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Looking at the picture, the blaster seems to have a metal skin. I highly doubt that would actually be the case in starwars universe, though don't quote me on that. #34
It is a chronic problem. There is a definite lack of space there. Rooms are basically cubicles and the property prices there are not cheap. Most youngsters there spend the majority of their time outside and only go back to sleep or bathe.

There are basically some news articles of people basically living in cyber cafes there. And some other countries are moving towards that direction in the east in terms of prices and space.

Prices have kept going up and... #13.1
I'm gonna guess the following:

MS recommitting on supporting of PC as gaming platform on par with Xbox.
Windows going subscription.
Xbox Cloud gaming and streaming.
Subscription based gaming via cloud.
VR gaming kit for PC and Xbox. #2
Tests should be done with multiple systems....just sayin' XD #15
Sounds about right, as the gains probably came from the reserve previously kept for kinect, and is now available to the developers for use. #4
Opinions are like as*h***s... and this is a bul*s**t article stating an opinion as fact. #10
This game is already on my list of games to play. Gonna look forward to it. #2
So when he went to all those trade shows and game exhibitions, did he identify himself as a so called "Journalist" ? #1.1.5
Aren't the contract terms between the parties supposed to be secret unless divulged by parties involved ? #6.2.4
Their asses are going to be getting DDoS'ed literally very soon. Hope they like it. #1.1.10
For what its worth, I think the gamers should just boycott all those journalists and the websites that they work for. Let them feel the pain where it really hurts, their pocket. #5
Lol... #69
Make a game that doesn't suck and show off insane bullshit top end tier requiring a high end system and I'll pay money to play it.

F**k man, go back to basics and make a game that is fun and interesting, and open to all platforms.

Seeing a former good developer going down the drain is not what I was expecting. #17
Seriously guys, just let it go. XD

There are tons of other games coming to the PS platform, so just play those. When SE comes to their senses, then you can rejoice.

As for now, just let the MS fans have a bit of fun. #33
EA is not a company that leads as a pioneer in to new proving grounds in technology. They are a follower and will follow the trend when it becomes more popular and has a higher customer base to milk their offerings with. #2
Seriously, early access ? What is this ? EA sounds like a drug pusher and gamers who say this is good sound like drug addicts. Can't wait a few months to play ? Seriously guys, get some help. It's a fucking game, not a life saving drug. Also, 10% discount ? Wait another 2 months or so later and you'd get that 10% or more for free from the shops.

Some of the gamers here are mental. #10.1.2
Knowledge is power. Say thanks to N4G for leading you in the right direction. You're doing good man, keep up the good work and play the game on the best platform. Your eyes will thank you for it. XD #31.1.1
Peter Moore is scum. His face has a look that portrays shady undertones. He'd probably sell his own mother if it managed to make his an extra buck. #16
Please collect all that spittle you guys used up in the xbone launching and drink it back all uppp. #7
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This is like the author preaching a duopoly. Competing for customers but having an agreement behind to protect each others interests at the expense of the third party ?

Anybody heard about Apple vs Google Employment Lawsuit ? Here's a link :

Maybe the author wants to have a look at it and revise his arti... #7
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