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Do not read this review, there are some massive spoilers in this.

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I really hate quick time events, I just feel they should either be a little cinematic or just not included at all leaving it all player controlled.

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A game with the Brits against the Americans would be an amazing game, and has the possibility of possessing an incredible story. Perhaps the British public become outraged with the American militaristic ideals and Ironically instigate a war, or vice versa, with the Americans instigating due to conflicting ideals or just an attempt at grabbing power from one of the very few nations that could put up a fight against them.

It would also be interesting to see which alliances the wr...

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Wheres A dead mans gun by Ashtar Command for red dead?

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I agree completely, I dont understand why videogames get all the bad press, when movies have the same, if not more intense violence than games do, which if we go by the arguement that photorealism makes violent games even worse would mean that movies can be far worse, simply due to the fact that most of them are live action. You cannot get closer to photorealistic than actual people.

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Wheres tenchu?

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I think theres more to making a female character different to the norm than just making her look like what would happen if Rikishi (spelling?) had a shit. To me it justs seems that they though that, as everyones moaning that female characters are oversexualised we'll just make an ugly one to make us seem like were sensitive to the needs of the female gamer/media.

Although I dont know anything of her personality, so she may in fact end up being a champion for female prese...

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Ah thanks for the info, that sounds interesting.

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I wonder if they would be able to convert this to a full price retail game with a kickstarter, id pay, it sounds amazing.

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I think they mentiooned them and the Pikimin guy, Shigeru something as being the only interesting ones to watch, with the rest being uninspiring.

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That sounds like an absolutely amazing company to work for, makes me happy :)

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That isnt what this article is about, its about games that didnt quite make it to the XBLA platform after development or publishing troubles.

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The more I hear about this, the more impatient I get, damn it :(

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Most of these are just stereotypes that are handled tongue in cheek, I don't really see an issue with them, well, all except for ethnic cleansing.

Most of them are quite funny to be honest :)

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It does annoy me that if you put a female character in a game with a good body thay call it hyper-sexualised and sexist but no such controversy appears when the vast majority of men in videogames have abs that are so well defined they look a canal system.

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This is actually quite a good idea.

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Its not even funny how much I want that to happen.

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I thought Dead Island was quite fun, and the concept was quite something, a sequel could build upon that concept and make something truly special.

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I'm surprised no one's said respawns yet, that's the one i'd want. Just got shot in the face? S'okay, after a ten second countdown your spawn back in your house and have a cuppa to relieve the stress of the encounter.

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She, not he. The author is a woman.

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