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"No pretence just common sense"


*Mouth Zipped

*A mental respect due.

*Thoughts for the loved ones left behind.

His legacy continued... #4
The Witcher 3 hands down. You also can't argue against a good stream of free DLC. #1
Rattle and prams spring to mind actually. #4.2
@bloop Just like the person who beat Bloodborn without levelling up or using guns. Or many other games where similar feats are attempted.

People do it for the added challenge.

There is an achievement for Final Fantasy VIII - beat the game without levelling up. #1.1.1
Dat username.

Dat provocative comment.

SMH. #1.2
Not sure why all the disagrees did I miss the memo where Morpheus was a standalone product that would work without a PS4? #1.4
Quote Digital Foundry Batman AK PS4 vs XB1:

"In terms of effects work, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Arkham Knight are entirely identical - the only difference coming from resolution, where the Sony console operates at full 1080p, ahead of its 900p Xbox One equivalent. By and large, the games still look very similar, but certain effects - such as chromatic aberration - exhibit rougher edges owing to the Microsoft console's lower resolution." #1.2
A "new platform" which requires an "older platform" to function. #1
3D Realms pandering to all SJWs or a parody on their beliefs take your pick. #1
Such a great story for gaming. Congrats GatorMacheteJr on your ingenuity and well played Bethesda for playing ball. #2
As I said, social media also has the downside of promoting negativity in far louder voices - it's the nature of the beast unfortunately. Once people jump on the motion sickness bandwagon, these stories/pov are likely to shadow any positive reactions. #2.3.1
Well the headline Gamingbolt used is a bit stoo-pid but the content is fair hearing this news from another source. #1.2

"So the best way is to get as many people to try Project Morpheus, and once we release it, people who purchased Morpheus (will) want to show it off to your friends or colleagues, and so will create this network of word of mouth.

Before the launch, we need to — well, have to — bring Morpheus in some events, or in some, y’know, like in shopping malls or places that people go (to), and to really try to see what it is people are talking about."... #2
WAW and MW please.

Edit: Ok I'm being lazy.

COD: World at War and COD: Modern Warfare please.

Better? #2
I guess they missed (or deliberately ignored for the sake of a pointless video) the press up on the d-pad option where you can see an X-ray view of the bodies which tells you they are alive and unconscious alongside their current heart beat. #1
@FIN - Played Alien Isolation for well over an hour and lots of other games on the Gear VR but these are typically shorter experiences. You can't match the true sense of fear you get in these first person horror games. Many a grown man has faltered playing Dreadhalls lol. Then there's the VR characters/Porn stuff which is something else being able to move around 3D models.

Watched loads of movies for over an hour on the Gear VR though. Sometimes you need a few seconds... #1.4.4
Well Warren is fully backing AR:

"AR, on the other hand - that seems pretty exciting. There's some potential there. Even the low-hanging fruit of AR gaming seems compelling. Bring on the AR." #1.2
@ Angeljuice Bubs that was good. #1.3.3
Shenmue 3 wanted and adored by many.

PCars 2 - announced just after the first game launched -

You're avin a tin bath mate. #2.1
SMH @ the disagrees.

Where's your sense of humour and pride. Y'all want Nintendo to grow up don't you and become the same as MS and Sony?

Ok that might be too drastic. Let's hope they can be both right?

Killer powerful new console like back in the ol N64 days being "the most powerful console on Earth".

And a variety of games which appeal to the hardcore gamers and established brands for the family. #1.1
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