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CD has already gone on record to say they have no plans for VR at the moment. But who knows further down the line.

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So excited for a new Dredd game especially after all the hype with Cyberpunk 2077.Let's hope something is in the works. MegaCity One here we come!

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It looks like your suggestion has been taken on-board.

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This is nothing new and has come about since the reboot in 2012. Lara is now indistinguishable from her fellow male gaming character as she performs feats no normal human female could perform. I am actually surprised Lara doesn't lift these enemies above her head and casually toss them into the raging chasm (a la Black Panther) just because she can. Whereas Naughty Dog offers to add context to the characters to justify their actions (see Ellie TLOU2), Crystal D are simply going for the ju...

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Titillating if you like shirtless men.

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I think we can all agree that SC allows for plentiful customization so if you're offended you can at least change threads or create your own character. Having choice is a good thing and perhaps respecting o ther people's preferences is good too. At least SC provides for this.

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Really liking the look of this after playing the demo. The art (character designs) in particular is very nice. I am not surprised it kicked its kickstarter target.

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First person works well in Deus Ex.

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Kind of misleading thumbnail image. Suggests that Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those games coming to VR when in fact it's just the kid with the VR googles from the trailer.

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No, the article says those who already purchased the game will get a 99% discount or it will be free DLC. That said, these additions will be great for fans but won't help the already negative reviews out in the wild. I doubt websites will re-review once these new extras are put back/added.

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In part yes but some extras sound like they are being added regardless of the initial censorship such as "high resolution textures and models".

" Moreover, it will feature additional sounds in the game and the cutscenes, additional erotic animations for characters in the backgrounds, high resolution textures and models – without any censorship – Agony Mode unlocked from the beginning, additional content for Agony Mode (Setting – The Forest, Boss Fight – Bapho...

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Ahh, the game the original was supposed to be. Seems like people paid for a disguised early access game.

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This is obviously a joke article. Every word they wrote is laughable.

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I don't really agree with you but as the submitter of this article I have changed the start location of the embedded video to avoid the opening spoiler section.

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I was fine with this video up until they showed...

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The model viewer is also rather excellent in the extras section.

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I think MS would have done well to forget the all inclusive Xbox One ecosystem as it is now and instead opted for a few Xbox One X exclusive titles to really show off the hardware. I am not saying abandoning the Xbox One/S user base but at least making some distinction for X owners.

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Bring it on!

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Illusion games have plenty of customization options most notably Honey Select and Playclub but VR Kanojo had very limited customization features. I would hope they address this for this game. But yeh, some new characters would be nice as this one looks similar to Sakura just with different hair.

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Demo was really fun for me and the best part was being able to replay such a short section many times to see different outcomes.

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