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Youtube allows nudity and sexual themes as long as it is educational and/or artistic. I think this game [VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI] qualifies as both don't it?

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Interesting that review scores are no longer visible until you click the news article.

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I doubt it was money motivated just wrongly taken down in the first place.

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"These changes have arisen internally. We decided to remove it because we want as many people to play, and we do not want the game something that might make someone uncomfortable."


"We've succumbed to pressure from certain aspects of western culture to tone down the sexual themes in our game so as to not annoy some female gamers and the men who fight their cause. We want more sales and believe if we kept the content in, many ...

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Even Dread Halls on the Gear VR can be incredibly spooky so yeh horror games have their place. The more the merrier.

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A shame he's underplaying the games that were announced a bit. I think Ace Combat 7 was a pretty big VR reveal.

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Then we are all VR Doomed...

Rockband and games of this ilk are an excuse to get people to spend more money on untold DLC packs. It makes sense why this is top priority so that low initial sales have a chance to recoup costs through DLC.

Not what I signed up for. I want VR big guns, spaceships, massive worlds, sexy ladies and monsters.

-Not necessarily in that order or in the same game but you get my drift.

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Bad form to be the first to comment on your own site's articles on N4G.

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Yeh something along the lines of Tokyo Jungle.

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Sounds OK but I would have liked to have seen a more natural approach instead of silly sounding mini games (flying through hoops come on man!).

You're an eagle in a deserted Paris which has now been taken over by nature. Your aim is survival, using your ability and agility to hunt other creatures to stay alive. Guard your territory from other eagles and maintain a healthy existence in the laws of the jungle.


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They are saying they have you covered because the game will release on PS4 NA and Europe in 2016, no doubt in time for the summer with no censorship.

Come on these guys got 2 frigging Senran Kagura games on the 3DS with "sexy" content and if they can get that passed Nintendo then they can do anything.

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@ malice-Flare. Funny you should say that because that's exactly what is said in the article.

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"this guy". That was Tetsuya Mizuguchi creator of Rez.

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Or, your comment was taken on board and relayed back to the person who wrote the article. No stealth involved mate.

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Oh, OK just not this one then?

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Still waiting for those Drivers man. Performance should be much better with Xfire but is not.

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I don't believe people are disagreeing with your love of the game rather the fact you decided everyone else who has played it agrees with you. Whether this is true or not how could you possibly know this info without asking all 300,000 of them?

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@Christocolus - "I sure know that me and every Xbox gamers that bought and played the game are very happy indeed."

You think that kind of comment isn't cause for ridicule?

And no not upset at all actually. Just find it highly amusing for him to make such outlandish remarks.

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Such expert rhetoric, please adopt me I want to be your son.

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"I sure know that me and every Xbox gamers that bought and played the game are very happy indeed."

Just listen to yourself. lol.

In case you wondered why you have so many disagrees.

Sometimes I wonder if MS plants people like you to talk up their products. OK that's possibly far fetched but you sure as hell sound like one.

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