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It's not the inflated price. That's how much it cost in Australia. The world is not only North America.

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Maybe, just maybe, it's because it's an Australian website.

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There's no "These." Just the company that the artical is referring to.

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I guess no one will play it on the X. All I've heared for the last year was "No 60fps, no play."

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Xbox gamers are the "Densest" gamers ever.

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Was not announced as a console exclusive. It was announced as an "Xbox One Console Launch Exclusive." Very deceptive wording on all these "Exclusives" they claimed to have at the start.

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If we look to the past to predict the future, you are incorrect.

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Luckily, Microsoft has you.

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The "ghosting" is because collision is turned off.

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Several hours ago you said it was on track for high 6 to low 7. Which is it?

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Why did you point out flaws for Sony and Nintendo but when you say "... western don't seem to at times have the finess and test things as much and want to rush a product more" you don't mention Microsoft?

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You'd think that if Microsoft was serious about getting into VR they'd need that camera. Either they aren't serious, or they're just getting you for that extra money you'll need to shell out for the adapter.

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Good. Was just meant to be a joke.

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April fools day was 2 days ago. A little late with this one.

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The best use is as a N64.

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You think that up all by yourself?

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The article mentions he should reach 2 million by 2020. Just in time for FF7 Remake. Makes no sense. He's not going for trophies.

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The Scorpio will have no exclusives. Same as the One has no exclusives.

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