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i kno. im sorry

research it your Self .. .

not that yude wanna

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cLouds are huge deaL to me, in gaMing .. . gLad for you that you made yours to fLufF around .. . thanks

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so why care who soLd more ?

its a dVd player . back then dVd players were huge deal .. .

sony wanted to sell big.
so they add dVd player. ..

nintendi didnt care .

gameCube ruLed gaming, that generation
Sony sold more dVd players

yay for ps2 .. .

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GameCube sold less than ps2, because gamecube did not cater to the world like ps2 with built in DvD player. . . so when fantarts compare ps2 sales with gamecube saLes, GC is considered fLop. lol. . (whatever makes sony fanpies feel better)

still . Compared to ps2 exclusives

(gameCube has more memorable exclusives) than ps2. FACT

with (higher quality graphics (that aged great) FACT

a now (immitated controller) FACT...

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sssszzzz .. z z .. . z .. . . .. . Z

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Justin Bieber selling more albums than your favorite rapper, too. .. This means Justin Bieber brings more skills more taLent ? .. .



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thats true . they even took out the blueRay player .. . focused on pure gaming .. . like ninty

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still waiting for something to dethrone Bayonetta 2, over the top.

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SFZ is another Metriod Other M.. . Negative Cult Classic

Thanks to (overwhelmed goombas) .. . see below .. .


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The water looks really good, yet nothing i havent seen before, in gaming .. .

what is going on here .. .

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cmments like yours about sony always copying nintendo, upset and anger the sonFanpies ..

but in order to make themselves feel better they say: "mario maker copied little big pLanet" or the "nintendo has nothing to do with pokeMon GO". lol

when it comes to gaming, Do they actually believe that nintendo looks up to Sony, and not the other way around ?

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This is the second time that see sony aknowledge nintendo. First for wiiU having bunch of game changers, and now pokemon Go.

safe to say that Sony admires Nintendo .. .

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huaaa . (: pikmin games also at times cross the line .. .

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no more load times for veteran gamers .. .

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walmart is hiring

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khh .. .

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.. . ?

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its about their exclusives, not their iP's.

name me 1 PS4 exclusive. more -gore -, more (over the top) more BAD ASS than Bayo 2 wiiU. ..

how about a PS4 exclusive, more challenging than DKTF or more challenging more game changing than W101 .. . ?

Just name me a ps4 exclusive that is more popular online multiPlayer than Smash bros 4 .. . ?

you cant .. .

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big Boy .. .

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you: im rated M, for Mature .

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