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That would be a great announcement but im sure they plan on releasing a crappy Sonic game for 3DS & another crappy Sonic all stars game for consoles.

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2D based gameplay with 3D support on PS3.

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Mistwalker is garbage. None of their games have been good especially this borefest. Then again the 360 userbase doesn't play RPGs anyways so I can see why this is the best. All they buy is generic shooters.

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It was going to be on the PC in the first place. Then they decided to cut out a bunch of content and open world elements when they made it a 360 exclusive. I don't think people want a gimped Alan Wake on PC compared to what they could have had before it was gimped.

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It's looking better than Mass Effect and it's only pre-alpha.

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If I bought it then I would've been giving money to S-E so that's why I didn't bother with it. On top of that, the PS3 version in NA got the gay steroid guy and overall the game was garbage.

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Be sure to write another article telling me that Kojima took a shit in a restroom at McDonalds.

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The Dragonball MMO flopped as far as beta impressions go. It was kind of obvious that it would flop to begin with though.

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Yet another broken fighter where the only point of playing it is for fan service that will wear off in a week or less. I'll skip this one just like I skip all of Crapcom's generic garbage. They haven't put out a game above mediocrity this gen and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon.

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A good developer can have both.

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Only if you're black.

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It's Darkstalkers. I guarantee it and if I'm wrong then I'll leave the site forever. Sony released Darkstalkers avatars on the PSN Store to get ready for the announcement much like they prepared Twisted Metal outfits in PSHome before the Twisted Metal announcement.

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Just like Color TV & HDTV. Surely, these 3 things will NEVER catch on.

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That game was full of fail as was the "summons".

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This is like Monster Hunter but without the suck.

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Crapcom continues to disappoint

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Though I will still get Medal of Honor to hold me off until then.

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"and I suspect the tradition of perfection will continue with MGS: Rising"

That garbage will be nowhere near the quality or perfection of MGS4. It won't even be a real traditional Metal Gear & on top of that Kojima isn't directing it. Rising is a joke & i'm going to skip it & wait for the REAL next MGS game. Even the story of Rising will be irrelevant because Kojima will ignore the fanfic storyline of the spinoff when he makes the REAL next M...

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Diddy Dirty Monkey

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