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KI 3 plz do it Rare, i know it's coming

not interested in Japanese game ,unless it's epic RPG

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wow that was a great video interview

i'm soo excited about this game , i try to stop myself from spoilers .

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this is either photoshopped or IGN doing it for hits

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i watched this trailer from more than 30 time already

so much win in 1 trailer , i cried.

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this game deserve more

i can't stop playing , it's so addictive and fun

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looks like a reliable review to me

i guess the reviewer didn't like it

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i don't think anybody should be surprised by now , Halo will never end

it's too popular to end, keep them coming

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i already said it's fake, fanboys just don't want to accept the truth and they never will

Reach is a monster and in a league of it's own

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this review knocked HR to 87 in meetacritic

Friend Play = 0
Multi Play = 0

don't know why the obsession with multiplayer this gen

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right on time to play some HR
just got my trophies after sync with the server

glade it's all working good now , i almost freaked out

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i just said that and called a troll

just got back my trophies ,all you gotta do is sync with the server and they'll be back

finally fixed

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it's working now for me

yes it's back

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they just fixed it

it's all good now

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i can't tell the different honestly

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Global Crisis !!!

it's just started yesterday ,i wouldn't call it Crisis , how could a clock bug do all this mess

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i don't think anybody is Bit#hing it's just frustrating

i'll start bit#hing if sony said you lost all your trophies or didn't fix it before BFBC2.

as for now i'm cool

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Agree he's always wrong

this better be fixed right now and all my trophies better not be gone

one week would make me sell my fat and buy a slim


this got me since yesterday ,it's too late now

EDIT : i said this a long time ago , this is my only account here ,i wont say this anymore

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wait what !!!

does this mean my trophies are gone for good, OMG no just no

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this is very possible

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