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stop nitPicking

gaming kings will always be admired and respected.

according to Sony, sony says that they admire and look up to nintendo.

so nothing of what you mentioned, will change the fact, that nintendo still has and always has had the most gory, most memorable, most challenging, most beautiful, most inspireing exclusives in gaming, regardless of saLes or policies - FACT

nintendo dominates gaming. Disney of gam...

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jus saying

fact is

more people around the globe, even though they have a ps4, rather game on their wiiU's .. .
is all im saying . .

no fanboy . just facts

ps4 is good . . but lacks high re-play value

wiiU kicked ass .. and now it moves along

time for NX .. .

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Super Smash Brothers on the wiiU played more, more than any ps4 exclusive. round the gLobe

including mario Kart8, more than any ps4 exclusive ..

wiiU more important han ps4. fact . lol

ps4 no rePlay value :(

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mcDonalds is now hiring .. .

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uh . yyeah . lol

wiiU exclusives have higher replay value than PS 4 - fact

try again, troll?


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Is that why thousandths of gamers took a poll, and even though all of those thousandths have a PS4

they say they rather game on wiiU more than PS4

even though

millions of millions people have more PS4

They choose wiiU


PS 4aiL


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and you wonder why you flunked 3rd grade .. . :)

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Im sorry you missed out on THE best exclusives this gen.

Even Sony gave Nintendo props on wiiU exclusives .

Look it up

WiiU kicked ass, and now it's NX turn

RiP wiiU

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lol wiiU 2016

SFZ tho

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exclusives at launch is good news for a gamer.

but cater to the whole world, gamer or not by adding DVD/blueRay, like sony, and sell even more than exclusives ever can.

saLes are meh boring talk .. .

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater ay ?

. . due to small 3DS screen, and lack of analog stick, Snake Eater on 3DS, suffered gameplay.

getting 8.5 everywhere .. . instead of 9.9/10 for awesome porting and 3D enhancements .. .

The NEW 3DS XL fixes all of those restrictions .. . :-)

poor vita

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Remember to add Resi 1 REMAKE

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Ocarina of Time

And that one fight with Killer Croc. .. sewers

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Which is more sicker .. .

Golden Sun

.. . more badder

Bravely Default,

Final Fantasy

Chrono Trigger,


Fire Emblem .. .

.. . which ?

Golden Sun ?

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dear sony .

more peeps rather game on the wiiU's.

According to a Gamers Poll.

more so than your ps4 ..

why ?

We all (love) your exclusives too, Sony

but as you can see

.. yeah .. .

just stop trying to battle against nintendo ?

and join them

instead .. .

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name me one ps4 exclusive, that will age well, in these times of "reaLism". .


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whiLe ps4 collects the most D U S T out of the 3



.. .

.. .

. ...


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the polls are in :(

most gamers that took the survey


that they

spend most of their time

gaming on


more than ps4



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heh heh the ps4.


wiiU came to an end, and great ps4 still could not outshine wiiU exclusives . ..

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your saLt talks louder than ps4's three only good games .. .
ha haa haaa


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