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poor vita

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sony is special too


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neat . but i see these holo lense activities getting mediocre reviews.

great for children though

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ps4 sold because of number 4 at the end of "Playstation"

wiiU sold normal, because its name sounds like an add on.

wakie wakie

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Sony glove controller patent?

Been glovin since the 80's

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staLe ? LOL 😏

Super Mario 3D World for wiiU



sequel to

Super Mario 3D Land, of 3DS.

this article

compared 3D World




mario games

like gaLaxy,

and Paper Mario.

mario is still super, this article is the one that is off

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World 5 ?

leaving him with 50+ more unique, harder and creative levels.

(50) (+)

He Judged to soon ?

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So you admit that you quit the game too early to even judge it properly .

Thats equivalent to saying, "i went to disneyland for only 30 min, and the whole park sucked"


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Reading engulfs players @ a deeper level, and does not affect gameplay.

So Voice in zelda, would only decrease its presentational value.

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A standard ? .

yep, a standard for all copy cat drones, who dont think outside the box.

Zelda games, have always been reading adventures. And reading breeds new neurological pathways.

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poor sony

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How can it be

that number 7

HOW can it be, that number 7 game shown in that list

looks more beautiful more art skills


than all the games shown

if it runs on less power ??

how ?


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Even though



hyped exclusives

RAUNCHED .. . except Bloodborn

ps4 the biggest failure in gaming history
when it comes to (gaming)

even though ps4 exclusives, meh

im hoping Uncharted 4 lives up to the hype .

and The Last Guardian. those 2 will be my "system sellers"

please sony, stop screwing up


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nopp . .nintendo has been using motion controls in gaming before ps2 was even announced, heck even ps1 . .

(((Kirbys Tilt and Tumble))) Gameboy, son.

Nintendo is looked up on, by Sony, and Micro < fact

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Just because nintendo keeps getting copied

when they go first at E3

dsnt mean sony wont be original
one day

besides disc based software.

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which came first, faiLure or success .. .

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lol this site makes a huge deal about "sales", more so than "gaming".

((((ps4 needs games that actually live up to the hype))))

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lol . . when a game like mario, keeps throwing NEW experiences at you, including new ways in which to ENGAGE in the virtual world, then it dsnt make sense to say that people get tiered of it, correct ??

tiered of what, NEW ?

a true hardcore gamer will get all great game changing exclusives from all systems, no ??

its a fact that nintendo dominates gaming,

and keeps dominating till this day

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( :

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If you dont like something, then prove why it is lame with SPECIFICS that actually matter in gaming.

(((Even sony gave nintendo props on wiiU being such a fun machine))) . . look it up

reviewers around the globe

and professionals

say that the wiiU

has THE most


most beautiful looking

most IMAGINATIVE exclusives this gen

. . so i...

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