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Is this a satire? It's absolutely mental.

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I feel like I should be buying them up in Australia and selling them back to Japan - there's no stock problems here. Is there region coding?

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The 'time' investment would be no more that any other character.

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Globally it might be being outsold by 2:1 by the PS4 but it's nowhere near irrelevant. It still has a fairly decent install base. Wii U was the definition of an irrelevant console.

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"Reports are suggesting the Switch will barely churn out 1080p graphics to a TV..." so no different to Xbox One then. Zing.

I don't have an issue with it's relatively weak power. I can get fun out of games that don't sport the latest and greatest graphics. But if the lack of power again translates into a lack of third party support, that will be the Switch's problem.

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It's just like saying "I refuse to watch foreign films starring Chinese people because I'm not Chinese and they don't represent me" or "I won't play this JRPG because the characters are all Japanese". American race/gender/sexuality politics are toxic and they're starting to pervade everything.

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I don't know why this industry is so hypersensitive to the social justice mafia and their own hypersensitivity on sexuality and gender representation issues. Developers can't release a game these days without the 'twitterati' and gaming commentariat taking offence to the fact there aren't enough women, gays or transvestites in it. Things get negative attention these days for all the wrong reasons.

I mean, its not a huge deal - they throw in a mandatory ...

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teh cloud

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Aiden Pearce was a a forgettable character in a forgettable game. I'm happy their choosing to go with a fresh start because the premise has great potential.

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I've got to say that this game has gone completely over my head. I only heard about it a week ago and from the little of it I've seen it doesn't look appealing to me...

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exactly. sick of this constant american-centric 'need for diversity' critique of games. the rest of the world doesn't care about their race and gender politics. just focus on making good games with compelling stories please.

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The biggest thing standing in it's way is the stigma of putting something on your face that locks out external interaction. If I put that on and sat there gaming my gf would probably leave me.

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Second that - I think devs are trying to make world's much larger, but in turn they make less interesting worlds. I prefer a relatively more 'compact' open world that's very curated and designed to explore rather than bland mass of nothing.

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Dedicated gaming retailers generally have a harder time than mixed businesses - they need to operate on higher margins, which means worse prices. GAME already went out of business here in Australia in 2012. Console manufacturers haven't helped by competing against their own retail base with digital and larger department stores can afford thinner margins. It's a tough gig.

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Give us naked Super Mutants!

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This click bait article shouldn't be here. It's got no content, just a paragraph about why we should read their review...

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People say battlefield in a Star Wars skin like its a bad thing.

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I'm only at 21% complete but so far I'm really enjoying the game and story. The story is just delivered very differently to other Metal Gear games. It's not cutscene heavy, so listening to the tapes is a must - and that builds on Peace Walker a lot but this time you can do it while free roaming the maps to build your army. I also like that because the tapes are there you can listen to them multiple times instead of seeing one cutscene, so I've actually found this story much ea...

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lololol champagne comment comedy

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It was until I sold it for the Metal Gear Solid V limited edition console :P

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