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Tighter controls, more emphasis on team work, more diverse classes, revamped unlock system.

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Come on Battlefield 3142!

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Yet overall both are equally pointless. Next article!

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The whole reason you get shipwrecked is because of super natural elements.

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Graphics are way above an 8.5 imo.

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As did New Vegas... What are you getting on about Godmars?

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This is actually a really damn good Q&A.

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Oh f***, these articles already? HERE WE GO FOR THE NEXT 9 MONTHS!

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Element, chill man, you've been gaming for 25+ years? Act your age, he made a valid point.

You obviously are in a state of indecision that only you yourself can end, so anything we tell you won't be taken seriously. Trust me, I've been there.

Pro tip, get both (look for used).

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Samesies.... I just have to find the right bundle... And the money for it >_>

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Further obligatory "no one cares that I don't care that no one cares".

Oh look at that, bubbles used up, another great adventure on N4G.

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JRPG? Check out some of the Classic Final Fantasys on PSN. They're dirt cheap (5-10 bucks) and are arguably some of the greatest games ever made (1-9 should be available on PSN).

Working through the only title I havent beaten (aside from XII), which is IX, and I'm LOVING it.

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No one cares.

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I'd say its far too big to be a microphone. Looks like a speaker (less they minimize the mesh/sound holes). Think more like the vitas speakers.

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Which should be more than fine. Hell, if people can use the Wii U's pad with comfort, this should be no problem in terms of unfamiliarity!

(Not saying you're implying the above, just branching out from your observation.)

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This is true. Have you ever tried using the PS3's QWERTY add on? It's a pain in the ass.

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And your user name makes me wonder what the other 1368 JP's out there think of your immature post.

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relevant username is relevant.

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Yeah, tell me how those two maps are?

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Blow it out your a** man. The Wind Waker is a master piece in every single sense. The art is absolutely flawless and because of its cell graphics, it quite literally cannot age in terms of looks.

I want a Wind Waker 2, call it whatever you want, but the art-style just works so damn well.

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