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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


Nope, sorry. After seeing this games cheap tricks of exploration, i dont want anything to do with this game anymore.

Ex: Im on a planet, and getting from the planet to outerspace only takes 5 seconds, without speed boost!? Seriously it does. lol

And theres also a ton of pop-up! #1
true gamers are waiting for:

1. Uncharted 4

2. Bayonetta 2

3. MK X

4. Smash Bros 4

5. Bloodborne

6. Arkham Knight

7. Zelda wiiU

8. MGS V

etc #3
daiiing . .

aware of this trend changing moment .

alive during such N I N T E N D O M I N A T I O N .

(: :)

Sony is bad ass too . .

. . microsoft yea yea too all alll


.. .

. . OMG

. a .

.. Blastoise

Amiibo . .

. . cant wait for that DK, Ganon the PIG A... #1.2
umm . the vita gave my friend Carpultunnel syndrome in his hands . #1.1.12
sony and microsoft are bad ass too. #1.3
nope, if it wasnt for the Virtual Boy, Sony would not be copying it, with their VR Headset for the PS4 lol . .

poor sony, trying to compete with Nintendo, yet all they can do is copy and paste, not bring anything NEW to gaming ..

I like sony and their exclusives, but when they try to compete with Nintendo even nowAdays when it comes to exclusives and gameChanging content= lol .

Nintendo is your daddy Sony . just admit it!

p.... #3.3
Been slaying giant spiders ever since the late 80's boys.

Get N or get out! #1.4
The first Tearaway for the Vita was something else!

Though i have become very busy in the real world, so i can only choose one game to play, and back to work i go.

Tearaway 2, or Yoshi's Wooly WOrld ? hmmmmm . .

Since Yoshi wooly World will be a tad bit challenging or so Nintendo has stated, and Tearaway will probably not bring a challenge like the first one, thennn, i choose Wooly WOrld!! #1.2
Im so happy with the wiiU gamepads volume! ad Rumble!

the day the gamePad goes cLoud .. . #2
Sony and Microsoft, with all their new "next-Gen" titles:

Heroes of the Storm

The Evil Within

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Order: 1886

Far Cry 4

Ori and the Blind Forest

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Sunset Overdrive

Dying Light #1
If you cant take the heat, dont blame the characters!

Im so F'n tired of hearing that characters are unbalanced.



are unbalanced . step it up, or GTFO haha! #2

Nintendo always with the best graphics! #1.1.3
start making games for the PS4 #1.1.18
sure it is . . most of my friends thought wiiU was just the tablet . stores world wide also think wiiU is just a tablet . .

just face it . the whole world thinks wiiU is a wii peripheral .

while ps4 only sold well because of number 4 at end of Playstation ..

now on certain facebook groups, people are selling their ps4 due to lack of great games . and they be asking for wiiU's . sony exclusives RAUNCHED .

ps4 leading the... #1
hahahahaha haaaa!!!!! . .

If you guys seriously think that the console with the most (sales) is the one in the "lead" when it comes to G A M I N G then .

ahhhh! . ahhhhhh! haaa haaaa! haaaaaa haaaaaaa!!! . .

PS4 in the lead with the most sales.

wiiU in the lead with better higher quality, more CHALLENGING, more IMAGINATIVE more HARDCORE exclusives.

and neither Bayo, nor Zelda, nor Metroid for wiiU a... #1.1.7
Not much replay value eh .. .

then why perfect scores ? #1
OMG! . thinking of such a thing just the other day.

Perfect for smash bros 4! #2
60 fps! #1
Nintendo leading the way ever since.

Funny how competitors like Sony and Microsoft try and try, but cant out compete the kings when it comes to gaming. #1
I was correct all along.

The planet thinks wiiU is a peripheral for the wii.

PS4 sold well just because of the number 4 at end of playstation < fact .

And now the PS4 is kicking wiiU's but in saLes.

And the wiiU is destroying the PS4 with more challenging, higher quality, more nextGen playing games .

WiiU is kicking ass! #1.2.1
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