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Platinum games knows how to treat both the wussies and the hardcore.

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the art direction of an average joe, in 1080p 60fps. looking good

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u h hhh .. . it looks polished, yes.

but it looks like another college project, too.

basic good looking art fLow, though

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soo many ps4 sold .. .


no Bayonetta 2

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because they waiT'n on the big N.

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Sony is special too

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How do sony and microsoft fanboys feel

when they come to the realization

that Nintendo are the leaders of the gaming industry ?

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Sony is cool too

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the game requires players to use the handy gyro controls only sometimes.

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Sony is special too

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you just exposed yourself to be a WELFARE gamer . (:

The pros have spoken

wiiU has more game enhancing

more challenging

more gore

more game changing exclusives than ps4

thats all im saying . speaking facts


you dont have to get all mad, and talk about things that dont really matter in gaming . lol sales and quantity of games ? .

Bloodborn is s...

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thats what i thought, boy

i for one have global reviews to back me up, keeping me up to date on what really is going on in gaming .

as for you . nothing worthy to say or back you up .

. just retreat back to your cave of ignorance . see how good that does you . .


wiiU less poweer, and kicking ass this gen < fact

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lol lol you mad because every ps4 hyped exclusive keeps RAUNCHING ? . or you mad because you just barely noticed the Bloodborne is SLAPCHOP kiddy ?





and the FACT is, that the wiiU has more challenging,

more beautiful,

more imaginative,

more creative GORE

more game enhancing exclusives than ps4 < fact


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Bloodborne is ((SLAPCHOP)) . kiddy game, is kiddy . CANT YOU SEE THAT ??? .

. . Bayonetta 2 puts every ps4 exclusive to shame < fact

TLOU is a great game, unfortunately TLOU is not creative son . lacking any sort of creative thoght = anybody could have made a game like that. soo 10/10 ?? LMAO . TLOU OVERRATED . . .

DKTF for wiiU . .made it onto gamespots most challenging game ever created in the history of gaming list . .


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Even if ps4 ends up having a bigger accumulation of great games, more than wiiU,

still the kings of gaming still Nintendo. . for their exclusives enhance gaming . .always has . .always will . .

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poor vita

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sony is special too


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neat . but i see these holo lense activities getting mediocre reviews.

great for children though

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ps4 sold because of number 4 at the end of "Playstation"

wiiU sold normal, because its name sounds like an add on.

wakie wakie

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