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soo many ps4 sold .. .


no Bayonetta 2

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because they waiT'n on the big N.

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Sony is special too

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How do sony and microsoft fanboys feel

when they come to the realization

that Nintendo are the leaders of the gaming industry ?

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Sony is cool too

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the game requires players to use the handy gyro controls only sometimes.

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Sony is special too

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you just exposed yourself to be a WELFARE gamer . (:

The pros have spoken

wiiU has more game enhancing

more challenging

more gore

more game changing exclusives than ps4

thats all im saying . speaking facts


you dont have to get all mad, and talk about things that dont really matter in gaming . lol sales and quantity of games ? .

Bloodborn is s...

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thats what i thought, boy

i for one have global reviews to back me up, keeping me up to date on what really is going on in gaming .

as for you . nothing worthy to say or back you up .

. just retreat back to your cave of ignorance . see how good that does you . .


wiiU less poweer, and kicking ass this gen < fact

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lol lol you mad because every ps4 hyped exclusive keeps RAUNCHING ? . or you mad because you just barely noticed the Bloodborne is SLAPCHOP kiddy ?





and the FACT is, that the wiiU has more challenging,

more beautiful,

more imaginative,

more creative GORE

more game enhancing exclusives than ps4 < fact


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Bloodborne is ((SLAPCHOP)) . kiddy game, is kiddy . CANT YOU SEE THAT ??? .

. . Bayonetta 2 puts every ps4 exclusive to shame < fact

TLOU is a great game, unfortunately TLOU is not creative son . lacking any sort of creative thoght = anybody could have made a game like that. soo 10/10 ?? LMAO . TLOU OVERRATED . . .

DKTF for wiiU . .made it onto gamespots most challenging game ever created in the history of gaming list . .


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Even if ps4 ends up having a bigger accumulation of great games, more than wiiU,

still the kings of gaming still Nintendo. . for their exclusives enhance gaming . .always has . .always will . .

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poor vita

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sony is special too


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neat . but i see these holo lense activities getting mediocre reviews.

great for children though

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ps4 sold because of number 4 at the end of "Playstation"

wiiU sold normal, because its name sounds like an add on.

wakie wakie

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Sony glove controller patent?

Been glovin since the 80's

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staLe ? LOL 😏

Super Mario 3D World for wiiU



sequel to

Super Mario 3D Land, of 3DS.

this article

compared 3D World




mario games

like gaLaxy,

and Paper Mario.

mario is still super, this article is the one that is off

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World 5 ?

leaving him with 50+ more unique, harder and creative levels.

(50) (+)

He Judged to soon ?

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