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It's smart by Apple to do it in the same week, since it would completely steel the show.

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The same as during the downtime, Yakuza 4.

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Rockstar put a little bit too much of their own signature into this game. Side missions are trivial as always. Driving, shooting, fighting all feel like GTA. I'm sick of it.

The investigation is really fun though and make LA Noire a good game.

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Tell Kojima you'll do it if he makes a MGS1 remake.


Yeah :)

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More and more devs are taking advantage of Blu-ray, nice.

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It's pretty easy to determine in this video, I don't know about the whole game though. There might be some cold blooded poker face guys who trick you later on, it would be cool :D

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They also gave Brink an 8...*cough*

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The interrogation is way too easy, he just redid everything a couple of times until he got it right...lame. There should be consequences if you mess up an interrogation.

Other than that, looks like a really great game, definitely getting it.

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Nice! Can't wait to try free PSN+

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If PS3 is not the lead platform I'm not interested in purchasing the title.


Actually I do, there are a lot of good exclusives and games that are made by people who are more confident in programming for the PS3 than these guys.

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Uncharted is his number one priority.

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Sony is the victim here and they're trying everything they can to bring it back as fast as possible.

If it happens to be the end of the month, at least it'll be secure and hackers hopefully will be caught.

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"led by a former special agent with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

I bet the hacker just spilled his Mountain Dew all over his keyboard.

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UFC 2009 to 2010 was a huge step, so THQ is allowed to do that, unlike EA.

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Nope. PS3 got the upper hand in sp games.

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Steam is the future, every distributer should go with them. I don't want any other platform.

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Why would he fear his own kind?

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They should have kept new Cole in the game.

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What's next, Kinect walking simulation?

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Whatever they call it, Rockstar games are untouchable when it comes to quality. LA Noire will set the bar once again.

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