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Sony again praising Nintendo ?

1. Sony Praising wiiU for having a bunch of great exclusives, including Super Mario 3D World.

2. Sony Praising Nintendo for allowing pokeMon GO, saying that they too will KEEP ON persevering toward mobiLe devices.

3. Ánd now today, October 1, 2016. Sony; "This industry wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Nintendo".

I`ll say it again and again, (Sony and Micro l...

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Take them all out, nintendo.

Tiered of unoriginal contraband.

And may these copy cats one day practice the skill of creative force.

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Are you confusing gamePlay with saLes, again ?


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why compare nintendo with sony ?

like comparing Michael Jackson with Usher

p.s. gaming has nothing to do with saLes, as gameing has more to do with gameplay - fact

let sales figures pull you all deeper down the rabbit hoLe

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millions more PS4 sold .. . millions, and yet gamers rather play their wiiU or XB1. according to recent poll.

Nintendo is on track, boy.

wheather you like it or not .


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you mad ?

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Years and years, gamers excited for N64 emmulations!

Besides the original NES, the N64 seems to be (THE ) consoLe of most desire, for emulation .. .

not the ps1

not the 360

but the .. .




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anything with a blueRay player will sell.

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Shouldnt the PS4 be the most played, as it has the most GLOBAL saLes, by a land sLide ?

And how the fudge, is wiiU even uP there, if wiiU has the least saLes, out of the bunch ??

According to the chart, Most gamers are spending the most time playing wiiU/XB1

As if ps4 collecting dust ?

But Sony says "PS4 is the best place to pLay".


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eh ? . soo PS4 has the most saLes, out of the bunch.

And wiiU has the least saLes, out of the bunch.

And yet most gamers around the globe, are spending the most time playing wiiU ?

while ps4 collects dust?

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Im waiting for salteens to say that, "well most kids play wiiU, while PS4 aduLts are working".


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Perfect Dark




Super Smash Brothers

Jet Force Gemini

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What a bore

with the saLes figures . .. .

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Millions of ps4 soLd, and yet the most over the top exclusive this gen, Bayo 2, only for wiiU.

Uncharted Bloodborn are beloW Bayo, when it comes to OVER the TOP - fact

saLtyness will dissagree


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Sony (hires cLappers) to cheer for their casuaL gaming machines every E3 show, bro.

They are pathetic.

As a gamer, i still play all the goods.

yet Sony is False power.


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and yet, any ps3, xbox 360, ps4, xb1 exclusive, would be better more advanced on wiiU, due to the gamePad. according to reviewers around the gLobe.

will you let your salt pass to your veins ?

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