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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


only a noob would consider Conker to be micro's #1.5
some people are so stupid that they cant realize that every smash bros game is only different, not better .

the new smash has enough challenge as it is . .

gooombaaaazz!! #2
If a game like mario Galaxy cHANGES the gaming industry by introducing new physiques to gaming, then we have to give it props. Its a FACT that mario galaxies do just that.

Critics didnt give mario galaxy the Game of the Generation award just because they had fun playing it, they praised it because mario Galaxy evolved gaming.

nintendo is your daddy. get used to it :(: #1.3.3

but who is the goomba that thinks a game plays kiddy just because it looks kiddy ?


like can you name me one ps4 game more challengeing than DK Tropical Freeze ?

lol no . .you cant ..

Nintendo is your daddy naomy . . truth hurts ? :(: #1.1.2
yaiii! yippee for ps4!

lol have FUN with those saLes figures #1.1
they didnt . Bayonetta has the power to shape shift. This is just the hairstyle she wants to flaunt this time around.

According to THEM lol #3.2
too bad Rare aint the same company as when nintendo had them.

As soon as rare hit microsoft, Rare fell apart and the true Rare members scattered like roaches.

Rare needs a new name. How about Rear ? #1.1
wonderfulmonkeyman: If we're talking about what was on the show floor, the Nintendo treehouse presentations, with all of that gameplay instead of cutscenes, and new details on their projects as well as interviews with the developers of the games, was more than enough to earn them the accolades.
Three days worth, at that.

Nintendo won E3 get over it.

Just Bayonetta 2 puts anything sony and micro showed in the dumpster. Get used to it. #8.2
sure a few games can win a console war.

As a matter of fact, it only takes 1 game.

for ex: when noobs think of the Wii, all they imagine is kiddy games. yet there is no ps or microsoft EXCLUSIVE with more Adult Content and gore like MadWorld for wii.

MadWorld makes God Of War and Gears of War seem puppy.

so there is proof that just 1 game can put many games to shame and indeed just one game can have DRASTIC effect on a consol... #1.1
creative gore at its finest #1.1.1
the hell is wrong with him? the more gamePads the better duh . . #1.4
@ incendy35

try bayonetta and feel true gaming. #1.1.13
so what was announced first?

Vita TV

Nintendo TVii

Or Xbox TV ??

Which gaming company is the originals of gaming TV ?

Which gaming company is with the forgery here ???

Sega ?? #1
virtual Boy is reason for Oculus and lol sony Morpheus

nintendos just too far ahead of the curve with all this gaming stuff .

Power Gluvin since the 80's buoi #1.1
hi #1.12
and ?

you guys act like sales determine somethings glory.

OMG Justin Bieber outsold Loyd Banks last album < fact

does Justins sales mean he has more talent than Banks, just because he sold more ?

Sales ExPOSED! #2
haaa sucks for sony and microsoft then. they were PRAISING nintendo games just the other day < fact

so lol.

no matter how you put it Nintendo wins.

so sad for nintendo haters that no matter what, nintendo is your daddy :(: #1.19
except it controls like yoshi games

and is more challenging than epicYarn

and the list goes on .

- when enemies unravel, their yarn twists in and out of the background in addition to left and right

- sewing needles poke through platforms when you throw a ball of yarn at them

- Shy Guys are made up of loosely bundled strands of thread

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OMG E3 continues ?

this is awesome . . . #1.2
how long will you keep doing this console war thing before you join Nintendo ?

(: #1.5
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