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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


the hell is wrong with him? the more gamePads the better duh . . #1.4
@ incendy35

try bayonetta and feel true gaming. #1.1.13
so what was announced first?

Vita TV

Nintendo TVii

Or Xbox TV ??

Which gaming company is the originals of gaming TV ?

Which gaming company is with the forgery here ???

Sega ?? #1
virtual Boy is reason for Oculus and lol sony Morpheus

nintendos just too far ahead of the curve with all this gaming stuff .

Power Gluvin since the 80's buoi #1.1
hi #1.12
and ?

you guys act like sales determine somethings glory.

OMG Justin Bieber outsold Loyd Banks last album < fact

does Justins sales mean he has more talent than Banks, just because he sold more ?

Sales ExPOSED! #2
haaa sucks for sony and microsoft then. they were PRAISING nintendo games just the other day < fact

so lol.

no matter how you put it Nintendo wins.

so sad for nintendo haters that no matter what, nintendo is your daddy :(: #1.19
except it controls like yoshi games

and is more challenging than epicYarn

and the list goes on .

- when enemies unravel, their yarn twists in and out of the background in addition to left and right

- sewing needles poke through platforms when you throw a ball of yarn at them

- Shy Guys are made up of loosely bundled strands of thread

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OMG E3 continues ?

this is awesome . . . #1.2
how long will you keep doing this console war thing before you join Nintendo ?

(: #1.5

my mind is still digesting Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo E3 footage wOw yessS! #9
pleasure to be imagining such glorious incoming TALENT #4
ha haa seriously though, there really is no blacks in Zelda games huh . . there mite be

or is it time ?

ha haa should i even be talking like this ? lol #1.15
ha ha haa . you guys are still acting like Sony won E3?

i mean just Bayonetta 2 gameplay puts both Sony and micro presentations to shame .

but whatever makes yall feel better lol #1.4
Bayonetta 2 trailer and new gameplay put both Sony and Microsoft shows to shame. So whats your point ? #1.17
Sony will never win if their daddy nintendo is in the game.

regarding sales ignore that, for gameplay and grafix determine a winner, not sales.

you guys seriously believe that Shakira is better than Tech9 because she has more sales ??

Please hand me the gun so i can blow my F***** brains out ! #3.4
so just because in april the wiiU sold less than x360 means wiiU is dead ?

or does the wiiU outselling ps4 x1 last week mean wiiU is your daddy ? #3.4
sony wOn? lol lol #1.16
if you watch IGN rewind theatre of the Zelda wiiU reveal, you can see that the graphics are a mix between TRUE cell shading and realism.

just take a look at that water.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
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