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cmments like yours about sony always copying nintendo, upset and anger the sonFanpies ..

but in order to make themselves feel better they say: "mario maker copied little big pLanet" or the "nintendo has nothing to do with pokeMon GO". lol

when it comes to gaming, Do they actually believe that nintendo looks up to Sony, and not the other way around ?

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This is the second time that see sony aknowledge nintendo. First for wiiU having bunch of game changers, and now pokemon Go.

safe to say that Sony admires Nintendo .. .

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huaaa . (: pikmin games also at times cross the line .. .

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no more load times for veteran gamers .. .

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walmart is hiring

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khh .. .

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.. . ?

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its about their exclusives, not their iP's.

name me 1 PS4 exclusive. more -gore -, more (over the top) more BAD ASS than Bayo 2 wiiU. ..

how about a PS4 exclusive, more challenging than DKTF or more challenging more game changing than W101 .. . ?

Just name me a ps4 exclusive that is more popular online multiPlayer than Smash bros 4 .. . ?

you cant .. .

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big Boy .. .

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you: im rated M, for Mature .

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saLt ...

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no more water for you. stay dry ...

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many forget that the real reason the wiiU has slow but steady sales is because of its name. . .. wii-U . .
$350 tablet for my wii ??? .. .

my friends who dont follow gaming trend, all think same of wiiU . wiiU just an overly expensive wii add-on. ..
nintendo even tried to back up, and cLear things up to consumers, that wiiU is actually a next much more powerful system than wii. not just a wii peripheral. lol

while ps4 selling great ...

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Sony & Micro: "But, but"

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happy time for you

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The new zelda graphics have so much (unique) attention to detail, that nintendo will surely win awards (again) for best looking game ever created, my boy.

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Sony fanpie: "Nintendo NX best console made ? saLes will tell"

Microbot: "Nintendo NX copied Nvidea shield, so no NX wont be the greatest console ever created"

"Nintendroid": "Sony and micro look up to nintendo, and always will"

Gamer: "We all win, all us gamers"

Sony: "At the count of three, everybody say" (Sony is the best!) .. . 1 . . 2 .. . 3 .. . ...

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Then if it dsnt change or enhance gaming

if it plays like any other game in its class

and if UC4 looks really good but not imaginative nor skills

then that means that its graphics, just like every other photo realistic game, the graphics will become O U T D A T E D within a few years

O V E R R A T E D this game is .

10/10?. . lol . 8.9

either way . .

Uncharted ...

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yet realism is not talent. more like copy and paste, no ? exactly!

while nintendo exclusives, the graphics, after soo many years, are still looked uPon, praised, copied, haiLed and envied.

sony looks up to nintendo . not the other way around

guy bellow me is hurt by my facts ):


facts of pain

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