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I'll get it if it's free in PS+ otherwise I won't bother with it. Dead Space 2 & Extraction is good enough for me.

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I don't see how this would make it a great day for Bioware fans. Everytime they announce something it's a disappointment. They're like Crapcom, overhyping their announcements by saying stuff like "great" and/or "big".

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Because the community will be jumping over to MoH anyways and BC2 is nothing but a sniper fest to begin with.

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I've tried it and the game is terrible. There is no point in waiting for this. Think of it like the Punisher game on PSN but worse.

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I would rather have a completely new MGS that takes advantage of the PS3. It could even be a sequel to Peace Walker as long as Kojima is directing it.

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I'll be getting MoH. It's the best choice for a FPS until Killzone 3.

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Probably because nobody bought Pain lol. I remember get getting discounted quite a few times early on but I guess people didn't want it so they started bundling it with PS3s. The Pain devs are pretty terrible so I'm sure there next game will be mediocre.

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This is fake and it's very easy to tell. There would be A LOT more Kinect games especially more footage of Kinectimals.

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So I guess Fable 3 will have repetitive missions & a lackluster story.

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Also, Queen's Blade episode 1 is FREE on the PSN Video Store (in America at least).

And yes...There is boobs.

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I believe that's the best thing you've said all day beavis.

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