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Great...the author is a pussy that can't keep his lunch down in his stomach and he complains about it. If you can't handle it, don't do it.

Some people get seasick in boats, cars and planes, so he's one of these people, and he complains about it.

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The game authors in question are basically trying to simulate real-world situations, but in this case, it's not really the case, unless they do detail some explanation to enable the player to identify with real world objects and such.

I think the author of the article does make some sense with what's being mentioned. C'mon, those programmers who are programming this game should tell those story hacks their writing sucks donkey balls.

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NEO is an upgrade of PS4 to cater for VR. PS4 will still be of use to gamers who want it. These upgrades are still within the same gen so tweaks and minor upgrades of this platform will allow Sony to stay with the 4th generation platform and maintain support for both developers and gamers. The next generation for Sony will come with the PS5 with new architecture and design. This will be the competition to Project Scorpio, not the NEO, though looking at the specs of that reveal, Sony has t...

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How about nope ? These guys are getting desperate.
The only time to get scared is when the next gen starts to take off. Next gen won't start for at least another year or two, if at all...could be longer.

PS4 is miles ahead in numbers. Sony won't be losing any, MS probably will gain a few but not enough to take the lead until next gen...probably.

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Watch TV via VR ? or watch yourself watching TV on VR ? ;P
Trolling done, but I'm guessing new games or possibly ability to play on both PC and console but that's probably done already.

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Waittttt!!!! Whatever happened to the Powah of the Cloud ?

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Probably due to documentation available translations in Japanese and not due to their capabilities in using other engines.

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Why can't we rate the articles anymore ?

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They are seriously missing the point here. One of the major reasons people buy consoles is due to their fixed hardware and not needing to upgrade. Once you start upgrading consoles, it's basically a PC, where I can purchase better ones at that.

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They'll probably rely more on the power of the cloud, with mediocre hardware seeing as they will offset some of the processing on to the cloud. With Crackdown 3 as a stepping stone that will launch their platform as a cost effective option with tons of power behind it with cloud computing.

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Looking at the picture, the blaster seems to have a metal skin. I highly doubt that would actually be the case in starwars universe, though don't quote me on that.

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It is a chronic problem. There is a definite lack of space there. Rooms are basically cubicles and the property prices there are not cheap. Most youngsters there spend the majority of their time outside and only go back to sleep or bathe.

There are basically some news articles of people basically living in cyber cafes there. And some other countries are moving towards that direction in the east in terms of prices and space.

Prices have kept going up and ...

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I'm gonna guess the following:

MS recommitting on supporting of PC as gaming platform on par with Xbox.
Windows going subscription.
Xbox Cloud gaming and streaming.
Subscription based gaming via cloud.
VR gaming kit for PC and Xbox.

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Tests should be done with multiple systems....just sayin' XD

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Sounds about right, as the gains probably came from the reserve previously kept for kinect, and is now available to the developers for use.

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Opinions are like as*h***s... and this is a bul*s**t article stating an opinion as fact.

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This game is already on my list of games to play. Gonna look forward to it.

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So when he went to all those trade shows and game exhibitions, did he identify himself as a so called "Journalist" ?

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Aren't the contract terms between the parties supposed to be secret unless divulged by parties involved ?

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Their asses are going to be getting DDoS'ed literally very soon. Hope they like it.

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