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What's with the crass thumbnail image? Topless girl gamer "seduced" back into multiplayer and then having hot sex, is that what this is about? Just seems to me that the author Christine Pugatschew wants to be noticed and the only way she feels it's possible is to resort to the lowest common denominator - posting a completely irrelevant image of a topless woman holding a shotgun aimed at attracting male gamers to her article.


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Laura Dale is also the lead character in the next Assassin's Creed game.

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Video is now in 4K.

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The author posted the following disclaimer which you missed. I'll quote:

"Please note: The video shows the performance of the game running at 4K as indicated by the various numbers on the top left of the screen. At the time of posting, the video is still being encoded by Youtube to playback at 4K which offers the best viewing option."

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"Alernative sources (1)"

What's that?

Is that a reference to the contents of the pot on the kitchen table?

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Click the cog symbol and you can select 2160p.

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"Dead Rising 4 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title."

Nope it's not.

Spreading misinformation in a review is not good.

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Yes it does have a Dishonored vibe to it but that's Arkane Studios for you. At least you've got options on how you want to play which is really great in Dishonored 2.

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Good. More to buy when the English version releases in Asia next month.

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Curry's are seling this TV(49") for £799 now which is a bargain.

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A number of these complaints can be levelled at VR in general and are not exclusive to PSVR. The headline is click bait for sure riding the wave of anti-PSVR sentiment that's running rife at the moment followed by "but oh we found the PSVR great when we reviewed it".

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Yes it will once the prices come down, the form factor is less obstructive and are like glasses and the visual quality is higher.

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Good points raised but should've not used the misleading click-bait headline. People aren't reading the article and focusing on the "gathering dust" part of the headline assuming it means gathering dust because it's a "gimmick".

The author raises points that some of the games are way too expensive for what they offer in comparison to regular 2D games.

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Caveat time. If you're in the market for a new TV and want a bit of proofing then the Samsung TVs on offer here are not so good if you want to take full advantage of 4K PS4 HDR and 4K Xbox One S HDR despite their impressive response times.

These TVs support HDR-10 but lack the Nits and wide colour gamut to fully experience HDR. Not bad TVs overall (and especially for the price) but do you want to cheap out now and miss out on what proper HDR can offer.

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You obviously haven't seen how she looks (fully made-up) in other interview videos. Check this one from ABC.

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Watch Dogs 2 is akin to what Volition did to Saints Row series when they made Saints Row 3 and beyond. I expect Watch Dogs 3 to be crazy super powers hackers delight.

SMH. I much preferred the darker realistic tone than a comical one.

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Nice cleavage shot.

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On the reef quite frequently these days isn't he.

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The body thinks you're moving when you're not so it counters it as if poisoned making you feel ill (VR sickness). You really do have to train the body to overcome this and maybe one month on and off playing isn't enough for some people. The question raised is, do you have the patience to endure. I guess this depends on how badly you want the VR experience in your life.

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Uncharted 4 looks fantastic on my 4K HDR KS7000 TV with the PS4 Pro. However, the HDR isn't consistent and really depends on the scene. When it's in full effect then wow it's pretty intense on the eyes. So glad I got the PS4 Pro.

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