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Yup, leaving people hanging about the fate of MasterChief is kinda evil of them.

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A flag system would be better in my opinion. The worse the trolling the redder it becomes, and the opposite would be on the other end of the spectrum, but knowing N4g-gers all of us would be red branded. :)

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What's horrible is that EA gimps their games in content and basically nickle and dime gamers, but Ubisoft gimps their games' gameplay and content and game mechanics...which is worse, I'm guessing both are and both deserve to be castigated for it.

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Microsoft rebates hard at work there.

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If Microsoft were to put Crackdown against PUBG, I'm guessing that turd of a game would sink in to obscurity and never sell more than 1000 copies if they're lucky. Microsoft at least knows what they're up against here...must be taking their meds lately.

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You rock

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Yup, it's Microsoft Xbox One Secret Sauce and Cloud Computing Magic...with a sprinkle of dedicated servers on top.

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Everybody knows that Ubisoft will talk up a storm on this version will be the best looking etc.etc. whilst showing screenshots of high definition graphics and when the game launches, the graphics and gameplay gets downgraded. Remember The Division and Watch Dogs? Don't yet count your chickens yet.

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Can't wait for this game.

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that thing on his face makes me want to tie him up and forcibly shave it off ... without any foam.

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Yup, no one cared, that's why....probably will have more of that horse armor sh$t

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If so, did you buy the PS4 when it came out since it had 1080p resolution which was better than what the Xbox One was outputting which was 900p ?

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More power with nothing to show for it. When are they going to release more games? Also, the Xbox One X has one of its arms and leg tied up to ensure parity with the Xbox One S. No matter its capability or performance to exceed, will make a difference if parity between the two boxes are required to be maintained. The PS4 performance exceeds the Xbox One S, and that's all that matter in the long term (for Sony). As long as the S is around, the X will not be allowed to performed up to i...

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They're not going to release any sales numbers unless they have something significant to lord over or they use some creative methods of presenting sales data. So take those numbers with a huge grain of salt.

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Yup, time to move on. Valve is no longer a game company.

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Vega specs for power and temps really makes me sad when I first heard about it, but I'm hoping that AMD is only doing this to prevent miners from purchasing this card wholesale and preventing actual gamers from getting the card for themselves. Over time, once the mining craze starts to simmer down, I hope AMD will come out with better drivers to push down the power requirements, that is, if they are actually artificially topping up power utilization on the GPUs.

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Limited quantities only it seems. This card is there just because, to show that Asus is able to come out with one, not that they are going to use this to push AMD GPUs out there in to the market.

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That's because Windows is no long just an OS. It's an Advertisement platform, and it's going to get much worse once it moves in to a cloud OS platform with subscriptions and such. Don't think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Microsoft is slowly moving these features in to the OS little by little making the users used to this and the users themselves keep giving away ground inch by inch to them. How many of you don't care that they stream ads in to your Windows ...

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Omigosh, I just slapped my monitor and caressed it crazy.

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How the heck does these shit articles get on to N4G. Guys, stop feeding the freaking click baiters.

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