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Yeah its all dependent of a user's connection and environment which is outside of a dev's control. The idea of a console is hardware consistency. Connection inconsistency is as good as hardware inconsistency for cloud gaming. #3.1.1
I don't think we should confuse the disappearance of a physical box meaning console style gaming will disappear, but the delivery format of games might move from a box you plug into your tv to a portable device that can be used anywhere or as a streaming service like PS Now. He's right in the sense that a console is essentially extra hardware you currently need to play these style games, whereas over time these capabilities might be built straight into phones, tvs etc.

I think exclusivity has something to do with it. Ultimately though, running on the source engine, and made by the origin IW guys, i think it felt too much like a CoD clone with a different skin than a new game.

The gimped player count didn't do it wonders either. It was clear it was originally a 360 game that was pushed onto the Xbox One. I remember rumours and stories about it from years ago along the lines of 'ex Infinity Ward devs creating Xbox exclusive shooter i... #26
If it was playable the the same way it currently plays itd be boring #8.1
Bungie brought the expectations and subsequent disappointment on themselves with stuff like that. Destiny can be summed up by this: its OK. #20
I think a lot of its success is the lack of PS4 and Xbone content at the monent. #3.1.1
Im disappointed, but still enjoying it in small bites. But forget the hype, it doesnt stand on its own as a particulraly interesting game. Its just a serviceable shooter outdone by others that have come before it.

Its just repetitive, and the story is horrible. Thus the motivation to keep going is supremely gimped. #1.5
Good point. I think the game will be forgotten by the vast majority of players who bought in day 1, simply because the game turned out to be pretty mediocre.

They flubbed the first game, burned a lot of early adopters by over promising and not delivering, and it'll be hard for them to keep this going like they want it to if the community just fades away out of boredom. #6.3
2014 hasn't shaped up to be a great gaming year so far when the two most hyped titles, watch dogs and destiny, have been mediocre at best. #31
Destiny is OK. Probably rivalling Watch Dogs as the most disappointing game of the year so far, given the hype it got. #19
it's called competition and its not unusual... #26
Maybe PS4 is native 1080p while Xbone is upscaled 900p or something? #3.4
the PS4 is on the right... #1.2.1
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Would love to know what mods you're using! I'm building a gaming PC for, among other things, modded Skyrim. It's going to be straight up EPIC! #3.1.6
it sucked plain and simple. it is just completely bland and 'soulless'. #10
Most people who played the beta will know if they want it or not anyway. I never played the beta, but I'll get it, mostly because there is not much on PS4 atm. #19
Not by a longshot. Great game, great story, but there are plenty of those. Tbh a lot of the time i wasnt having fun with it, felt like a bit of a hopeless grind at times by the nature of its story. I prefer more bombastic upbeat tales like uncharted in this type of genre. #56
Tbh i didnt follow gamergate, when did all these gender politics infuse themselves into video games? The article was right in pointing out games journalists are alienating their readers. Half of everything you read these days isn't about games at all, its pushing some pc cause or agenda. Games are to me supposed to be an escape from this sort of thing. #13
Here's a thought - Maybe these group could use their skills to help track down real threats to people, like the location of terrorists, who paedophiles are, etc. etc. #1.4.2
I hop all the vc bullshit does not return #8
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