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more than Tesla ? .

Nintendo to surpass the Bilderbergs

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but still, Zelda wiiU bosses must be as big and as BAD as GOD Of War 4 bosses, if nintendo dsnt want to get overShadowed this coming year.

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big Boy

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Sorry "competitors", but you are conducting business on Nintendo's l a N d.

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multiPlayer is dope.

Campaigne is soSo

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Sales figures gots people perception of gaming all screwed up.

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lets not kid ourSelves . nintendo showed that a double screen, immerses players in a unique way, as proven by various intuitive wiiU titles . .

forcing no bueno, though, but yes do give us the automatic freedom to partaKe in gyro/gamePad whenever we pleese .
. .. and if we have to sometimes, then we have to .. .

like seriously nintendo, i wanna (motion Swipe) that long fresh lush beautiful looking grass of Breath of the Wild .

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or gamePad 2 .. . ?

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This paper mario will not be RPG like other installments, according to nintendo. Color Splash is now action adventure.

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Yet not even Uncharted 4 tops Bayonetta 2 wiiU when it comes to over the top challenge, gore, unique graphics, awesomeness, etc. :)

because anybody can make a great game like UC4 . not much use of the creative mind in Uncharted 4, now is there ?

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Pikmin 2 GAMECUBE had a real looking Avocado to collect, and other photorealistic collectibles, putting that hardware to really good use.

What of pikmin for NX ?

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Sony: "but but"

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We all know that we can cut trees down. But rumour has it, that felled trees that fall on water will stay a float, and that players can then board that floating tree to make it across ?


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Even Micro and Sony look up to Nintendo.

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Alls it took was that Nintendo NX hardware rumor of being stronger than ps4 for sony to create Neo.

Time to lead your own way no?, Sony???

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The hype of 7years from now.

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sony and micro look up to nintendo - Fact.

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