No pretence just common sense


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Can't wait for the demo. Looks great.

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A way above the average score. Of course, IGN did all that exclusive previewing videos etc. pre-release. Wouldn't expect anything less.

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Yeh obvious MGS fan. Get wid da program blud.

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Just quite a bit cheaper. I think people are expecting it early next year so you would expect the price to reflect that.

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Pretty close but still no cigar. I think most people will wait for the inevitable GTX 1080 Ti which should hopefully just nudge on the other side of [email protected] 60 fps. A bit disappointing the Titan X falls short. Maybe with some overclocking it can reach it.

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That thumbnail image though...

Where do I get one?

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Yep it's a pretty placid comment to make aimed at damage limitation for those who can't stomach or learn to overcome motion sickness.

Nice one Housey.

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For a moment I thought he was a suckling on the breast of danger.

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What's the point when you don't get to see them anyway?


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Then it is not Resident Evil...

This is a classic case of using a familiar franchise namesake to push a new game instead of creating a (more risky) new IP.

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What is sad is how people promote these fake death threats which is what the perpetrators want. It might make for a cool anecdote at dinner parties or in interviews to mention in a tongue in cheek way but it's obvious these arent real threats. Talk is cheap especially on the Internet.

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yet some opinions just aint worth listening to.

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Placing that rod between the boobs is just soooo suggestive. In fact the entire video is suggestive.

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The issue is the time based reduction in approvals needed is not working any more.

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Yep because you now need 10 approvals for stories to be posted even if they are days old. Someone posted this is not the case and that it just says 10 approvals needed but obviously hasn't tested it because I tried just now and it doesn't work.

A complete mess.

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Exactly. Well said.

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Amen Timmy. Amen.

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Sorry, but I couldn't help myself that second gif is like OMFG!

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The author isn't quite sure what his point is, saying it's fad One moment then singing its praises the next before complaining about the price. I wonder if he's even tried the CV1 PS VR or Vive.

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I think he might be referring to the tons of VR videos out there which the majority aren't that great outside of VR Porn.

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