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Placing that rod between the boobs is just soooo suggestive. In fact the entire video is suggestive.

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The issue is the time based reduction in approvals needed is not working any more.

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Yep because you now need 10 approvals for stories to be posted even if they are days old. Someone posted this is not the case and that it just says 10 approvals needed but obviously hasn't tested it because I tried just now and it doesn't work.

A complete mess.

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Exactly. Well said.

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Amen Timmy. Amen.

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Sorry, but I couldn't help myself that second gif is like OMFG!

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The author isn't quite sure what his point is, saying it's fad One moment then singing its praises the next before complaining about the price. I wonder if he's even tried the CV1 PS VR or Vive.

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I think he might be referring to the tons of VR videos out there which the majority aren't that great outside of VR Porn.

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Side Virginia, WTF?

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You can check my comment history in the other news post where I surmised this was an elaborate April Fools joke and it appears I was right even if a few days off. In fact I knew it wasn't real and so did the rest of you, but c'mon hype man.

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An elaborate April Fools joke surely.

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Redefining gameplay for 2016. Actual gameplay in the video tomorrow showing combat. He also said they removed some of the gameplay elements from this "demo" section.

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This is highly degrading. Call the police.

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Love that camo outfit.

@GEO9875 - Maybe they can add a Negative Nancy character as well. Hehe.

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I get plenty of real puss as often as I like with my lovely GF. Sue me for appreciating animated forms as well. Shame on you for assuming I must be lonely and sad just because I like sexy looking artwork.

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"but it is ridiculous how many get excited over an virtual @ss, where sh!t comes out"

Holy crap. No self respecting perv looks at a female's butt and thinks oohhh that's cute because it's the gateway to poop central.

Get a grip.

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This is actually quite cheeky. And frigging awesome!

Laura just got even more sexier and now joins the R.Mika club of most appropriate fighting gear. I'm sure if you asked nicely someone could replicate the texture for the male fighters CoNn3r_B :op

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Love the failures at the end. Shows how dedicated he is and the probability that there were lots of takes before it got edited into the seamless video we see now.

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So wait a minute, all that pre-order stuff was just for early access to the demo, I mean beta?

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