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"No pretence just common sense"


With Kinect? Oh wait it probably doesn't include one of those either. Are these opened up already or what? I don't get the "no controllerness" of the deal.

Someone explain please. #2.1
Yeh this has come from the leftfield. Me likey considering I missed the original sin on PC. #2
Who cares, I just wanna play great games. #1
Dad coming into room at night. "Creepy" Yikes.

Let's just kill her anyway and relieve her of her suffering. #1
Great article. Xur's a bitch. #1
IntheLab - In the review he mentions his glowing preview report from the PS4 version which suggests there's a decent game here. He also says in the closing comments to wait until it's fixed before purchasing.

This is entirely at odds with the reactionary 1/10 score which is more in line with a game that has no hope at all.

He's well right to bring up the technical issues and even mark the score down accordingly. But as I said, to simply dish out a... #1.2.3
Steven John Dawson - Sim Racing Enthusiast, Web Developer, Writer

Sure, but what credentials do you have for being a reviewer and sharing your opinion in an objective manner so that others are informed and can trust your reasoning?

You don't have any and readers can't.

You're just some Internet guy on a no-name website with an opinion. You're entitled to present one but doesn't make it right or worth listening to.
... #1.2
That last pic is an awesome comparison. But New York didn't have the monopoly on gangs. #3
Woooo the drama. Maybe they should make a game about the whole debacle. #1
Um. Okay. I feel a teensy bit wiser now. #1
Affordable = subjective. #2
It's not a shift at all rather people making a big deal out of it now. Female gang members are nothing new go look at the Saints Row games. Ubisoft already made an entire game featuring a female assassin in Assassin's Creed Liberation and more recently China (as mentioned in the article) so let's not forget that shall we.

What's next a female Sam Fisher to appease the equal ops brigade? Remember we already saw a female stealth agent in Velvet Assassin plus the... #2
Most recent build video

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
What's wrong with "creepy"? I like it that way. It instils an air of mysticism. #1.1
Ohhh an eight. I'm sure some folks would be expecting much more. Still, an eight is a decent score, just not the mind-blowing number that's been expected. #1
Ugh...I'm really not sure about the ultra clean/sharp look of these. Are they better or what? #1
I was about to say the same thing.

Maybe he's talking about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Quiet? #1.1
You did know you can run multiple careers at the same time from the off so you're not just limited to the one car class?

You did know you can up the difficulty quite a bit so you're not just wiping the floor in every race?

I guess not. #2.1.1
Clutching at straws or what. This is a terrible comparison. They are both women is the only similarity. #1
The only way you can now play P.T. is if the file is already installed on your PlayStation 4 system. #8.2
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