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I highly doubt it. Bayonetta on the 360 was 7GB, Bayonetta on the Wii U is most likely the same core files just with a few extras thrown in (the costumes and Bowser weaves; running at a higher resolution doesn't increase file size). Bayonetta 2 won't be much different in terms of size as the graphics are similar, I say due to the added feature of online co-op and stuff that Bayonetta 2 is probably about 10GB.

The WiiU optical disc is 25GB. So yeah, eitherway you cut i...

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Filesize is never a factor in a games quality. Play length, sure, but not filesize.

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This is becoming a trend as more and more games are dropping pre-rendered cutscenes and instead using real-time cutscenes. This is a very good thing.

For example The Last of Us was pushing 30GB; half of that is the pre-rendered cutscenes. Another recent releases; Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2; was also small in filesize due to its use of real-time cutscenes.

Real-time graphics have now advanced to the point that we really don't need to "fake" t...

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I welcome this. She's a good writer, but she had gone astray with Uncharted. She literally wrote a story AROUND set pieces in UC3 and was well aware of that, and even said in developer interviews that that is what she did. That's not good writing. Hopefully Uncharted 4 will be handled better, but chances are if she was the writer on it then the writing is already done.

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I'd say Metal Gear Solid 1 (followed closely behind by 3) is the best... however I did enjoy Revengeance the most out of all the MG games, but that's simply because I much prefer action over stealth.

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I don't think this was a very clear test. I recall Kratos not stopping on a dime when you stop moving him, as does a lot of characters in third-person games. For this to be tested it needs to be on something more precise, like aiming. The Last of Us is being demostrated too, right? All someone has to do is aim a gun in that game and move the reticle around for a good test.

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Have fun not enjoying a fantastic character action game.

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To everyone believing Nelson's excuse: Are you that guilable? It wasn't a mistake of Ubisoft sending them PS4 footage. THEY BLACKED OUT THE PS4 BUTTONS ON THE FOOTAGE. This was no mistake.

If it was a mistake the censorship wouldn't be there, it wouldn't have been tampered with. How are there people not getting this?

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This is pure scumbag tactics, extorting money from fans of the series which have supported it up to this point.

This is a glorified tutorial section that should be included in the $60 release of the Phantom Pain but you're instead going to make people have to spend $80-$90 to get the full package?

UP YOURS, KONAMI. You lost a sale, I'll wait till it's cheap and USED. You ain't getting a dime from me.

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What are you talking about? No he wasn't. He did the voice work for the FUNimation dub of One Piece (which only started in 2007) and for only a couple minor characters that were in a handful of episodes.

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One Piece wasn't Troy Baker's first big role, not sure where you're getting that from.

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He's not an innovator. He's a filmmaker, a filmmaker who doesn't have the story telling ability to actually make it in the film industry.

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The stuff on deviantART is killing him? I guess a Fugtrup gif would send him straight to the grave.

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You're giving David Cage too much credit. I didn't quotation it being a video game because of its genre or what you think it is. I did it because the simple fact is Quantic Dreams doesn't make video games, they make interactive movies. They literally try to make films but then add a layer of interactivity onto it. No one who has played Indigo Prophecy or Heavy Rain can deny this. That'd be fine if David Cage wasn't a dingbat saying how innovative his "games" are....

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Nothing's overshadowing it for me, it's simply the fact Quantic Dreams makes pretenious and shoddy "games" and David Cage is a complete douche who has constantly made his poor opinions on the video game industry and what gaming should be known.

I know exactly what to expect from Beyond: Two Souls, and that's why I don't have much interest in playing it.

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While I'll agree that it's more 360 fans giving a PS3 version crap, I disagree completely with if it was the other way around that it'd be "hush hush." It's opposite sides of the same coin, each party gives eachother the same crap.

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I honestly think that whole "Bayonetta on PS3 is garbage" is bull. It was terrible when it first launched, but after the patch WHICH HAPPENED SOON AFTER RELEASE the game is perfectly fine on PS3. How are people still complaining about this?

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That whole nose bleed thing is fiction, otaku.

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I was in the camp that didn't care about 4K, hell 1080p is still not the full norm yet.

But then I walked into my local Electronic Express the other day looking at computers and they had a 4K TV on display and... my god. It's something I can't explain, you literally have to see it. It was only slideshows of cityscapes and stuff as there's no actual 4K content right now, but it was fricken goregous! It was like I was looking out a window.


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Do I still need a super computer to run games perfectly on their native settings? I get it, emulation is hard, but it's real stupid that my laptop can't even run PS2 and Gamecube emulation at anything above 10 FPS when I can play many modern PC games on good settings.

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