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Nice, I love the detail of the saliva around the teeth. That's fine detail that you're not likely to see unless there's an extreme close up, or someone drooling. Oh wait, that's me.

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Thank you Giuseppe for not hyping up the headline this time. Nice video and shows the massive difference between big budget modelling/animations and the low budget stuff you see on the Rift/Vive like Honey Select. Playclub.

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Stop telling me I haven't read the article. I sure did and watched the video too. Bottom line is.

Video description - Audience Reacts....

DualShockers description - Audience Explodes

Seeing as the video is from the same person you decided to hype up the headline for the N4G audience but not on Youtube.

Pure drama to generate traffic.

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Abriael you can keep disagreeing with my comment all you like but won't change the fact you are the master of hyperbole. Check the 2m50s mark in this video and compare to the one you posted.

Case closed.

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The bull is your hyperbole headline suggesting the "audience" almost explodes. Not sure what audiences you've been in before or witnessed but the one in the video does not "explode". There's some clapping and noise but no rioting. Heck the Sony E3 FF7 Remake reveal had more of an impact where the audience was already cheering before the trailer had even concluded.


The only thing exploding here is the bull***t headline from DualShockers. C'mon guys that's pretty lame.

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The link is broken due to the site updating apparently. In case you all missed it but this is some crazy stuff either a PR stunt or the best thing to happen in gaming for a long time. Basically anyone who paid full price for the game gets to keep it and then gets $200 worth of free games including,The Climb, Chronos, Edge of Nowhere etc. So the price went from $49.99 down to $9.99 in the launch week.

I smell PR bull personally. It's one thing to discount the game to s...

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RAW Data is an excellent VR game which really puts you in the moment even if they are just robot enemies. I can imagine how much more involving it would be if there were human enemies. At least they aren't Zombies.

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Let the perving begin.

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Yeh they did great with the scale and modelling but the effects (especially the lighting) could do with more work. That's what really gives the Remake visuals their distinctive creepy vibes which are absent in this Unreal Engine 4 demo.

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$39.99 for an adaptor. Seriously?

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Give that man a biscuit.

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Ofc. A no brainer for anyone interesting in having the better system for a reduced entry price. The only thing I'll miss is the P.T demo I have on my PS4.

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Another VR article which sounds like PR spiel. They are either gagged or not wanting to step on Sony's toes. Why can't they talk about the visual quality. They must have played with Virtual Desktop/Bigscreen Beta on the Rift & Vive to make the comparison.

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I keep having to say this in every thread like this one but where was the "sexual assault" outcry when Senran Kagura games released on the 3DS, PS Vita, PS4 or PC?

There wasn't. Even though you could do the exact same thing in those games including having the girls object to being "touched".

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Except these rules aren't new at all and have always been there.

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What a load of rubbish. Has the author made any complaints about Senran Kagura where you can interact in exactly the same manner on the 3DS, PS4, PS Vita and PC? I doubt it. What's more, these games (yes plural) actually released in the west.

Talk about jumping on the bandwagon for hits. Crawl back into your hole and lock the door please. Exercise your right to not buy or play the game if it offends.

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Well said.

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Just need the VR mod for PC and we're all set.

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Next slide click here x 15 - No thanks f*** off. GamingBolt if you want people to read your articles then use a more user friendly format. Otherwise people leave the site quicker than Usain Bolt.

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