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The backflipping mclaren at 1:13 really made me laugh! =D

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This guy is seriously insecure about something. O.o I'm guessing he must have a tiny, tiny penis...

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I can very much see Assassins Creed doing a Killzone: A mediocre first game followed up by an incredible sequal. It definitely seems to be going that way from the info released so far.

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Somebody teach this writer to paragraph!

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Oh noes! The game is not running at a resolution SE never said it would. This means the game will look awful! This means the gameplay will suck! FFXIII is fail!


Seriously. It's got a few less pixels than you wanted. Get over it.

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Just lol!

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Really hope this isn't the end of Timesplitters. Somebody will definitely get the license but it just won't be the same game anymore I suspect.

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There's really nothing Sony can actually do. The only way to outsell the 360 in the forseeable future is with a price cut and Sony just can't afford that at the moment.

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I really wish this was on PS3. =( Hopefully my PC will be able to handle it though.

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O.o I don't get this. It's basically a poor copy of LBP's create mode?

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'I think anyone not in America needs to stay out of our elections.'

It's got just as big an impact on the rest of us as it has you Americans. If John McCain gets in, he'll be invading any country that hasn't sent you a Christmas card in the last few years just like George Bush. Then we, the UK, get dragged into your wars and hundreds of our soldiers die. Obama is far more thoughtful in these matters and won't just 'bomb, bomb, bomb Iran'

That is of course, if John Mc...

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Why is it that everyone in the world can see Barak Obama would be easily one of the best Presidents ever except you darn Americans? I know he's ahead in the polls and all but I don't think he'll win.

Anyway. I like the advert. It's right.

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Argh. I want one! I really liked the Boomerang design.

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David Reeves has already confirmed there won't be a price drop this year...

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GTAIV has really put me off the franchise. All the missions were basically identical and that ruined it for me. What I don't understand is why all reviews were giving this game a 10/10 at release but now they're all saying how overrated it was. Make your minds up!

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Bon Jovi! Yay!

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