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"No pretence just common sense"


Well said. The only reservation is the quality of the display. Even then, what's available right now with the DK 2 and Gear VR is still pretty sweet for gamers as long as they are not expecting super HD visuals from AAA games.

Alien Isolation looked and played excellently in VR where the immersion removes any fears over the not quite as sharp display you might be expecting.

I hear the Note 5 will use a 4K display though which is pretty amazing actually if... #6.2
I was actually surprised at the sloppiness of the reveal gameplay to the point I felt it was rushed out to hit the deadline.

At least no hearts will be broken when the game looks like the reveal footage when released or as I said improves. #1.1.1
No, developers/publishers should stop the shady practice of showing preview footage/gameplays/target renders that don't represent the finished product.

I think it would be better for an audience to be surprised at a game which looked better than what was initially shown when released than one that is downgraded. #1
Maybe that's a bit unfair. I believe they really need to show some commitment if they want it to become mainstream. Most importantly is showing some potential games to entice early adopters and those on the fence that it's worth getting excited for.

The problem with selling VR is it's hard to convey how cool it really is without the audience actually trying it out.

Trailers, images and opinions don't do it justice. #1.1
First person shooter vs Third Person action adventure.

Different markets, different consoles even but interesting to see which generates the most "buzz". #1.4
@ Utalkin2me

Yeh valid reasons but not necessarily something I agree with. Thanks for putting words into my mouth.

FYI - People can present valid reasons to others without them having to agree with them. Let's give an example.

Person A)

"I think Sony will sell Morpheus at a low price $150 to entice more people to buy it, then make the money back from the software".

A valid opinion and feasible.... #1.1.16
@Utalkin2me I was actually pointing out what the author of the article was saying if you bothered reading the first post. #1.1.8
People disagreeing with "Let's hope he's wrong..."

Shame on you, have some faith will ya. #1.1.4
Nope he cites some valid reasons to be concerned.

1. cost - too expensive - between £200 and £300
2. Lack of post release support - uses Kinect as an example.
3. Motion sickness
4. Lack of software
5. Poor graphics due to requirements to get solid frame rate in VR.

and a general observation that this will be yet another gimmick for gaming.

Let's hope he's wrong and Sony can work some magic on... #1.1
Wooo the drama... #1.1
Am I right in assuming then $1000 for the PC and $500 for the display?

Interestingly the Gear VR is being sold for $200. #3
"Quietly preparing" an Xbox One controller with 3.5mm audio socket rather than a major redesign. #1
It's a shame because a) if people don't buy games when they release then we'll see less and less new games being made and more remasters and safe bet rehashes.

b) Despite what popular opinion suggests (oh it's a $40 demo) the game is solid (pun intended) if you're prepared to go beyond beating one of the missions in 15 minutes or less. #1.2.4
It's a shame so many people didn't get MGS V GZ when it released or shortly after rather than waiting for this moment.I wonder once they finally play it whether they feel the wait was justified. #1.2
Well at least in some respects you are being honest or just jovially sarcastic.

Either way, you can feel as justified as you like I merely advised him to not view the submission if he finds them so sickening. There's so much more he could be viewing on N4G instead.

I don't enjoy mobile games that much so instead of clicking on them and comment how much I don't enjoy them I ignore. Maybe people just like to argue on the Internet as you say due to... #3.1.4
Cpayne93 DON'T put words into my mouth. I never said he can't be critical of the article. If you read, I said he has a choice to read, click, view these articles which is weird seeing as he holds so much objection.

He's also not just criticising the article though is he. You can clearly read he is addressing me personally using my name and telling me what I should be submitting here.

and again.

"I don't personally care a... #3.1.2
Sorry I did't make the video or article I just submitted it here.

The old adage goes.

If you don't like it don't bother clicking the link. But here you are anyway commenting and all. Adding to the drama and such like.

Remember, you might not like something but others do. As I said, you have a right to ignore but choose not to. #3.1
It seems it's easier to remaster these games than do a complete overhaul of Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis which is really what people are after. #1.4
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Tsk. #1.4
Someone jumping on the Driveclub fanboy waves without actually owning the game? #1.1.5
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