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You're all leaving out the last three letters, and exemplifying the point of this article, I think. Your comparisons to WoW are inappropriate. TOR doesn't want to be WoW, and as someone who is looking forward to TOR, I don't want it to be WoW, either, because I really don't want the WoW players crossing over. I'm hoping that people who enjoy Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 for the characters and the story are going to be the people playing The Old Republic, as it'll be a ...

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If all the PS3 has to argue for its supremacy is "has more programming power," it will continue to lose. Software sells systems, not hardware, especially when developers rarely, if ever, take full advantage of what these consoles can do.

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That doesn't mean "actually learned to be a good reporter." I have a communications undergrad degree - many of the girls were just pieces of ass learning to preen in front of the camera. You can actually get a degree in that.

We need a new name for the major, I think, so that only investigative journalists get journalism degrees, and everyone else gets something appropriately lightweight so that the rest of the world doesn't say things like "But Olivia ...

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As long as we can all agree on this point: that Olivia Munn is a fucking moron. She actually carries on as though her "working hard" is why she's getting some attention and getting work.

No, Olivia, you're getting work because you're a piece of ass. Don't pretend that it has anything to do with your mind, your wit, your willingness to work hard, or your drive. It has everything to do with men being stupid and their brains ceasing to work when confron...

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I don't see how this gets 140 degrees of heat when the BoLS article on Dark Millennium, which actually had a little specific information about the game development, drew 30 degrees of heat. N4G makes no sense sometimes...

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I wish there had been more details, but the setting is why I thought the interview was important: if they are dedicated to getting the universe built right, as long as they don't totally screw up the gameplay this could be a very sick game.

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"It's killing gaming!" If this is the sort of comment people want to see the gaming media publishing, then not only am I glad that the gaming media isn't populated by these sorts of people, but I also understand more how gamers don't understand how gaming media works.

Project Ten Dollar is not killing gaming. That's one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard. Just because you, personally, don't have the money to afford new titles f...

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