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Give that man a biscuit.

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Ofc. A no brainer for anyone interesting in having the better system for a reduced entry price. The only thing I'll miss is the P.T demo I have on my PS4.

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Another VR article which sounds like PR spiel. They are either gagged or not wanting to step on Sony's toes. Why can't they talk about the visual quality. They must have played with Virtual Desktop/Bigscreen Beta on the Rift & Vive to make the comparison.

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I keep having to say this in every thread like this one but where was the "sexual assault" outcry when Senran Kagura games released on the 3DS, PS Vita, PS4 or PC?

There wasn't. Even though you could do the exact same thing in those games including having the girls object to being "touched".

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Except these rules aren't new at all and have always been there.

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What a load of rubbish. Has the author made any complaints about Senran Kagura where you can interact in exactly the same manner on the 3DS, PS4, PS Vita and PC? I doubt it. What's more, these games (yes plural) actually released in the west.

Talk about jumping on the bandwagon for hits. Crawl back into your hole and lock the door please. Exercise your right to not buy or play the game if it offends.

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Well said.

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Just need the VR mod for PC and we're all set.

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Next slide click here x 15 - No thanks f*** off. GamingBolt if you want people to read your articles then use a more user friendly format. Otherwise people leave the site quicker than Usain Bolt.

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Or building options like Subnautica.

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Can't wait for the demo. Looks great.

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A way above the average score. Of course, IGN did all that exclusive previewing videos etc. pre-release. Wouldn't expect anything less.

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Yeh obvious MGS fan. Get wid da program blud.

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Just quite a bit cheaper. I think people are expecting it early next year so you would expect the price to reflect that.

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Pretty close but still no cigar. I think most people will wait for the inevitable GTX 1080 Ti which should hopefully just nudge on the other side of [email protected] 60 fps. A bit disappointing the Titan X falls short. Maybe with some overclocking it can reach it.

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That thumbnail image though...

Where do I get one?

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Yep it's a pretty placid comment to make aimed at damage limitation for those who can't stomach or learn to overcome motion sickness.

Nice one Housey.

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For a moment I thought he was a suckling on the breast of danger.

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What's the point when you don't get to see them anyway?


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Then it is not Resident Evil...

This is a classic case of using a familiar franchise namesake to push a new game instead of creating a (more risky) new IP.

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