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Haha nice video editing :D

It wouldn't be physically possible to do it for real considering the cats' weight.

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I don't care, VT3 was the last Virtua Tennis I bought. Top Spin is just a much better game if you're looking for a good tennis simulation.

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Nah...Opera is better. Try Opera 11 and you'll see.

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Nice, the new version 11 really got me into using Opera exclusively. Now finally it's much better and faster than Firefox or Chrome in my opinion.

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You cannot compare a 2010 with a 2011 score, standards keep changing.

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Like Gears 2?

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Square can redeem themselves with this game, hopefully they don't mess it up!

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"In the US"

No surprise, Microsoft always gets a free pass there for being a domestic company.

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Amsterdam? Nice. That'll help to convince people of the 3D effect even more.

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Mod win, video fail.

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If it really was perfectly good, it wouldn't be so easy to bypass it.

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You guys don't know what you're talking about. "Lost their case"? Based on what?

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If you're intellectually able to specify why you find this comment stupid, you might do so now.

Otherwise your statement applies to yourself.

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Hilarious. Just put them all in one bag and let them have a rage quitting competition. The one who pulls faster wins the duel, just like in the old days.

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It might be a nice proof of concept, but why would anyone use laggy Kinect for a game that requires fast reaction and finesse? It's almost like using it for Street Fighter, makes no sense.

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Sony is not the law. Them breaking your console for breaking their TOS would be illegal in many countries.

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If this has any consequence it will be that we will see more casual and low budget games and less blockbuster titles.

I doubt they will charge more than 60 bucks, which by the way is not expensive compared to older gens (Neo Geo anyone?).

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Not a big deal.

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On this site whenever there's new about a Kinect hack everybody cheers but when it's about the PS3 jaibreak, people go mad. Hypocrites.

And don't say it's different, both are hacks that are not wished by the company.

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Buying a laser on ebay and doing it yourself is even cheaper.

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