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uuuuuu . yur the biGboy .. . :)

seriously though . speaking of kid games . ha hhaa . in Bloodborn, sharp blades, dont cut .. . lol

: )

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And yet, it has been revealed that most gamers play their wiiUs more than they play their ps4's.

And now the Nintendo Switch is the definitive place to play any 3rd party game, rather ps4K, due to special features and advancements that ps4 xb1 cant handle.

p.s. see below for a build up of saLt.

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May you always have fun, playing games from your basement.


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stay up to date, cus daYum.

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Switch versions of your favorite 3rd party games will be definitive experiences. not ps4K.


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The gloomy yet exciting fact is, that because of Switches unique features, any 3rd party game will be funner played on the Nintendo Switch, than if played on ps4. FACT. . make room fir the Switch!

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REd Dead Redemption 2 , Nintendo Switch versio = onLine Gyro sniping ?

and it rumbLes ?

Rockstar, we would all choose Nintendo version of Red Dead Redemption 2 over the Ps4K.

thank you. bLess you

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NS best line up, ever ? ..



Red Dead



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Because nintendo really cares where sony and microsoft stand .. .


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what a goomba, at his age .. .

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Sony wont want to be left in the dust, so like always, sony will compete.

.. .

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but they forgot to capitalize on the idea, which by he way, aint creative at all. i would say, that the switch is snazzy.

Any way. make way for the NS.

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the wiiU gamePad inspired all of those designs you talk about. and PLEAsE, the new Nintendo Switch, is easily computabLe. Anybody could hve come up with the idea of detachable controllers etc. .. Nintendo though, they were the first to capitalize on that idea.

With the NS, nintendo will now carry the torch of definity. .. . nice try tho, articLe Man.. . (:

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The new Nintendo S, fun times ahead ? the only thing that would be really disappointing to me, is if the NS cant handle current 3rd party support . i want Red Dead on the Switch! .

And that games solar sun effect is hottt!

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WHY PETITION FOR PC VERSION ?? .. what matters is that, RDR2 instead, needs to come to the Nintendo NX .. .

If Red Dead Redemption 2 ever comes to NX, it will have (unique new and advanced NX abilities that PS4 or XB1 cant handLe.

make a petition for thattt


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Sony will keep looking up to, competing with, and imitating Nintendo .. .

wheres the threat in thattt .. .

khh (:

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Red Dead Redemption and the Nintendo NX are both scheduled for a “fall 2017” release!

(((R.D.R. 2 on the NX = Definitive Edition))) .. .

If Red Dead Redemption 2 ever comes to NX, it will have unique and advanced NX abilities that PS4 or XB1 cant handLe.

.. .. .

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saLes ?.. . lol

So, then, compared to your favorite artist, justin Bieber is The "winner"?

Because of his greater sales ?

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