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Considering how little is japan it s not so surprising.. Selling one million there would be like selling well over ten millions worldwide..

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it's called january sale and it's up on all eu psn stores, but it's on selected titles, not on everything.

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Uncharted 4 or 2 deserve to be on the list

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This is going to seem strange, but this game is not meant to be fun the way some other games are, you should want to stick to playing it because you grow attached to the boy and mainly to trico and want to see if and how they escape and hope everything is ok... This game isnt for everyone..thats not about fanboys trying to make it seem awesome, some ppl will hate it for the very reasons we love it. Because it s a game like no others, it s unique. Simple as that.

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The ending is short but awesome for me... Did you watch the part after the credits? And watch and listen carefully the very last part, there s something i didnt see and heard at first.

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@isa scout Not being able to command trico every time you want is what makes this game special, he s an animal and animals dont always listen to everything you say... It s done on purpose. What they are talking about is the button layout and input lag... I didnt care but i understand if someone is disappointed.

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Really unbiased comment lol... Change your nickname please..

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Lol where did you read europeans don t like jrpgs? That s BS.

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The article says that you can't take screenshots, doesn t talk about shareplay.

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@RAM0N I m casual at fighting games, stuck at super bronze and cant go up... But i stili love it

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SFV sucks? Lol not even close. It s awesome. And for those still mad about lack of SP content, remember that fighting games are best played in VS mode or online, can t imagine playing arcade mode more than 2 or 3 times.

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Too many puzzles in uncharted? Lol i always hoped there were more.. You wouldn t have liked the old tomb raider then..

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Was hoping for rise of the tomb raider.... I ll wait to see if Sony adds some more games before using the discount code on FC primal..

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Happened to me 2 days ago... Called the support immediately and sorted it. Now i have 2 step verification active so it shouldn t happen again.

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And it s still the best SF game ever to me...

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it's probably the first time he's right
lol j/k

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Yooka-Laylee and Cuphead

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Ps3 for me, best exclusives and graphics for the time!

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ok, thanks

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Congrats to the winners! Wasn t july usually the indie games month?

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