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Those cold eyes, beckoning tentacle face and charming grunts. Xur Agent of the Nine pleases some, not all. That's his gig. Until next time my friend. #1
An excellent must have game and massive improvement over the not so bad original. Death is simply an awesome character to play as and voiced pretty well by Michael Wincott. Although quite old now, this is a great download considering it's free. #1.1.1
Highly disagree with your stance Cgoodno. The point is, as an outlet the author should have enough integrity and professional judgement to know that his or her review is solid and ready for publishing. Once out in the wild, there should be no going back. Opinion is stated and verified.

As Morganfell has pointed out, in traditional media an Editor would oversee this process, but then Editors in gaming are not fulfilling the same duties or role as traditional news editors.
Dust: An Elysian Tale, until it goes horribly wrong. #1.1
Guide with just two Journals for two of the chapters? Obviously incomplete and a work in progress. #1
Could be interpreted as:

“Here’s some early buzz from a fellow co-worker. The game was so terrifyingly bad he had to turn it off after 20 minutes!”

J/king. #1.1
"4/10 is an unplayable buggy mess"

Ok then so what's 3/10, 2/10, 1/10?

How can you get worse than an unplayable buggy mess as you put it?

My take on the whole review scores thing is many writers use a different scale of 1-10 for each game. One moment being over generous, and the next overly harsh. #10.2.2
"More than a few months and less than a few years"... Great diplomacy of words right there. #3
Spreading the word like this is a double edged sword, as on one hand you're appeasing the cave dweller players yet on the other you're helping Bungie come up with a fix. #1
The Queen specific bounties are at the usual vendor and the quests are found on the Destination screen. #1.2
Capcom are obviously moving away from the stereotype glamour model lead character. #6.2
Dunno about you but Sam Lake always comes across as really smug. Not sure that's deliberate or he just really loves himself that much. #2.1
The link in the article isn't working for me, is that due to my region or they removed it? #3
Not sure I would agree with "Most Accurate" to be honest but still some good stuff in there. I've seen much better over at the official Sims forums where there's a dedicated thread. #3
Yes they do and I am living with one. I often wonder why I always back down in an argument to keep the peace. #1.2
Nah, that's just future batman. #1.1
Heart attack, until I read the 48 hours part. Talk about misleading headline. At least I read the small print. #1
Hehe, he can't be any worse than the previous Silent Hill male leads. #1.2
I did and it just said the account was terminated, but this was reported in another article on here earlier.

This article does not provide any actual evidence and its links don't work. #2.1.1
Interesting, but what about people solving the puzzle without saying the name? #2
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