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The relevance of the image? Is she one of the Youtubers featured in your list as I couldn't find her when I looked (seemed to be mostly guys)? Surely then you mean w**k material when you're not gaming cos she is hot and has nothing to do with the article. #1
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Awww should have been: "You'll Never be as Swag as This Dad Reenacting All of Super Smash Bros Wii U Taunts".

Great vid though.

Dads of the world pay attention. #3
It's also impossible to properly convey VR to anyone but the person viewing it with the headset. So these videos are just a gimmick. #1.1
I just hope my Phantom Pain gets released on time then they can do what they like after that. #1.3
Going to have to agree with you there completely.

Bloodborne is nothing like Silent Hill a better comparison would be The Evil Within from the awesome Shinji Mikami who somehow fuses Resident Evil gameplay with Silent Hill mad visuals. #2.1
Molyneux says a lot of things... #1
deadpoolio316 you didn't see the tweet of the headless Big Boss clone army then? #1.2
This is getting way out of head. This is a clusterf**k.


So all bald doctors of a certain age who wear round rimmed glasses have a case against Konami now?

No wonder Kojima is laughing.

However, Sergio is obviously using this to publicize his own activities in some weird publicity switcheroo. #1.1
Why do they still do this knowing people aren't going to just sit back and lap it up.

"Let's just blame it on the intern". #1.1
Try this from the 90s.

http://www.sciencedirect.co... #4.1
Yeh there's lots of weird things that don't add up but it has been proven the model in TPP is based on the actor Ian Moore who is a better match with the character. I will simply repost this link.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1
Sounds almost too good to be true but hey let's not be too cynical right? #1.1
You must be right it's not worth the effort or the ink being concerned about social media like Facebook (which has nothing to do with gaming btw) having an influence on video game content. The author got it wrong and is just a perv.

It's also the double standard we see all the time with violence is fine in our society but sexual activity is a no no.

Imagine in the next <insert game name here> if content was removed because of Facebook integratio... #2.2
Sorry but that graph hurts my eyes will someone with more intelligence than I explain it to me please. #1
Except the benchmark results prove the complete opposite of what you have posted Decrypt as far as GTA V is concerned. This article is about GTA V so to mention bad optimization for other games is moot.

You sound like an insecure Nvidia fanboy tbh also the R9 295x2 can be purchased for almost half the cost of the Titan X. #1.1
I think what these comment suggest is that everyone has their favourite which is the point really. #12
Really impressed with these shots, it teases of the possibilities of what a new Nintendo console could do in the future.

Here's hoping anyway. #3
Looks pretty sweet and I can't wait to play this on consoles. I love the part about having to put in twice as much coin if you want to grudge match the opponent after a loss. #1
Because he wanted more time to realize his vision and Konami wasn't prepared to invest more money or be held to ransom considering it's their investment so they let him go.

It's the same old story.

Game development has changed (war has changed) no longer can you spend years on a project when a quick turnaround (yearly sequels) and DLC packages prove to be profitable.

The suits have won. #8.2
The problem is, when these talented individuals leave the comfort zones of money pouring publishers their work and visions become stifled due to not having the financial backing - obviously not their creativity although in a way this becomes constrained too.

Just look at Peter Molyneux since leaving MS, Cliffy B, Itagaki etc. Once big names in game development and now resigned to smaller indie projects.

Not saying they won't be able to make great games bu... #1.3
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