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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


Heres my question: why does a modern game like TLOU running on a system like PS4, PS3 (look) less power, less talent than an old Gamecube game ?



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Not bad Naughty Dog, not bad.

Now see Gamecube power:


... #1.1
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awwww . .sounds like the author of this article is butthurt/envious at the FACT that a wiiU offer higher quality, more challenging games than a ps4 and xB1 combined.

it must suck to be a sony and microsoft fanpie in Nintendos world. :(: #1.3
ummmmm . . i just came back from playing Resident Evil 1 for the gamecube, maybe thats why The Last of Us looks ps2 .

. yep yur mad at the FACTS that I used to prove you wrong regarding sony and nintendo and Bayonetta. sony in it for the sales, nintendo not lol blocked me to shield you from the truth :(:

but at least today you are correct .

Sony = king of consoLe sales

but nintendo = kings of gaming

truth h... #8.1.1
-- Reported by the community --
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and in Infamous Second Son, for the all mighty ps4, when you step on a puddle, what happens.

lol #1
dude . . The Last of Us only gets mentioned once in this Article.

While real games like Mario Galaxy, Batman Arkhym Asylum, get multiple mentions .

Either way .

these are the real winners of Last Gen.

1. Super Mario Galaxy (series)

2. Uncharted Series

3. Red Dead Redemption (online)

4. Super Smash Bros Brawl

5. Bayonetta

6. The Last Guardian
you guyzzzzz, ha. so silly . .

if only gaming was about saLes . but its not.

Gaming is firstly all about gameplay, then the overall quality of the project.

Gaming is not about how much a product sold lol. too much sales figures round these parts.

Nintendo still in first, sony second, Sega in third, and micro innnn #1.7
Sex in v. games is for Mature players ? lol

this is more on the line with what teenies get excited over ..

just like GTA .

easy violence, easy games, for kids, who are easily entertained. #2
princess zelda homie. not queen #2
LMAO . Sony L I A R S .

N O B O D Y in a healthy state of mind believes sony any more .

just the other day sony was caught F A K I N G their fame with silly FAKE APPLAUSES of their own show by using P A I D FAKERS to applaud for them .

and now this with the "High Volume" lol lol

Its like SOny cant stand Nintendo and their T R U E fame. because just the other day, Nintendo servers really did get clogged when Mario... #1.15
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and you wonder why you flunked 2nd grade

these are the (coming soon) wiiU exclusives.

1. Human Element

2. Bayonetta 2

3. The Unlikely LEgend of Rusty Pup

4. Road Rash 10

5. Sonic Boom

6. Knite & the Ghost Lights

7. SpLatoon

6. Devil's Third

8. Super Smash Brothers 4

9. Gun Lord
Sony, in it for the sales.

Nintendo, in it for the games. #2
PS4 is the consoLe of choice for casuaLs.

WiiU is console of choice for the hardcore.

Although, what is a true gamer with just one console.

Get them all! #1
shese a clone of the Melee and Brawl Marth, as the Marth in the new smash has changed .

me like #1.4
Name me one exclusive on the ps3, ps2, ps4 that is more C R E A T I V E L Y MATURE than Madworld. (:

Name me one sony exclusive that has more U N I Q U E gore than Madworld.

Just one, name me one game that contains more O R I G I N A L ADULT content than the commentators in Madworld .

lol . .the wii, more Adult than the ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 combined . .

sony with these God of War, gTa, TLOU, etc etc, just not enough gore and cre... #12.5
cool read . seems like Nintendomination will continue strong into the future. #1.4
the gamePad is K I N G . .

imagine when the pad goes cLoud and you can take it with you wherever, online and ready to rumbLe! #1.1
ha haaaaa C. Falcon moving like he should . .

he is sso sssiickkkk! #1.1.2
These Hyrule Warriors minus well just fight against Goombas. #2
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