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Ideas are good but probably only like 1% of it.

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Really? Wasn't it a little embarrassing to do Dance Central moves in a night club? ;)

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Yes, Dance Central and the upcoming Gears of War 3. Assuming it stays exclusive.

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New year, all eyes on Sony.

They are pretty smart when it comes to release dates.

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Didn't that come out almost a year ago? I guess most people are over it already.

It is a fun game, but the devs should try harder to keep it interesting, right now it isn't looking too good.

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Or a PS3 slim. This problem and many others solved.

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They want free help? How about hiring some good designers?

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"The largest percent of PS3 owners will still buy the games..."

Expect games getting worse and less polished then. A "large percentage" might not be enough to cover the costs of AAA produced titles.

AAA means high production value btw, it doesn't have anything to do with reviews, which is a common misunderstanding.

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Awesome! The cake is true.

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Even if the other two were full screen, it's inconsistent of Sony to do so.

OMG Sony has been criticized! Somebody hit the alarm button!

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5 years from now the USA will be the only place in the world where gaming is still alive, thanks to bullshit exclusive deals with US-only retailers.

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Mafia 1 set the standard of open world games, compared to that, Mafia 2 didn't really do much for the genre.

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Crackdown 2? *cough*

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Playstation has the definitve version.

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Looks ok.

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PS3 wins as usual.

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PS3 has the best content, the momentum will be carried to 2011.

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To be honest I'm done with 360.

They didn't show anything nice in 5 years so why would they do in 2011?

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That's normal, PSN downloads are always overpriced compared to the disc release.

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Peanut Butter is highly overrated.

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