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That has to come from an XBox fan's mindset, no online = you cannot use the system :D

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The fall of a giant.

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Aperture got it down. That's why they wanted Steam on PSN.

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You talk like Mortal Kombat was at some point on top of competitive fighting games. Nope. They always chased after the big one, Street Fighter.

It is by far the goriest though and a lot of people prefer it over SF.

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Enslaved used unreal technology, which is why the animations weren't nearly as good as in Heavenly Sword.

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It's probably gonna be a maximum of 2, since consoles don't need nearly as much as PCs.

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It's always the same, isn't it. Is there any multiplayer shooter that lasted more than 3-4 months?

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Tried the demo. The controls are horrible. For example the guy does multiple punches when you use the right analog stick to punch. In FNR3 that isn't the case, it has much more precise controls.

I really don't get how this game gets so much praise with these horrible controls compared to its predecessors.

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Looks good. Please Konami don't F this one up!

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For being Microsoft ;)

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Start fighting Microsoft then I'm in.

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Free copy for Steam is awesome. THey know ow to make customers happy.

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Gaming is very geeky and it always will be. Who cares?

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It's not on the same level as Crysis 2 or Killzone 3 obviously but still looks ok.

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Sad. But the situation escalated because he's an asshole, not because of a piece of media.

It always sounds like a lame excuse when journalists blame games, almost like they're trying to protect the murderer.

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Personally, I like the Demon's Souls meat cleaver :D

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Learn to drink? ;)

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Not even close. Scale it up to a HD TV and it looks like shit.

It looks very impressive for a handheld though.

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"Now press forward on your analog stick to walk forward!"
"You're doing great!"

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I hope the disagreers get stomped by an elephant :D

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