toy-like people make me boy-like


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stopped watching after the best RPG category...

Fallout 4 is not even nominated

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The fact that there's no Fallout 4 mention says a lot about this list

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As an FPS player, FO3 1st person view is what got me into the game. Otherwise I wouldnt be playing RPGs at all

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Real Fallout fans are just happy we're finally get a new game... We don't really care about the graphics (don't get me wrong I like these) since they can be modded

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Then why are you here then?

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Dude you are such a troll... always waiting for the right time to take a dump on the comment section of an article not even related to your toybox.

@nucky: Man just Google Blackmesa and educate yourself

@Shin: We dont beg for anything. You are just sad that we'll be getting GTAV (as we always knew we will) and you probably already paid twice for it
See, the way PC gamers are we dont need to go and tell our mums to buy the latest game out there. We...

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Funny how all these kids forget that GTA was a born on the PC, so we always knew the game was coming to PC. While you kids bought the old-gen version of the game plus the new-gen version as well... we just waited for our PC version.

There´s nothing wrong in waiting for a game, I mean there are tons of games out there at really cheap prices (Steam of course) so there´s no reason to go crazy

I bought GTA4 last year at $4 with DLC. I installed the iCEn...

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"Console gaming is the dirty whore on the Street corner that isn't much to look at, but she dresses to please and knows how to wiggle a good joystick"

Nuff said kid, thanx for explain it to us so clearly

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CoD makes millions of sales as well and it is still a crappy game.
Unless you are a Rockstar shareholder, your argument is just dumb

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dumb argument bro... See, PC gamers like me don´t give a damn if you guys have been playing the game for a long time now. We knew the game will come to PC eventually so we just let Rockstar do their thing and give us the best version of the game... In the mean time most of you guys (console kids) have already bought the old-gen and the new-gen versions of the game.

I currently have a lot of games on my Steam library that I play on a regular basis plus I´m still play...

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Dumb article, dumb disagrees... I mean, is it that bad to hace a FPS option? Is not that they are gonna force it on us

He claims that the PS4/Xbone will be the definitive version, but he forgets that the PC had this already modded on previous versions... and we liked it


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Right! It totally removes the desolate/apocalyptical feel of the original game... get rid of the buildings and it looks like Skyrim

I have seen better choice of mods on the same website

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Dude... what the hell?

You dont see me posting in your favorite Hentai-MMORPG´s News Website?

Fallout is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had... Bugs and all. Mod it right and you would never want to leave to the real world again. FO3, F:NV and now Skyrim, it has happened to me with every Bethesda game

Now please... move along

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man... great gallery. Looks depressing, desolate, apocalyptical... 100% immersion

Its indeed far better than the one they posted. Those pictures look like my modded Skyrim

Don´t get why the disagree

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sure? Like 100% sure?

like they said there was no Megalodon? I mean... who knows? Not you for sure

When BF2142 came out no one was really expecting it... DICE just released it and people started calling it a BF2 mod.

My point is... why would DICE boder making a 2142 themed DLC?

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usually the devs. pay for their reviews

look at IGN

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So you mean... Pre-order, buy and then, if you don´t like the game THEN complain?

Is not supposed to be the other way around?

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wow... that´s deep bro

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"and especially, Battlefield"?

Why is that? Guess you like plain enviroments rather than enviromental destruction... or playing against hordes of faulty enemy AI instead of getting your butt kicked by skilled players in a real MP game?

WHo is "EVERYONE you know"?

You do realize that what you are playing is a re-skinned HALO?

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