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hope they having fun

still not interested .. .

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metacritic fools you ?


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yaWn .. . for me

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The fact is that, Sony and Microsoft look up to Nintendo.

And always will.

end of story.

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frantic button presses and joystick flicks during bed time gets loud.

ha haa. maybe some rubber linings. lol

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Quieter controller buttons and sticks


WiFi standards



Upgradable hardware

GPS locator

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Nintendo NX wont be as strong as Ps4. And thats the point.

The big N likes to show the world the (prettiest most gorgeous) never before seen looking graphics of creative force, streaming out of a (L E A S T powerful) system than the "competitors".
(((As has been happening all these years)))


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witchcRaft i tell ya

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SFZ a mistake ? . not for me, and hundreds of thousandths of others.

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Other M is freaking rad. (gameplay) (sound track)

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not that the game is bad. but only a lteen would find this game interesting. till he gets a cLue

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sir. the game is what it is. Not what you wish it should be.

Its more of an activity than anything else. U N D E R S T A N D

your point of view of pokemon Go, is a little selfish and ignorant, no?

khh :)

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pokemon Go is obviously a casual gaming experience.

Sun and Moon are on their way .

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good for you sony. lol

Now bring us a ps4 exclusive that is more over the top, more gore, more challenging, or as (bad ass) like Bayonetta 2, wiiU.

Because once NX comes out, if ps4 still cant outshine wiiU exclusives, then wiiU kicked your ass, and NX butt kicking continues!

Seriously though. haa. Bloodbourne has cool sharp blades, yet they deal noo cuts nor scrapes ? bloodborne is cool, but it really is kiddy SLAP CHOP. FACT .

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But the ps4 has sold more than wiiU. Ps4 sales must mean ps4 exclusives are more full of spark, than wiiU exclusives.

No ?


please sLeep

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still waiting for ps4 exclusives to top wiiU exclusives

and im not talking saLes


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Knowing but not doing is not knowing.

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Pretty much Sega VS Nintendo. And not the other way around. lol

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Negative views wont change a thing

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