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so . just because the ps4 has sold more consoles than wiiU, i should instead buy a ps4 ? LMAO

and according to reviews around the globe

the Niintendo wiiU has THE most


most beautiful

most unique

most gorey

most game enhancing exclusives

over a ps4 xb1


well . .according to the professionals . .

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ps4 awaiting greatness

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Nintendo introduced "headset gaming" years ago . . . . . your daddy nintendo

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yea . .bloodborn is cool . . i was going to get deep into that . . until i noticed that bloodborn is slapchop . lol

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ps4 and Xb1 still have nothing more creative, more imaginative, more gore, more OVER THE TOP, more bad ass than Bayonetta 2 < fact.

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khh . and that is why Nintendo wiiU has Donkey Kong Tropical freeze, a game that entered gamespots most challenging games ever created in the history of gaming list . .

then Bayonetta 2 . .

and nothing on any sony system or microsoft, is more gory more bloody than Madworld for the kiddy wii . .

If you stop being ignorant, and do some research, you will discover that Nintendo has had the most mature and challenging games ever created . and the...

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but is the Creative director still there ?

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No use adding your


of Sony

and Microsoft exclusives here in the comments, Sony and Microsoft fanboys.

WiiU over here changing and enhancing gaming,

more so than the Virtual Reality Headsets.

And still pregnant!




"but but ps4 is better more ultimate machine because has more saLes&qu...

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Can i transform into some sort of beast, in DMC ? and traverse the land at top speeds ? . .

can i summon a demon from hell to come up and break the enemy, can i do this in DMC ?

DMC is cool . .but yea . not completely same gameplay as Bayonetta .

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Mario is from a land you can only dream of = Infinite Creative Creation for Nintendo.

while Nathan Drake is from a land you can only do so much with, based in reality = Limited Creative Creation for naughty dog.

that is why Nathan Drake adventures CAN soon end. Just like GTA etc . .

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goombas that answered and fell for the trap, that this article is. lol

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Father walks into a Gamestop;

Father: "Hi, I'm looking for the BEST new console out rite now. I havent gamed in years. Out of the Ps4, xb1, or wiiU, which one has (the most challenging, most beautiful, most goreiest, most hardcore, highest rated EXCLUSIVES ?

Ps4, xb1, or wiiU ?

(Scared to get fired if lied to customer, the Gamestop employee spills the beans)

Gamestop: "Well, if you put it like that, the WiiU wou...

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Just like GTA games, whatever takes the least amount of imagination and creative force.

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Rated "A" for (Adult) is what smash Bros should be, now that the Butterfly Witch is in.

I would NOT want my kids to see.

For now they will play N64 smash Bros.

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Sony is cool too.

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Sooo, wiiU a great companion ?
Yara, quit stalking me. ;)

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Nintendo ain't done showing noobs, what the wiiU can really do. In terms of gorgeous graphics and gamepad usage.

NX will not come out any time soon . . if so, then NX comes at maybe very end of 2016, late mid 2016 .

for now, true gamers got wiiU.

WiiU already carrying some of the most beautiful most bad ass most challenging games ever created in the history of gaming < fact

and its barely 3

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thats true. wiiU was quite a mess when it first came out . . but now has "some of the most challenging, and best looking exclusives ever created", according to reviewers around the globe . .

tsss even sony gave Nintendo props for the wiiU . . . <<< look it up.

anyway . ps4 does not need good luck, it already has awesome games on the way . .

ps4 is like Vita right now, still awaiting greatness .

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