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more agony incoming for MS this Fall when LBP/Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 whips the flop box 360

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Vista flop
x360 flop
windows 7 flop
Zune flop
NXE flop

what else?

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in Japan u have already heard that Blu Ray player sales is outpacing DVD player sales and DVD will be dead there within a year

same goes to europe. and then will be USA

sucks to be an XBOt ..HD DVD supporter, now defunct DD supporter--something that is just MS fanboy dream

I guess x360 will be dead by this time next year too

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By the end of next year worldwide

Blu Ray will become the next gen format in Japan by the end of this year

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do u want us to trust edge/eurogamer /gamespot rather

fable 2 10/10 --ROFL
and R1 -7/10, MGS4 - 8/10 and even worse LBP -9/10 , oh god of war 7/10

and Lame flop gaiden 2 -8/10??

Just because of IGN gaming community and unbiased gaming journalism is still alive

IGN gives every game the score it deserves . This is why IGN is the most popular gaming website in the world

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can everyone report the comments of this TROLL as SPAM

He doesnt own a PS3. He owns an X360 and trolls ps3 board

yea we will trust eurogamer's review?????

Eurogamer gave Fable 2 --a mediocre game 10/10

and MSS4 8/10 , Resistance 1 -7/10 and even worse LBP 9/10

when u give a generic game like Fable 2 10/10 then you shouldnt be reviewing games at all

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Eurogamer gave Fable 2 a 10/10 ---ROFL

Fable 2 got 8 from most websites

Eurogamer/Edge/Gamespot --these are Lame websites


Valkyrie has 89% at meta which is almost equal to Fable 2's
However world's no1 website gave Valkyrie a 9.0/10 and fable 2 an 8.8/10

As for score

LBP has 95% average which is higher than all x360 exclusives

People see IGN's reviews as gospel cuz IGN is bigger than ...

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Guy see this guy's comments history

He wrote MGS4 review and gave it 7.5/10
This guy doesnt even have a PS3

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day 1 here

shooter goty 2008

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Basically the co-op campaign alone would take 200 hours to complete

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SONY and INSOMNIAC dont bribe for reviews like HALO 3

You never got into the first one cuz u never own a PS3

can someone remove the bubbles of this guy--another FAKE account for trolling here

IGN is the most reliable and the biggest website in the world

Unlike Eurogamer/edge/gamespot which will give any x360 game like fable 2 10/10 and 7/8/9 to ps3 games like R1,MGS4 and LBP

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u mean x720

no x360 game will match Uncharted so no need to even bring up KZ2

x360 has no games for fall 08 and beyond.

fable 2 - rofl

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thats old days

PS3 has a better exclusive library for Fall
some recent multiplats look better on PS3 too eg DEADSPACE

X360 is already killing itself. even with a price cut which is perhaps x360's last weapon it got outsold by ps3 last quarter in global sales

plus LBP and Resistance 2 havent been launched worldwide

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looking at 200 + hours for the full completion of co-op mode
R2 got 9.5 from IGN and rightly so

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way better than queers of war 1.1

Motherfuccer R2 looks better than all games on crap box 360

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No wonder IGN gave it 9.5/10

teh best shooter of 2008

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PS3's gaming division is projected to turn a 500m dollars in profit this fall

last year SONY lost 96B in q2 vs 39B this year

SONY made 120m in q3,2008

expect SONY to make between 240m -500m in profit this q3

PS3 no longer sold at a loss due to the introduction of 65nm RSX
160gig PS3 which costs 450$ to make and is sold at 500$

2.5x the install base as last year and hence more Software sales

much ...

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these are new scans

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This will be a huge console mover for ps3 in Japan

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