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"No pretence just common sense"


Ditch the "superior journalist" attitude man, Nyxus has a valid point considering how many articles Craveonline has made about this topic in the last few days.

Also everything you've said regarding a marketing ploy is pure conjecture at this stage. You have no idea what is going on at Koei Tecmo HQ Japan and if they do a U-turn you won't be privy to the reasons behind that either unless you can get a statement from them.

Anyhow, it's an... #1.1.1
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And Rhianna Pratchett is an awful video games writer. #1.1
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Personally, I don't think the offer of cash is the issue here. Koei Tecmo would have said otherwise, but the fact they have mentioned the social issues speaks volumes about where they are coming from.

I think it's a nice gesture but is not going to sway them. Plus 3 Million is probably not enough. #1.1
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Nice troll move there.

Kasumi's age:

Birthday - February 23rd

Age17 (DOA1 - DOA4)
Age 19 (DOA5)

Ayane's Age:

Birthday - August 5th
Age 16 - 18 (DOA1 - DOA4)
18 (DOA5) #1.1
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Way to use this DOA Xtreme 3 incident to promote your game Cliffy. That's pretty "DUMB" to me. #1.2
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INB4 they start banning imported games... #1.2
You obviously haven't seen the cigar smoking female lead in the latest Call of Duty Black Ops III game. She (and that's putting it in the loosest sense) looks and behaves just like a man. So this is the new dawn for equality in video games. Women that look and behave like men that are only distinguishable as women due to their voices. #14.5
Sadly the author's voice is a mere squeak compared to the loud trumpeting from those who don't share her views.

Thumbs up for the author to be so open minded and non-threatened by these games. #1
I'm thankful to be alive because some of our brothers and sisters have their lives needlessly taken away from them early due to no fault of the their own or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can't all live in fear and must carry the flame of humanity forwards until it is our time. #1.2
He does tread on delicate ground but remember guys it's a fan made recreation (just like fan art I guess) which is not being sold for any profit - or being sold at all. So it's most likely not stepping on any legal toes. He's also not modifying the original software to make this. #3.1
No ignorance here. If Kotaku want Bethesda or Ubisoft to supply them with preview ops or early review code then stepping on their toes by publishing leaks isn't going to be favourable is it. So why should they entertain them especially when Kotaku is fully aware of how sensitive gaming leaks are to publishers. If anyone is ignorant, it's them for leaking the info and expecting no come back.

If Kotaku didn't care about review codes, preview ops etc. then there'... #2.2.1
That's fine Blackpanther. Every publication has a right to publish news how it sees fit. But if you piss off the people who also give you the breaks then don't expect them to be warm and friendly when you go against them in this way.

In this instance it really shows a lack of integrity from Kotaku to cry about this publicly. They should have held their heads high and proclaimed "we'll continue being on the cusp of breaking news stories". #2.1.1
@Littletad " we are entitled to print news to our readers, not cater to publishers."

That's fine and dandy, but then don't expect to get any preferential treatment from them as a result. #1.1.1
Phil has been a great figurehead for pushing the Xbox One brand since its poor first showing with Don at the helm. But I find there's lots of people who put too much of a focus on the individual when it's more than just one person making the changes within a large company such as Microsoft.

Still, credit where's it's due for all concerned and having a positive person who seemingly understands the needs of the audience leading the charge is all good. #1
Yes they should be Blacklisted based on the fact that why expect to be treated with respect when you've leaked information that wasn't ready for public viewing? Bite the hand that feeds you springs to mind here. The motives behind leaking info has to boil down to more than "we're serving our audience" but rather we're gunning for clicks.

Bethesda and Ubisoft had every right to act accordingly and no crying about it is going to change that. Kotaku no... #2
Hehe, now that's pretty good. #2
This is interesting in allowing Twitch audiences get involved with the game playing. #1
That build up and then...

What a dick. #1.2
Soooo, PS VR photomode. Bring it on! #2.2
Yeh but you know a number of western women will be rolling their eyes at this type of game and have utter disdain and contempt towards those who play it. #1.1.1
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