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Small percentage of gamers who frequent gaming websites does not equal the majority. So, if a select few want to see more of a game, let them.

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"If You Are Buying A Console This Holiday, You Are Buying An Xbox One"

"because you already own a PS4".

Sorry guys I couldn't resist that one.

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Playboy seriously?

Number 24: ROUGE THE BAT.

A+ for some nice pictures and gifs

F- for effort.

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Yeh that might be so but what gamers want and what actually is are two different things.

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Interesting indeed but why the cloak and dagger routine. If it was coming to PS VR or in development for it then why not say so. If they are only "experimenting" then at this stage I have my doubts.

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wow this is early considering the release is December 1st right?

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Already pre-ordered mine the moment it became available. I would have suffered the JPN text. This is just even better.

Stroll on 2016.

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Has it been confirmed that Tekken is not FP? Cast your mind back to the FP view in Tekken 2, it could be the same as that.

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@ Braid.

FOV whilst might be limited is still comfortable for presence in the VR world. Without checking exact details but the Gear VR works just great with a simple game like Dreadhalls with the limited FOV and as you suggest snorkel view effect.

I agree that many will be getting a bit bowled over by the bullshot videos and images which all VR publishers/developers seem to present regardless of platform. There's no way to accurately represent how games a...

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We knew Harada was a keen advocate for VR so it will be interesting to see how this will work with Tekken 7. I am hoping for a model viewer as well as the fighting game. I'm not sure how a first person Tekken would would but there was that game Breakdown and the cheat code to make Tekken 2 play in first person.

Looking good.

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@ the disagrees. My point is here's the 50 games or so which ones of these are well known AAA franchises which could sell the system? Me I'm excited for any VR experiences but for the sceptical there's few KNOWN franchises making the conversion or having the support. I guess Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 could be added to the list but that's a niche game.

Oculus has secured Minecraft VR which is just the sort of well-known game PS VR needs to entice the masses to at...

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I think most people will admit that VR will be aimed at a niche market to begin with and it's possible Sony much like the other VR players Valve, Oculus etc are hoping for a lot of word of mouth to generate further interest.

I think it's too early to call out a lack of software but in some ways you are right there's no big name AAA game announced just yet that entices people to try VR. That's not to say there's no games in development or some we don't...

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A hind D. What's a Russian gunship doing here?

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Surely that's down to those playing to co-ordinate themselves? From what I've seen people aren't doing what you described and treating it just like any other shooter which we both know is wrong for this type of game.

The shield guy should take point and the rest stack up. The tools to mark enemies should be used before rushing in. And all the gadgets should be worked to gain the advantage.

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The self fulfilling prophecy of believing one is so important that others feel the need to put you in their million selling video game.


This almost screams PR stunt for Jeff G but what's he promoting other than himself here?

Oh wait...

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Seriously? This is just as bad as Lindsey Lohan et al. trying to sue Rockstar for the same thing in GTA. Jeff as a gamer should be humbled (even though it's a likeness and not verbatim).

Cue CAW mode and Jeff G characters en mass.

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The ignorance is strong in this one...

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I already pre-ordered this and much like the Japanese gamers who hold their heads high with no fear of western style shame I'm ready come Feb 25th.

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I am one of them. Most impressive in hospital waiting rooms and the like.

It's a quick fix game that doesn't force you spend cash.

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Playing into the hands of those who oppose the objectification of women in video games. Giving them more ammo to complain at the rest of us who don't care because we consider video games art or whatever label we attach to them.

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