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"2D minecraft without the fun awesome structures to build."

+ bosses, different stages, items and much more gameplay variety.

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Kinect - Rise of Nightmares.

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Way too early in my opinion. Look at Gears 3, Uncharted 3. Those games are proof that devs are not limited by hardware, but by the budgets and dedication that Naughty Dog / Epic Games have.

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Sony is probably now amongst the safest big players on the market. But unfortunately, 100% secure is not possible.

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If it does, I'm not buying Uncharted 4.

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The only one I ever got was for Demon's Souls, it had only useful stuff in it for a fair price. No figurines or other gimmicks.

I will definitely get Infamous 2, but the regular edition. Dark Souls on the other hand will be CE. They need to learn from Atlus / Namco just to put useful stuff in it, but then again that's a matter of what the individual prefers.

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Z.O.E. is a niche title, it's all about MGS.


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Just put an interactive story on the disc like on Mass Effect 2, that'd be fine.

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They're different. Minecraft is more about building. In Terraria, once you have the best gear and beat all the bosses you most likely never play it again.

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Finish Agent. It was announced earlier so it should have priority. Don't follow Square Enix's example.

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Bohan is really tough to beat. I'd add False King & Maneater from Demon's Souls.

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I won't buy them extra but I prefer having well made guides in collector's editions over useless stuff like figurines for example.

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Free is exactly how much this game is worth ;)

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My 360 is collecting dust. There is just not that many game coming out anymore, multiplats play much better on PC and PS3 has more exclusives. If it wasn't for GeoW3 I would've sold it some time ago.

I can understand people though who still like to play CoD & Halo on XBOX Live, but that's just not for me.

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I've seen similar setups with the PS3 mounted on the wall but with completely hiden wires...

I gotta say though, I like this wire setup. It adds an interesting flavor to the overall design and makes it very unique.

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Pointless. It's kinda hard to see any differences between console and PC on these tiny screens...

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Top 3 user score:

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds 9.6
Critter Crunch User 9.6
Super Stardust HD 9.5

I think that tells enough about the reliability of user scores :)

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I don't care. It's not a romance movie, it's a crime puzzle game. Spoiling attempt failed.

Just make sure not to post any case solutions, but you're probably too stupid to do that anyway ;)

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Nice. It reflects what the series is about. Concentration rather than mindless action.

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Well in that case you could still blame Microsoft to have chosen Paypal. I'm sure some people would.

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