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Out of the 17,000 adult gamers that took the poll

even though they all said that they have ps4

studies showed

that they spend more time gaming on wiiU .. .

Nintendo dominates gaming .. .

get over it

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Facts of pain ?

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!! Unmatched euphoria !!

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more humans have ps4 than wiiU


a recent Gamers Poll exposed that

gamers spend more time playing the wiiU ..

saLes are important

but gamePlay reigns supreme

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but according to a recent gamers poll, the PS4 is not THE place to play, like sony advertises.

Sure sony exclusives are some of the greatest exclusives ever made

But studies showed that Xb1, and wiiU are more addicting than ps4, according to the poll.

ps4 aint killing a damn thing, but their name .. .

going down as the geandest imitators this world has ever seen. ..

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The intimidated think in opinions. ..

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Take-Two owners of Rockstars already gave their concerns regarding the Switch.

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Early access to the bow and arrow aint gonn cut it for us Sony.

What we really want is for RDR2 to come to the Switch. More special gameplay.

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If utilizing all of the Switches unique features, RDR2 on the Switch would be a funner experience than on ps4K version, for few reasons. yep

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uhhh . Nintendo dominates gaming period. Fact

Sony dominates immitation and the casual market

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I for one felt like i wasted my time

after i played the campaign mode.

Cheesy no skills required, lame carriage missions .. .

multi player is where the replay value is.

not the kiddy horse sh** campaigne.

i get pissed just thinking about it!

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If you are smart enough to understand the concept here, then why try to flag a rumour article ?

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pleased or not, nintendo was ALREADY there in the 90's

Fastforward to 2016, and Sony not pleased with their VR headset reviews .. .


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tiny screen ? lol exaggerate, much ?

why people make it seem like ps4K darker shade of grey will make other games look BAD ? lol

When it comes to gameplay, the Switch will have the definitive versions of all your favorite 3rd partie games as it will have gaming advantages that ps4K wishes it could handLe

get used to it .. .


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sure, bud

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the polls came in . most gamers game on their wii U's more than ps4 .

poor sony . soo many ps4 sold . yet less gamers play on it


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Because a system that gives us endless possibilities and breaks us away from the confinement of our home, isnt for you ?

ba haa haa .

dont worry, we believe you.


little lying wannabe gamer, exposed!

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you said a Lie . that the Nintendo Switch isnt for you . lol

so pretty much freedom, isnt for you ? hha . okay budD .

whatever heLps you sleep at night .. .

little wannabe gamers

: )

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