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Won't make me consider buying hard line. #6
It's boring, the city is huge and detailed but still somehow feels vapid, the driving stinks and the gameplay is generally stiff and boring. #15
BF4 is still broken, so I won't be buying it, period. #1.3
$5 for 4 hours? $30 for 90 days? Wow this is going to be a flop with that price model. Why rent from them when $5 at the video store will get you the game for 3-4 days? #34
I'd love support for CDs and more audio codecs too - it'd be great as a HD audio player #34
I'm all for devs focussing on PS4, but compare watch dogs ps4 to GTAV and see what can still be done on old hardware. #8
Hahahah exactly! I don't care how it looks or previews. I've learnt my lesson from BF4. If you want to actually play a game don't buy BF. #1.1.4
No VC?!?! #3
Go play Battlefield 1942. #1.3
I think Ubi mean 'unsanctioned' review #11.3
I don't know why this game is being ported. It look great, but it wasn't really that good. Seems like wasted effort. #13
I played this again today for the first time in a long time and I remembered why I stopped playing. It lacks so many features and is hamstrung by its reliance on the online DRM stuff. This year was a real step backwards.

I'm done with this series for a while. It only sells because its the only viable basketball game. I hope EA can step it up. #5
I've been around a few corporate restructures and everyone who gets fired always claims they left on their own terms to save face. Nobody likes to admit to being fired. #7
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Breaking news: golf game says it's easy to develop. Gaming world unmoved. #6
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I half agree with you, but we would have more realistic expectations of what good graphics are if they showed final products to build hype instead of unrealistic target renders.

I remember only months before PS4/Xbone were released there were articles in the dozens claiming that the current gen was good enough and we didn't need next gen - but then we got reveal after reveal showing how much better graphics would be.

The industry sets the expectations of... #5.1
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Good review, generally agreed with how you felt about it also. I actually picked it up as a launch title on PS4 and didn't get past level 14 before I was thoroughly bored - I've already unloaded it on eBay.

CoD just doesn't do it for me anymore - still running the same engine, still giving us the same game, the differences between the titles aren't even skin deep anymore, they're shallower! #4
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That shouldn't be the standard though. We shouldn't expect that what they show us is nothing like the product we'll actually get. It's expectation management - they set our expectations high by showing a great reveal, you can't now turn around and say its our fault for believing it. If this whole reveal v current build is accurate then Ubi just plan mislead their fan base.

Don't over promise and under deliver is key part of any business relationship. #7.2
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hahahahahaha this has to be fake right? #93
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This article is just as bad, I still don't know the context of what was said, what polygon meant it to say and what he actually said. #23
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Hopefully their not spying on Skype too. #2
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