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Pay $50 for over $50 worth of free stuff.

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Just more hype from Crytek. They love to hype up their graphics but their gameplay is mediocre. On top of that it doesn't even look better than the 1st Crysis and Crysis 2 certainly doesn't look better than Uncharted 2 & Killzone 2 (and Killzone 3 for that matter). It seems like the 360's limitations is holding the game's graphics back which isn't surprising.

I wonder if the xbot mods will get butthurt over my comment. I'm going to assume yes consi...

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And a whole lot of mediocrity.

Also, judging from the impressions it sounds like this game is better played offline than online (unlike Demon's Souls). Playing online just feels like it would be a pointless experience and just be annoyingly boring.

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They are both try to be artsy and both fail to have any meaning at all. They just look terrible and use a bunch of colors to fool people with ADHD into thinking it's a good game much like that atrocious Space Giraffe game.

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I figured this would be another one of their desperation articles. I stopped giving their site hits a long time ago. I think the same site is related to another stupid site called hiphopgamershow anyways.

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Now I am interested in hearing more about this game.

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"If Sony had never come along, we may have never gotten analog control and we definitely wouldn’t have gotten Twisted Metal."- Article

Keyword there being "MAY". Not to mention that the PS1 came out BEFORE the N64.

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I knew this would be a HHG article. The title just screams of desperation.

Also, there will be 2 versions of the game so if you really want the FULL experience then you'll need to pay $120 for this mediocre game. This is all thanks to the DVD's limitations and the last gen console we all know as the xbox 360.

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I'll take MoH over CoD. BFBC2 was good but it's growing old now so I will get MoH to old me over until Killzone 3.

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Weak minds get blown easily.

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I looked at the title & looked at the source of where the news came from. I really didn't have to read any further to know that dualshockers made a crappy article yet again.

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Why would PS+ cover the cost of a monthly fee when a monthly fee is far more than PS+ a year? lmao

Your news came from


"To clarify, that's PlayStation Plus. If you are a member of the new PSN + you won't need an additional subscription. That suddenly makes that $50 PSN + fee a l...

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Flop confirmed.

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Green Lantern owns so I will play it regardless.

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I'll take the new Mortal Kombat game over this lame cross-over anyday. Putting 2 washed up/ruined franchises like SF & Tekken just makes it worse. Even MK vs DC was a better idea than this.

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Hiking the price cause they know sheep will pay for it. You're not getting your money's worth either. Just look at Limbo. It's a bland 3 hour game for $15. I remember when most XBLA games were 400.

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and Kinect won't give anybody pleasure.

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Lately all of the recent ones have been garbage. Blazeblue is terrible, Street Fighter 4 & Tekken 6 are both washed up franchises that used to be good but now suck, and then you have this mediocre game.

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No thanks. I'd rather have Killzone.

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