie tie-in games.

EDIT: Actually, I have a cousin that's getting ...

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I feel like, releasing it the same day as the Spiderman movie, gives the impression to the consumer that it's a movie tie-in, when it's not. I also equate such moves synonymous with other movie tie-in games' overall quality, which is bad. So I think, if Sony's focused on quality, they should release it when it's ready.

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Like Bloodborne. Soooooo good.
Edit: why the disagree? Someone hasn't played Bloodborne.

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Keiji Inafune, that's why. Oh well, better than nothing, I suppose.

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I agree, they should work on his butt, though.

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Omg, I can only imagine a game that's BETTER than the MGS series. IM SO GIDDY RIGHT NOW. ^^

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Let's not bring up the fact that she's in a blue collar job that a man would normally occupy (Cid); no, let's talk about how she's being objectified. THERE'S NO SATISFYING YOU FUCK NUGGETS!

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They're so oppressed, right? Like, we really need to address these inequities that women have, like not having girl emojis, being called bossy (SO sexist, knock it off, men), and the wage gap! And now we have this! MUH PATRIARCHY. /s

... In my opinion, such complaints only makes one into a misogynist, I'm sorry to say.

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Let it goo! Let it goo! I don't want you anymoreeeee!
... That's how the song goes, right?

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Stay at NeoGAF, cuck.

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Dat ass!

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