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the sad thing is, pathetic rather, is that the all mighty ps4 cant even handLe a flop of a game like SFZ, due to PS4 UNORIGINAL hardware. lol

Nintendo still leading the way.

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The game is rad. Though it offers motion controls, people become so overwhelmed by them, that they over see that SFZ can actually be played like teaditional SF. I use the game Pad only for precision aiming, in full 360• . And its rad . SFZ 8.7/10

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Uncharted, GTA 10/10 ?
compared to games like Bayonetta 2, where imagination and graphics are unique.
Dsnt make sense GTA Uncharted 10/10, when fantasy games like Bayo really show you what the mind of man can really do, in terms of over the top imaginative creation. .

In reality, Uncharted 4 more like 8.9/10.
because great but copy and paste graphics, and lack of fantasy. = minimal brain use. FACT

With that sai...

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you obviously dont have the game. In reality, SFZ = 8.7/10

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The game is what it is. Not what you want it to be.

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Im hearing many people complaining and dooming Nintendo, for only showing Zelda at E3, and not NX.

Well to be grateful, im excited for E3 because for sure we get a (new trailer) and NAME for the newest zelda!

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only those that became overwhelmed by this game are the ones that whine and complainin.

i hardly use the gamePad, or motion controls, i play as i pleese, like oldschool starFox.

still not done with it. so far. Star Fox Zero 8.7/10

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Dont worry, soon the ps4 will catch up to wiiU in terms of high quality exclusives. 4 years in, lol

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the controls are fine and aiming motion controls do not feel forced, rather feel like an option. The game gets funner and funner, and is quite a challenge.

Not sure what the prob is with negative reviews of SFZ. Maybe they felt overwhelmed ? Well thats a choice!

SFZ is so good. 8.5/10 for me

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was referring to the author of the salt article. (:

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another PS+ user

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im not struggling . but am being challenged in a brand new way!
liking it.

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glad to hear and read that MOST reviews for StatFox Zero, mediocre and good, say that the controls arent a problem, though are something new to learn.engaging .. . includibg the coOp is fun. .

unfortunately SFZ it leaves you hungry for more, short game, but with not much re-play value.


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the new to your brain, yet game enhancing aiming controls of the gamePad in Starfox Zero, according to most mediocre AND great reviews all say that it plays new, like learning to walk, drive, swim etc. fun they sayyy

most reviewers said that. they did :) .


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uhhh . when enemies go off screen on your T.V. never to be seen, you can still blast them up on the game pad using the gyro aiming.

and if we read these SFZ reviews carefully, you will notice that they all say that the game pad controls are new to your brains, fun, but must be mastered.

obviously not intended for wussies!

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most good and great reviews of SFZ say that the controls are fun even enhance gaming, but are a challenge to master. like learning to drive a car for the very first time!

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whew!. from all the reviews ive read of SFZ, they all say that the game is fun, the controls are game changing but must be mastered, but that the game is short with not MUCH to offer after a while. . thankfully the controls work well, even enhance gaming!!

If you are a nervous ancy person, avoid this game.

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starfox Zero does not force players to use the gamePad, its only for precision aiming.

and what about games that proved the gamePad to enhance gaming, games like Deus X, pikmin 3, Splinter Cell, Splatoon, ?

you spoke too soon, huh my boy.

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Luigis Mansion NX ?

Nintendo will once again


the Unreal Engine 4 realistic looking, copy and paste graphics

with Luigi Mansion creative "toon realistic" art direction.

10x that of the gameCube title. 🙏

poor sony

poor micro

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Invincible mode is an "option"

Platinum games is up to something, no ?

Nintendo exclusives have always been THE most challenging games ever created.

poor sony, poor microsoft

Nintendo always ruling .

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