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Bigger doesn't usually mean better. MGS5's map was bigger than all of the MGS' combined, but it's arguably the worst in the series. Fuck that game.

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I saw gameplay on Playstation Access' YouTube channel. Looks good!

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Why does he do that thing with his thumbs? It looks so stupid.

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Are we really basing quality off of Metacritic scores, which are known to be skewed? Make your own judgments on games, not some random dude's opinion.

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Black men. There, I said it.

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They helped make Bloodborne and Demon's Souls, after all. Both, I think, are miles better than the Dark Souls franchise.

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Such a fun game. Not as difficult as Ghosts and Goblins, but challenging enough to try and master, gameplay-wise.

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Nomura, stick to character design. Anything you oversee becomes a fucking train wreck.

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Just go to porn. It's free.

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I bought the Ico Collection at Target for 5 bucks. It was basically a steal since both games are classics! The Last Guardian, the same as it's predecessors, is also a classic, and a game that I'll be playing for years to come. So yes, it did live up to my hype.

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This game needs more of me, right guys?

... Guys? :(

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Seriously, who the hell is that and what's he/she got to do with gaming? Wtf........

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@Drizzy: "Gamer". The bastards who complain aren't gamers. Hell, they probably won't even buy this game! Fuck em to hell, I say.

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My parents don't care about video games, should I make an article about them?

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I've seen a parent buy her kid South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox 360. Pretty messed up, since there's a sex scene.

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Too bad you can't mute the music! You get crazy after a while hearing the same shit!

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Oh, poor baby can't take opinions of others and separate it from gaming. You want a pacifier, baby?

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@Zorkaz what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Are you implying Trump supporters are idiots? Go fuck yourself.

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What a sensitive bitch.

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