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Hey, it's the 40's club! I'm 40, got my first PS1 to finish FFVII while I was still in basic training and never looked back. I'm retired now and still enjoy my PS4 (and PC), have a mini PS1, slim PS2 and a OG fatty PS3. I just was never disappointed with the vast library Sony brought to the table.

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I agree with most of the people here. RPG's are meant for you to grind it out. Not pay to have to save time here or there. MT's belong on mobile games, free to play games I might add. Not a triple A grind fest that this game is proving to be. It just doesn't have a place here. Even more so when you don't really need it. So then, why even have it? So the publisher can make more money off of you? That's even more offensive.

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COD:MW original 10 maps are legendary, not sure why folks would complain about not including the other 6. If you ever played back then, you could live with playing just the 10. Some of the maps were a lot bigger than they are now and a lot more exciting with better spawn points, which is why most would consider COD:MW one of the best in the series. I for one am very excited to play both. Wonder if it'll continue my stats from where I left off from so long ago...

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HALO 5: Call of Duty

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Some of the greatest games out there have the crappiest sales figures. Hell, one of the most popular game in the world, League of Legends, is free. So please don't insinuate that 'sales equals good' crap.

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I kind of wish they made it more like Dynasty Warriors.

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@hellavaguy A built-in Blu-Ray player vs an add-on HD-DVD player? There goes YOUR theory. Built-in HDMI vs add-on? We're talking launch here, since you brought it up. Like I said, you can try and spin it any way you want. The truth is the truth. My comment still stands.

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This is Microsoft we're talking about. Like Apple, you're paying a lot more for something a lot less than it's worth versus it's competitor. You can spin my comment any way you want, in the end it's the truth. Just look at their other products, outside of the gaming industry (Windows 8, Windows Phone, MS Office, etc.).

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You claim to be a black person, yet you say in #2 that no rapper has put the n-word in their songs. You clearly have not heard of N.W.A. You my friend, should turn in your black card.

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If you EVER owned a 360, then you know one the first things that goes is the the controller. I have gone through numerous controllers and it doesn't matter, sooner than later the damn controller will die, and you will continuously press that damn middle button to reconnect the damn thing until eventually it will not connect anymore. So you have to buy another one. And another one. I still have the original controller from my 'fatty' PS3, even though the left controller rubber ...

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@Hassassin point taken, except we're talking about gaming. If you're talking about movies, the movie is not native to 1440p (or 1200p for that matter) because movies are 1080p native, so it stretches it to the resolution. Gaming on the other hand can be native up to 1600p, and up (when 4K comes around), which I can't wait for, probably gonna get a 55-inch.

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Hopefully they'll make a decent motherboard for this chip. Their chips are great, but their motherboards are so dated.

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You know what is funny, is that all of a sudden, 1440 is like the new trend in gaming. It's kind of irritating. Don't get me wrong, I happy for you and I'm not knocking you or anything, but you do realize that there were 2560 1600 gaming resolution monitors have been on the market for years! So if you think 1440 is something, step it up a notch, otherwise, IMO, you're wasting your 680s in SLi.

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Sorry to bust your bubble, but the best multiplayer games on any platform are multi-platform, all platforms have dedicated servers, and most HDTVs are already smart TV's, so I have no idea how an the XBox One makes it one (Smarter Smart TV?). So all you have left is Kinect features (motion/voice controls) which you can have on both the PC and PS4. So, yeah.

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The major problem I have with Kinect is I can't see it's full potential being used on the newer Xbox. It's cool with all the features and stuff, but even when tied to a high-spec PC, they never ever came up with a killer game feature that worked well that made me go, "Damn, I gotta get that!", (that tank game really tanked in it's use of Kinect BTW). Dance Central was the most popular, and that's about all we have to show for last gen. So even with the higher ...

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Everyone that keeps saying exclusives for XB1, it's seems so hollow considering the track record of exclusives we've had for the XBox for the past couple of years. For me, I'm taking the wait and see approach because I really don't see it happening. I hope it is a sustainable core foundation they're going to build, because it would drive not just Sony, but Nintendo to step their game up a few notches. But if it's just bait and switch just to get you to buy their con...

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@Common Sense

Is that why Microsoft made Kinect mandatory and is charging $500 for the Xbox One? Because of taxes and our criminal government and their evil propaganda? Economy 101 my ass...

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It's like:

"Dude, turn your sh!t down!"
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback

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This article is ugly. When I bought the PS3, the only game I bought was Resistance (already having a PS2 slim and a 'greats' collections built up). From then I knew the potential they spoke of with the PS3, even though there was a severe lack of games. The same goes for the PS2 and the PS. Sony always has that potential, because look where we are today with the PS3. So to doubt the success of PS4 based off of it's predecessor is just plain idiocy.

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Why does it even matter anymore? Get over it already.

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