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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


These Hyrule Warriors minus well just fight against Goombas. #2
my chest #1
Sony and Micro feel the same way about nintendo . . they just dont want to admit it . #1.2
I smell Blanca #2
search for a craigslist page on facebook near your area and be bombarded with ps4 offers like crazy .

non gamers selling their ps4's on facebook for $350 after being let down with ps4's non greatness.

No wonder ps4 is struggling in japan . ps4 has no gameChanging exclusives yet .

G R E A T N E S S . A W A I T S! . . #2
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lol @ those bellow me trying to act like Bayonetta 2 wiiU dsnt interest them when one can summon a huge King Coopa fist from out of thin air to bust faces haaa #1.1.2
why is this even an articLe?

Sony and Micro feel the same way that Ubisoft does about nintendo . . they just dont want to admit it . #1.2
when dealing with video games.

1. controller comfort

2. gameplay

3. graphics & story

FACT #1.2
cooool #3
most zelda fans round the globe didnt even vote in this little survey of prob less than 800 #1.2

ha haa #1.7
Popeye, rayman, blanca, and mickey mouse incoming #1
4/10 #6
the wiiU is dry yet nintendo servers are clogging up with mario kart 8 online . ah . .


ps4 . so many games, yet still awaiting greatness :(:

wiiU already so sssiiiickkkkk! #1.3
gaming IS nintendo < duh #1.1
Zelda games is reading adventure . .

Reading actually helps you grow more neuro-pathways, remember the information better, and brings greater focus.

There is no valid reason for zelda games to go voice.

Maybe a new zelda game with a mix of voice acting and reading would work . #3.1
lol . . this game is overrated . . . dont get me wrong TLOU is a G R E A T game . .

but not a 10/10 . more like an 8.9 out of 10 due to lack of imagination, copy and paste graphics, and repetitiveness amongst other things like LAME a.i. and unoriginality, like again with the infected < fact

The Last Of Us = 8.9/10 #1.1
sony and microsoft trying to compete with nintendo when they aint even as cool as the Big N lol #1.2
gaming is not about sales lol

ps4 and microsoft lack masterpiece exclusives

wiiU is where its at right now #1.20
PS Vita No Longer Available at Major Retailers?

lol there goes sony FAKING it again, paying major corporations to tell L I E S . just like when they paid for FAKE C L A P S at that one event they had where they got caught faking their fame . .

PLUS, Vita is lame comfort with no masterpiece must have exclusives yet.

no true gamer is going to believe you this time sony sorry.

lol im sure the PS Vita is flying off the shelve... #1.6
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