Gears, Uncharted, Zelda!


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I have the same issues when on gta.

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@ all the above

No limit just [email protected] you up with some truth!

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Of course chevalier is referring to his sudy figures based on the surveys he's conducted.....

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Just watched a video down loading this beast now. Looks good graphically.

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Shut up. Some of us got shafted on allowance day..... But mom I cleaned my room!

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Got it on ps4. I haven't toutched it yet. Hopefully it's good now

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If ur playing on xb1 it has to do with xbl too. I noticed after the lizard squad did their thing the latency jumped from 98 to over 200. It's now finally back down to 134, still crappy. You talk to XBL support and they try to tell u it's ur connection. Everyone on my friends list is over 125 so I know it's on their side.

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Why? Scores are a good system. It's the idiots who decided to pay someone based on scores that should be banned. I personally use gametrailers reviews because they tend to follow my likes and dislikes more than other sites.

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Who in the [email protected] called an rpg a gun?

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Yeah played both betas. Its not that its a bad game so far.....its just not enough to hold my attention.

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I wish. My only thing is uncharted 4 drops in maybe 10 months and we havent heard anything about it. Oh well crazier things have happened. My fingers are crossed.

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Sux we cant play uncharted 2 on the ps4.

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Somebody put their Emmy in cyhm3112's mouth... My zipper is stuck!

Don't be mad bro. Go play Mario kart or the next GT. No need to throw shade.

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Two endings come to mind.... Karnov from the NES days and Jayne and lynch 2.

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For me its xb1..... its powerful (granted not the most powerful but neither is the ps4) its got exclusives and snap app.....oh yeah it also has an emmy!

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I love it! Be mad haters!

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So orangepowerz... the new standard of believing is product in hand?

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I can be a dick from time to time, so it's easy for me to identify when others are being one.... And you mr. Logical are being a dick.

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Once a week? You're lucky. I can't wait till it happens.... I know it will some day. Now if you'll excuse me I have to hang my halo posters up in moms basement.... My room needs to look good!

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Oh man the ps4 made that so much more awesome!

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