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It's good for small gaming rooms if you don't have much space for a big TV. In big rooms it doesn't make much sense though, but maybe if this is a success Sony will put out a bigger model too, who knows.

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360 users will enjoy this real RPG. I loved this game, it should be a GOTY contender.

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Zelda and Mario in HD will make this thing sell like crazy. Just watch.

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I thought Skyrim might be interesting, but this doesn't sound good at all. Announcements like this makes me appreciate The Witcher 2 even more...

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Limited Edition for me, thanks. I still can't believe a successor is happening, so awesome.

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Demon's Souls was basically the perfect game, there were no flaws in my opinion. So this is easily my most anticipated title of 2011, if not overall.

Edit: I disagree with the disagrees.

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Looks where's Agent?

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Halo 4 was expected, so what exactly was Pachter so excited about?

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IPhone is more for during work. In this case even Angry Birds can be fun :D

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Konami makes it multi platform to get more sales, you can't blame them for running a business. These Microsoft buy out accusations really need to stop.

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What about the best one, MGS1? I'd love to see that in the MGS4 engine.

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Just order it from Play-Asia. I don't think Sony will be missing this opportunity though, they know these games have a lot of fans in western territories.

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Let's face it, it never was a serious problem on the PS3 in the first place like it is on 360 and PC.

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Crysis 1 is still the king of graphics, even Crysis 2 on PC can't beat it! But at least they try to make it up to PC gamers with this free patch.

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Shouldn't an analyst be neutral?

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Who cares about stats in a game that's full of cheaters. Whatever.

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Sony, Samsung are both good. I wouldn't suggest LG.

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I like how hackers always act like people want them do hack. Like they are some kind of heroes or something. They should realize that the millions of people they're messing with rather want to see them rot in a cell than shake their hand.

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Name it iPlay, iHandheld or iCarry and people'll buy it like crazy.

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It's the same every year. Activision shows visually stunning trailers, people get hyped and preorder it. Then the final game looks mediocre and nothing like the trailers.

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