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This shift mechanic is a game breaker for me. I'd much prefer a system like in the old driver games, where you can just walk around and get into cars.

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Jim Sterling is a badass!

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Hopefully he will enhance the quality of Level 5's games. They haven't been bad this gen, but not that great either.

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It just shows how missinformed the gaming media is and gives readers a hint on what sources to avoid in the future.

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Can't wait see what they come up with next.

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It's still on the start page? N4G is such a credible site...

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Go play Call of Duty.

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It would be smart of Microsoft to get one of the best devs in the industry into their boat.

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No save import from ME1? Big deal.

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Stupid media. I played it on PC and it's a 7.5 at least.

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DNF is the surprise of the year for me, I didn't expect it too be any good after all these delays but the demo was absolutely convincing.

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I can't see this iPad...sorry, I mean Wii U controller being beneficial to gameplay. It's interesting, but does it really enhance the experience?

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Current gen hardware. Can't you do better Nintendo?

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Hopefully it's no more than 360 / PS3 because technically it's the same generation of hardware. The gimmick pad is nice to have but not really needed.

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There's a gun in this game which holds 69 bullets. I think that's enough said.

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Next apology after release: "Yes it is on rails but you bought it anyway so I win. Sorry." ;D

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Now they come with the hydra bullshit...lame. The person who replied to the arrests hopefully will be next, he has a big mouth.

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It's awesome what Dice is doing. They actually take their franchise seriously, giving it a new engine, optimizing it for PC and improving it on many levels. You rarely see that kind of dedication these days.

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No, you need to bury it in the ground of the ocean.

Instead of trying to sell us motion control gimmicks how about some quality titles.

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Who would expect killstreaks in this game? It's Battlefield, not World of Codcraft.

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