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No you don't

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And they did expand, they just didn't want to put the new people in charge of porting it onto PS3, and instead made a whole other team in charge of making another game.

And now they have two teams making two AAA games

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How did people pirating it on PC lead to it not coming out on PS3?

They literally said it was because their studio wasnt big enough to develop the game for 3 platforms at the time.

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SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) are the creators of the game. So no, they didn't only publish it.

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I honestly think us PC gamers are too damn stubborn to let something like this happen.

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It was actually going 117 kph, which is only about 70mph, so a little more believable.

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Just so you know, there is no need to get the first one on pc anymore.

Valve have added all the campaigns from the first onto the second for free on pc.

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There actually arent any games on Gaikai though.... only demos...

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From Devs website,

"Everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine, no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects. What you see is what you will get."

Now what were you saying?

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Looks amazing!

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Confirmed to be running on PC by

Here's there twitter!/Game...

And I'm pretty sure that's not a PS3 controller.

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Yea exactly, I appreciate them listening to the community. And my thank you to them is buying the game, regardless of the DRM.

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I'm in this position right now. I've got an old GTS 250 from a few years back and I've been looking to update, but there are just so many damn choices.

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It's been so long that I really don't even remember.

Probably going to pick this up to refresh my memory.

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Same exact setup. It's amazing.

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This guy bases it off the fact that there are almost no PC games in stores now, and that worries him since he is coming from a console gaming background.

But he doesn't realize that PC gaming is almost all about digital downloads now, and that is why stores arent stocking up. It's because consumers are finding better service, deals and convenience through digital means. It is actually making PC gaming better then ever right now.

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Yea thats what makes the game so great. There is no story or path telling you what to do or where to go. You basically make your own story.

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It would be cool, but they said themselves that it cant be done on the PS3.

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No I believe it comes out on June 1st for PC.

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