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Microsoft just put misterxmedia out of a job. And I thought he was doing a mighty fine job all by himself... sigh...oh well, times a changing. :D #151
Hopefully this game lives up to its hype. Finger's crossed. #29
When this game first came out, and there was the issue with the RMAH thingy. I didn't buy it as I was not going to support nonsense like that.

Now that has been removed, maybe I'll buy it sometime soon. #5
It will most likely release on xbone too. Doesn't make much sense to have it on one without the other since Blizzard and Activision usually support multiplatform. #2
Knowing MS, they'll probably pull a lameass move and make it only for Windows 8.x and xbone. #6
When people start a conversation with the word technically, you better sit right up and start reading the caveats.

To me, this article sounds exceedingly like desperation on MS's part to sell the xbone with promises that may not work out until perhaps another 10 years or so, and even's all up in the air. #45
Hmm, where did I hear this one ??? Sounds very familiar. #10
Lol, gonna wait and see what happens next in this saga. :) #15
Hope this will be the grail that provides even more immersive gaming for the masses. #16
Most likely. Probably will include their IDE that they recently made open source. #1.4
Pride comes before a fall...enough said.

That developer is really full of himself. #1.1.6
How nice of N4G to hold contests not limited to NA only, since a lot of gamers are also from other parts of the world. :)
Good luck everyone !!! #946
What you are talking is absurd. What I am referring to is that I want to be able to walk in to any building and do anything within reason. I want to be able to take a lift in to the 5th floor of a building, go into an apartment in said building. Go into a shop, buy an item from the shop. Let it appear in my inv or my apartment, take different routes or solutions to solving the case, etc.

It's basically the little things that count to make the game more immersive and... #7.1.1
This is going to start a new frontier in gaming...I think. #3
I want to be able to go anywhere, do anything within reason, see a living world like what was shown in the trailer in the revealing. All these limitations really suck and is making me not want the game. #7
This is bull crap. How can you miss a big pile of crap right in front of you. The game crashing out didn't get caught by your engineering team ? You need to change your whole process and methodology in programming, architecting, testing and troubleshooting, or maybe you just need to change the managers and weasels in your company pushing for unfinished games, starting with yourself Mr Andrew Wilson. #12
When someone promises you cloud, you're probably getting fluff or vapour. Take that with a large helping of salt ;P.

Oops, it's gonna rain. #6
What happened to all those 300,000 servers dedicated for Xbone ?
Serious question here, not being snarky. #1.1.2
Oh my, is there anyway I can help to hasten them to their untimely fate ? #3.5
Of course it matters.

What is the author of this piece smoking ?
Do you like an Audi or a BMW ? Do you prefer the F1 Ferrari team or Mercedes team ? Are you a team supporter for Chicago Bulls or LA Lakers ? Do you prefer blondes or brunettes ? Are you a boobs man or a as*man ?

Hey they all do the things that they are supposed to do right ? But what makes you choose it ?

This author is just looking for clicks. That's my take on... #19
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