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Attacking the kings of gaming is not envy. It is self defense.

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you and superchiller


salt brothers ?


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lol the salt

The Wii already proved that motion controls worked, and that motion controls enhance gaming, FACT.

well made

Wii exclusives,


proved this

my boy.

Do some research .. .or just shhh

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Nintendo already came in, and (((proved))) that motion controls enhance gaming - fact

I wont even mention the handful of Wii exclusives that naiLed motion controls




Do the research. Or stay goombas .. .

lol (:

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"It is no secret that Nintendo isn’t ruling the gaming industry anymore"

When goomba professionaLs confuse saLes, with gaming.


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Golden Sun NX

Golden Sun in general. Very special. Sales figures fall fLat


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deeper into the rabbit hoLe

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ugh . the saLes mentallity

but no, lol, nstead nintendo makes games as they feel pleased. not just to make saLes. with RARE exceptions

Anyway, this articLe falls fLat, when Nintendo already gots RPG's that bring in satisfied profits. SPECIAL RPG!'s like

(Golden Sun)


Fire Emblem

Bravely Default

. etc

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Mario of this gaming generation, is Baby Mario .. . all grown up, seee .. .

Mario of the late 1980`s, had a child = Baby Mario .. .

Its now 2016, Baby Mario is now 24 years oLd .. . ?

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Are you gonna be trolling every Nintendo articLe ? lol

i knew it, you smell like a saLty little SonyTroll .. . fanboy troll.

You mad just because Sony the other day admitted that this whole time, that they admire and look up to Nintendo .. . ?

Well tough luck .. . because nintendo exclusives, will always

every generation

KEEP on beeing

the MOST (((memorable)))


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At first i thought you were salty sonyfanboy, but after closer observation, i now know, you are goomba.

YUR gonna show me a list of games that nintendo (((CHOSE))) not to implement gamePad features ? how is that going to heLp you, if Nintendo already proved MORE THAN ONCE, that the gamePad enhances gaming. Smacking you in the face :(

you: "the gamepad failed to prove its point"



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At first gLance, this game looks like cel shading, but take a closer look and find this game not to be true cel shading... . bummer. . still looks purrty

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@phoenix. my boy.

admit that you used the wrong word to express yourself, regarding the gampad.

my list contradicts your negativity regarding the pad. . if it works, it works. failure can only be poor executions, (((ALL of the time.))) And thats not the case with wiiU gamePad. it workssss- factttt.


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@ phoenix, like you said, "failed", dsnt make any sense. nintendo used the gamePad when it was needed. Just because some of their exclusives went without any gamePad utilization, except off t.v. play, dsnt mean nintendo "failed", to demonstrate WiiU gamepad.

Fails, would mean that the gamePad execution was innapropriate, or poorly executed. There is none of that, here, my boy.

wiiU is ssick!

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Nintendo has not suffered significant losses on the Wii U. Nintendo has profited since day one, with wiiU. Also remember the software attach rates of wiiU ? yea . .. you guys make me want to barF.

p.s. .. . @ PhoenixUp Heres a list of wiiU games, that (((already proved))) that the wiiU gamePad enhances gaming and succeeds in its presentational execution;

1. Pikmin 3

2. Deus Ex

3. Wonderful 101


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"With the failure of the Wii U"

I thought Nintendo already said, that wiiU is NOT being sold at a loss, but rather wiiU is being sold at a profit.

.. . idiot, goomba written headLines

: )

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bro. nobody cares how many systems are soLd, except the confused "gamer".

thinking that PS4 dominates gaming because of its sales, is like saying that, Justin Bieber is better than your favorite artist, just because he sold more ? lol

besides, the polls are in, and gamers play wiiU and xb1 the most, ps4 came in at 3rd. So much for selling BIG

Nintendo once again, has more memorable more inspiring exclusives this generation. ...

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nit-picking, much ?


Still working there or not, Sony boss knew all along that Nintend0 was sony daddy, leader of gaming and inspirer .. .


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