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The make-up wearing male agent strikes again.

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Now I can very much get behind this.

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Ordered mine pretty much as soon as it was revealed. Not sure why when I have a kickass GTX 1080Ti PC. Maybe it was something to do with the aesthetics. That XBOX BOX.

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I think you have to be careful with the term "walking simulator" it has wider implications. From what I've seen of Observer through let's play videos it has more to it than just pushing forwards. Don't let one person's interpretation or pigeon hole definition cloud your judgement.

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This game really needs to come to PS+ to then see what the reception is like.

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Well it just seems totally contrived to me. On one side you have a female movement wishing to be taken seriously or as equals in the male dominated core gaming scene, then you have these websites employing female writers to address the real issues that matter most. SEX.

Like come on purrleeze. They are trying too hard.

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Why Is Sex in Video Games Still Taboo?

So female game commentators (mostly from Cheatcc) have something to write about.

Really not edgy enough these websites who employ female writers to talk up the sex card all the time.

*Rolls eyes.

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Yeh it's all relative but one has to consider the competition. Sony could have staggered the increase rather than a blanket 25 pc. So yeh 83p a month sounds like small change but not when you have other factors to be mindful of. And then there is ofc the fact PC can play online for free and Xbox Live is £10 a year cheaper for the same thing. I only really had my PS+ sub for Destiny but since I stopped playing for a long time and not really played many of the free games offered each ...

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Price hikes are inevitable but the amount here is quite a lot. I hope this means PS+ gets better free games each month to lessen the sting.

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PSVR option?

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We should do that later with Kim.
Yeah he could use the XP.

No I'm not comparing this to Anthem. Sorry.

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Another crappy not worth watching comparison from these guys. Try grabbing direct feed footage from each game rather than an Internet trailer before you make the comparison and use a more static scene. Really poor professionalism is just a regular thing from these guys.

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Sony Fan - "Sony had the best E3 presentation"
Microsoft Fan - "No, Xbox had the best showing".
Nintendo Fan - " Nintendo wins just because".

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Not sure why anyone would be surprised at this. MS stated from day one that this would a premium (expensive) product.

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First Injustice 2, now Tekken the p*** 7. Head explodes.

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I wonder if enemy AI grenade spamming will return in the SP. Gotta love that on Veteran.


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Whoo, colour me impressed. It's on the waiting list once more games use the controller then I'll bite.

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Moronic N4G comments aside, that's actually good numbers. In the UK it has been in the top 5 most sold games since launch as well so I would assume 2 million has been surpassed. I really enjoyed this game (on PC) and hope they stick with the formula (with some revisions) for the next Ghost Recon game.

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Phew it's getting hot in here... especially at 3m:30s.

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