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There's being modest, then there's being Kojima... #1.2
When this game launches, I am going to take a vacation from life itself and become one with the game.

Hypeometer +100 #1.2
Yeh and none of you viewed the actual story which contains a separate video for the ending. #5.1.1
Never ashamed...always positive. #1.2
"The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal, and survival will be near impossible," Naughty Dog said in a statement. You'll earn the Trophy "Completed Grounded Mode" if you're able to finish the game on the new difficulty slider. It just could be one of the most difficult Trophies you'll ever earn..." #1.1
Ambassador you are really spoiling us! #3
Pure milk... er I mean silk. #1.1
Good article with a happy ending. Despite the need of around 3K GBP the end result suggests they made enough to cover costs and pay a wage.

They said there were some 10,000 scores posted on leader boards. So at £3.99 x 10,000 = £39,900 less the £3000 costs leaves around £36,000 for wages and whatever else. Obviously depends on how many others worked on the game and how long it took to actually create. #2
Sigh...here we go again. #1.2
In a way, I'm glad I missed the Moon. I was getting too far into the game and can look forward to it when the full game releases. #1.2
Awesome comment! #2.5.1
I've had some really endearing early access moments which you just don't get with traditionally published games. Maybe it's more down to the openness of the individual developers, but the fact that they are there listening/responding to good and bad feedback where player ideas can be put into a game is commendable. #4
"its the only one like it...

scientifically accurite"..

lol. #5
Yeh, I came for awkward grimaces and dubious bits of floating liquid. #2
MGS 4 could be remastered using the new Fox engine. I'd love that, screw what anyone else thinks lol. But I agree with the sentiment, remastering should not be thrown about willy nilly and only reserved for the cream of the crop. Let some new experiences shine through. #15
Hmm tried to view the article and got bombarded with ads.

Note to site owner - Ads being counter-productive to content = not good. #2
Pre-order Destiny.

Grab code

Play game

decide if you like it or not

cancel or keep pre-order.

No harm done.

Ezee Peezee. #1.1
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Is the title an oxymoron on purpose? #6
Yes actually because it's different. Her opinion on Dragon's Crown was enlightening if a little expected. My missus won't even bother watching me play games so he's lucky. #2.2.1
Josh has found a niche here and I like it. #2
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