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You can check my comment history in the other news post where I surmised this was an elaborate April Fools joke and it appears I was right even if a few days off. In fact I knew it wasn't real and so did the rest of you, but c'mon hype man.

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An elaborate April Fools joke surely.

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Redefining gameplay for 2016. Actual gameplay in the video tomorrow showing combat. He also said they removed some of the gameplay elements from this "demo" section.

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This is highly degrading. Call the police.

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Love that camo outfit.

@GEO9875 - Maybe they can add a Negative Nancy character as well. Hehe.

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I get plenty of real puss as often as I like with my lovely GF. Sue me for appreciating animated forms as well. Shame on you for assuming I must be lonely and sad just because I like sexy looking artwork.

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"but it is ridiculous how many get excited over an virtual @ss, where sh!t comes out"

Holy crap. No self respecting perv looks at a female's butt and thinks oohhh that's cute because it's the gateway to poop central.

Get a grip.

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This is actually quite cheeky. And frigging awesome!

Laura just got even more sexier and now joins the R.Mika club of most appropriate fighting gear. I'm sure if you asked nicely someone could replicate the texture for the male fighters CoNn3r_B :op

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Love the failures at the end. Shows how dedicated he is and the probability that there were lots of takes before it got edited into the seamless video we see now.

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So wait a minute, all that pre-order stuff was just for early access to the demo, I mean beta?

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Agreed on overpriced but not over-hyped. Needs a few years for the tech running it to be more accessible to the masses.

Right now and with those prices it's enthusiast territory rather than mass adoption.

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Interesting take on valentines messages although you're a week late guys!

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Nice guns she has too.

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"Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Ogle the Super-Sexy Bathroom Posters From the PS4+Vita “Strongest Package”"

Why does Dualshockers always use a poor choice of words for its headlines which perpetuate the myth that male gamers are all sexist, drooling , knuckle draggers?

Instead of "Ogle" surely "appreciate" would have been a better choice of word. Ogle just sounds dirty/perverse.

Oh well, back to the ogling.

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I think a better way of looking at it is it's included in the $60 purchase price you paid rather than Free additional extra.

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Yes, because I love the Michonne character from the TV series. I think it's great to have positive females in horror movies and Michonne fits the bill perfectly. I also have a crush on Danai Gurira - even though she's not in this game it's the next best thing.

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Quote article: "Street Fighter V comes with a character Story Mode (not to be confused with the upcoming post release cinematic Story Mode) "

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Was really looking forward to this as a launch title for then next gen gaming. But it wasn't meant to be. I was hoping another publisher would pick up the mantle, but it was obviously plagued with problems. At least there's Yakuza.

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MRBIGCAT - Submission history COG.

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second comment response from Digital_Anomaly of COG.

Nice heat boost fellas.

Carry on.

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