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Give us naked Super Mutants! #9
This click bait article shouldn't be here. It's got no content, just a paragraph about why we should read their review... #11
People say battlefield in a Star Wars skin like its a bad thing. #14
I'm only at 21% complete but so far I'm really enjoying the game and story. The story is just delivered very differently to other Metal Gear games. It's not cutscene heavy, so listening to the tapes is a must - and that builds on Peace Walker a lot but this time you can do it while free roaming the maps to build your army. I also like that because the tapes are there you can listen to them multiple times instead of seeing one cutscene, so I've actually found this story much ea... #4
lololol champagne comment comedy #1.1.2
It was until I sold it for the Metal Gear Solid V limited edition console :P #15
what a crappy concept. Just give us a complete game at launch please. #10
Please god no #66
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HUD opacity need to be an option - the HUD is so ugly. #1.8
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As someone who has spent a lot of time in Japan, I can tell you this makes complete business sense. The console and handheld markets there have been obliterated by mobile gaming. Where you once sat on the subway surrounded by people using Nintendo or Sony handhelds, everyone is now gaming on their phones.

Also, look at the Japanese console market - PS4 and Xbox One are making no impact there, sales are tiny.

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Well having gone from Gran Turismo 6 to Project Cars, I can say the AI is streets ahead of Gran Turismo. Where GT cars seem to be on rails, PC is a whole different story. I'm pretty happy with the AI. #1.3
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Americans don't get that trying to atone for racist backwardness of their own culture isn't a cross border obligation. Poland isn't the USA. Ergo, you don't need 'minorities' represented in fantasy games. #13
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Lol take it easy dude, you're on a gaming website, some of us think graphics are important too. We were supposed to get 'full hd 1080p' gaming with the PS3 and 360, 8 years later we're still getting sub-FHD games. It's 2015, it should be standard by now. #8
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Anyone else notice how he refused to answer the 1080p/60fps and just said it'll run at 60fps? It'll be 900p. #7
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I've been playing this game and it's far from a mess. I haven't really experienced many issues, although I've had a friend tell me his supposedly supported steering wheel is having issues. #36
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Freedom of speech gives a person the right to say things without being arrested. I wouldn't have a problem if they pulled this game, it wouldn't encroach any legal right. #1.1.10
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the only season pass I ever bought was battlefield 4's premium pass, and I regretted it. Totally not worth the price of entry. Nobody plays the DLC maps. #18
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what is going on at Konami? #13
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I think on console Rage was hobbled by its engine - the texture pop was extraordinarily bad and I couldn't get past it. #2.1.2
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what's that game that looks like Total War? #4
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