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Why did you point out flaws for Sony and Nintendo but when you say "... western don't seem to at times have the finess and test things as much and want to rush a product more" you don't mention Microsoft?

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You'd think that if Microsoft was serious about getting into VR they'd need that camera. Either they aren't serious, or they're just getting you for that extra money you'll need to shell out for the adapter.

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Good. Was just meant to be a joke.

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April fools day was 2 days ago. A little late with this one.

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The best use is as a N64.

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You think that up all by yourself?

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The article mentions he should reach 2 million by 2020. Just in time for FF7 Remake. Makes no sense. He's not going for trophies.

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The Scorpio will have no exclusives. Same as the One has no exclusives.

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You didn't make a pun.

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I used to play the first one online religiously. Powered by: gamespy

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These two are the new Holmes and Watson. If they want to go through the trouble of trying to sell their games themselves instead of taking a guaranteed trade in than that's great. I'll take the guarantee.

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If they really wanted to fix their mess they'd release a GameCube 2. The original had great (if few) games. Both 1st and 3rd party.

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Dk64 is a fully 3D open world game. Looks the same as Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and CBFD. Basically the same as all 3D games on the 64.

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Not at all the same. Online play wasn't as prominent at the time the PS2 came out. The Slim had an ethernet port though.

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Pre-order whenever you want. You can cancel after you've seen the games.

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By going the Nintendo route and releasing a significantly different console whenever you please.

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Could that be because MS is trying to start a new generation? Most likely.

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The carpentry industry must be slow.

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Shouldn't the title be "The Five Xbox One / Windows10 Exclusives That Are Scheduled For 2017 if not first canceled?"

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The writer is gone. Not the voice actor.

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