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Then look at the screenshots... #3.1
I am actually waiting to see the menus. #3.1
Awesome score and no doubt well deserved. #5
I think the hard edged story was all part of the charm. A real shame Yager won't be revisiting the same themes in a sequel. More games need to be like this to add a bit of diversity to the story telling we get. #1.1
Seriously? #4

How does Sony’s PlayStation next-gen upgrade program work?

For a limited time, when gamers buy the disc or digital version of Call of Duty: Ghosts for PlayStation®3 (including Hardened and Prestige Editions), they can download a PlayStation®4 digital copy of the same game from the PlayStation® Store for a $9.99.

Alternatively, via the PlayStation Store or Sony Entertainment Network Store, players can also purchase a PS3... #3.2.1
Activision allowed people to upgrade from old gen to next gen for a small fee and still keep their game discs to play whenever. It's likely they will do the same for Destiny. #3.2
For me, the biggest reason aside from the obvious is 3D for any game using Tridef and then there's the almighty Steam. #4
I have to disagree with this simply because the effect of head tracking and the character camera movement would feel disjointed imo. It would be like you're looking down at the character rather than being the character. I am assuming (based on the games currently using VR) that being the character is the level of immersion developers will be striving for.

Any game that uses a first person viewpoint would be most ideal. Although I think a really good RTS/god game which le... #1.2
Awesome comment. #25.1
Sigh...this would have been the "MGS 4 on Xbox 360" of this gen. Although MGS 4 was developed by a third party, so slightly different circumstances. #1.4
So wait a second, the game (rated 18 or whatever) is being promoted on a channel that is aimed at younger gamers for exposure. How does that work? #7.3.1
I've been tempted to delve into this game, but much like the reviewer here, I think the lack of narrative and direction would hamper my enjoyment. And 40 minutes of tutorial videos doesn't sound like much fun either. #1
Fixed: Another great reason to get the game on your system of choice. #1.4
Exactly. Remember the horror when we all discovered simultaneously that Raiden was the main character in MGS 2. Had that moment been spoiled, it would have never been etched into memory as one of Kojima's clever and most hated mind games.

I remember fondly playing through the Big Shell, hoping that a switch back to Snake would occur. Well we all know what happened.

Edit: This post contains spoilers...oh too late. #1.1
Hehe nice comment! #1.5.1
Sorry I was a cheap skate and only paid $5.20. However, I did own all those games before on Xbox 360.

I also have several Bioshock codes unused. #4
True Fantasy Live Online... #25
Tried that and my FPS counter says the video plays back around 30 fps.


@sungin I am using Chrome.

Actually the headline is correct. The video shows the game being played at 60 fps on PC via Youtube. But is misleading as the video playback is not 60 FPS on Youtube. #1.1
okay. The Oculus Rift and Kinect 2.0 combo...sweet. #1.6
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