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dat texture pop in.

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Xbox is literally the lowest priority in the Company right now.

Azure / Servers
Then Xbox

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Nope. Sony shot themselves in the foot at the start of the PS3.
Little by little they have taken back the market.

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The title of the article written 12 months after launch, "Why I Regret Buying The Xbox One".

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LMAO at people thinking Xbox will sell well in a non english speaking country.
PlayStation is a global brand.
Xbox is an Anglo-American brand.

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Naughty Dog AKA your favorite developer's favorite developer.

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PS3 is going to have a long, and prosperous life.

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I have tried everything.
I have had my mouth sewn up, my hands chopped off, I have tried everything.
Except exercising, and eating right.

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Dat Cerny Luv. lol
You got to get Knack if you loved Crash, Spryo, Jak, & Ratchet back in the day.
I'm buying it just to pay homage to Cerny.

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I disagree the system should be a lot more powerful and come with a hard drive for $349, I mean add $50 you can
get a PS4 that comes with a 500GB Hard Drive.
The Wii U needs a price cut bad. $199 would be a fair price for it. OK $249 because of the gamepad.

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Where is the power button on it?
It doesn't have one.
The only way it can turn on is by saying Xbox On.
Thus Kinect is Mandatory until they do a revised model.

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PSN & XBLM are walled gardens, there is no open market competition, so prices would rarely go down.
It wouldn't be like Steam, it would be like GFWL AT BEST.
PS+ is the best service on consoles if you have a digital fetish.

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Dat Kool-Aid

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It will be a blow out OUTSIDE OF AMERICA.
The US is the only battle left.
And with that, I have a hard time not seeing PS4 taking back at least some of its marketshare being $399 with more powerful hardware, along with producing some of the most critically acclaimed games in the industry.
Edge sees it too. Hell everyone sees it too.

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360 re-design.

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DRM will come back, MS is just waiting for the install base to be there first. then ->SOME NOT ALL<- of their DRM policies will be enabled.
Yield issues have denied the X1 from even having a chance in "winning" the console war.
In America/UK I could see it being close eventually, but everywhere else it is going to get slaughtered.

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Nope. Many of its "exclusives" aren't actually exclusive.
PlayStation also has a track record of supporting their systems for 10 years, not abandoning them.
Greatness Awaits.

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Good thing SONY has award winning devs out the azz.
The platform that 3rd parties are favoring with its blazing fast memory bandwidth and straight forward dev tools.
$100 cheaper to boot.
Greatness Awaits.

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Then why is it also on 360? Power of the moneyhat.

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