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bellow, you will find a group of thirsty goombas that mistake gaming with saLes.

Like saying that Justin Bieber is better than your favorite artist, just because he has more saLes ?

goooombas (:

Still waiting for sony or micro get an exclusive

that is more over the top

than Bayonetta 2, for wiiU.

p.s. Playstation 4 Sales figures wont change the FACT that wiiU is kicking ass with h...

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yes, nintendo looks up to sony ?


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nintendo sweats anything sony does ?


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nintendo is your daddy, too .. .

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Gravity Rush 2 is cell shaded ?

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but Breath of the Wild already does all of this, and more .. .

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Bayo 2! .. . Safe to say Bayo 2 is the most over the top game, this gen ?

Ps4 XB1 where you at ?

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purrty .. . almost like cell shaded .. .

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.. . ahhh schucks! .. . still looks cool .. .

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those grafiX! . nicely done .. . tricked me at first, though. Thought they were cell shade.
oh well .. . still looks rad

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i kno. im sorry

research it your Self .. .

not that yude wanna

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cLouds are huge deaL to me, in gaMing .. . gLad for you that you made yours to fLufF around .. . thanks

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so why care who soLd more ?

its a dVd player . back then dVd players were huge deal .. .

sony wanted to sell big.
so they add dVd player. ..

nintendi didnt care .

gameCube ruLed gaming, that generation
Sony sold more dVd players

yay for ps2 .. .

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GameCube sold less than ps2, because gamecube did not cater to the world like ps2 with built in DvD player. . . so when fantarts compare ps2 sales with gamecube saLes, GC is considered fLop. lol. . (whatever makes sony fanpies feel better)

still . Compared to ps2 exclusives

(gameCube has more memorable exclusives) than ps2. FACT

with (higher quality graphics (that aged great) FACT

a now (immitated controller) FACT...

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sssszzzz .. z z .. . z .. . . .. . Z

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Justin Bieber selling more albums than your favorite rapper, too. .. This means Justin Bieber brings more skills more taLent ? .. .



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thats true . they even took out the blueRay player .. . focused on pure gaming .. . like ninty

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still waiting for something to dethrone Bayonetta 2, over the top.

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SFZ is another Metriod Other M.. . Negative Cult Classic

Thanks to (overwhelmed goombas) .. . see below .. .


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The water looks really good, yet nothing i havent seen before, in gaming .. .

what is going on here .. .

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