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PSVR option?

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We should do that later with Kim.
Yeah he could use the XP.

No I'm not comparing this to Anthem. Sorry.

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Another crappy not worth watching comparison from these guys. Try grabbing direct feed footage from each game rather than an Internet trailer before you make the comparison and use a more static scene. Really poor professionalism is just a regular thing from these guys.

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Sony Fan - "Sony had the best E3 presentation"
Microsoft Fan - "No, Xbox had the best showing".
Nintendo Fan - " Nintendo wins just because".

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Not sure why anyone would be surprised at this. MS stated from day one that this would a premium (expensive) product.

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First Injustice 2, now Tekken the p*** 7. Head explodes.

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I wonder if enemy AI grenade spamming will return in the SP. Gotta love that on Veteran.


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Whoo, colour me impressed. It's on the waiting list once more games use the controller then I'll bite.

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Moronic N4G comments aside, that's actually good numbers. In the UK it has been in the top 5 most sold games since launch as well so I would assume 2 million has been surpassed. I really enjoyed this game (on PC) and hope they stick with the formula (with some revisions) for the next Ghost Recon game.

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Phew it's getting hot in here... especially at 3m:30s.

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Oh wow @ the disagrees. Come on peeps it's well known kids have managed to rack up massive bills for parents playing various games (knowingly or otherwise). Obviously Nu is being general and not talking about microtransactions in P5 or even the PS4.

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She brought out the big guns with that airstrike. Awesome ad.

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Observation: Why do a number female "gamer" commentators seem to use typical clickbait images to get male attention for their articles? Case in point. Image used of sexy woman wearing the GEAR VR - but there is no mention of the GEAR VR in the article at all.

FYI April Marie, the GEAR VR is the market leader by quite some considerable margin.


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@BlkxSeptember insecure much? This article and my comment has nothing to do with Sony. This is an Xbox article so take that nonsense elsewhere. For the record, if Sony did give DF the exclusive just like this on the PS5 and a little memento for their effort then yes I'd make a similar remark. I found the whole DF video thing more like an infomercial than their usual informative/objective critique style.

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Another first person shooting game. C'mon devs we need more VaRiety.

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FYI, update 1.05 fixed the facial animations, you can skip the galaxy map transitions as well. It's great these things get fixed but rubbish for people who buy the game on release. I doubt this website (and many others) are going to do a re-review and rightly so. Gaming industry needs to start releasing games that aren't broken piles of crap that need patching after release.

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Is that a box in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

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COD should go Ninjas /Samurai in first person for something new. Ditch the guns and nades for swords and smoke bombs.

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