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We all know that we can cut trees down. But rumour has it, that felled trees that fall on water will stay a float, and that players can then board that floating tree to make it across ?


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Even Micro and Sony look up to Nintendo.

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Alls it took was that Nintendo NX hardware rumor of being stronger than ps4 for sony to create Neo.

Time to lead your own way no?, Sony???

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The hype of 7years from now.

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sony and micro look up to nintendo - Fact.

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Sony won diddly. They dont even make games.

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Yep, some parts in the game do look trash. But other parts, well.

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But Sony PlayStation is "the best place to play"

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finally admits? lol. thats not what he meant tho.

the gamePad does not dissrupt in WW HD, it enhances, according to nintendo and reviews world wide.
same with Splintercell wiiU, Deus Ex, and Splatoon Pikmin etc. enhances gaming.

Aonuma reffers to something more specific. "action and multi tasking at same time is overWhelming"

sony fanpies make me happy, always jumping the gun. lol

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so i cant cut that lush long grass with wiiMote strokes, like in skyward Sword ?

boo nintendo :/ :)

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I did see some crazy stuff in the demo. Like Shield boarding down grass lands, (WHILE SNIPING)

And the build up of Kinetic Energy from a sledge hammer, that sent a 12 ton boalder soaring!

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well i hope Zelda wiiU offers nunchuck and wiiMote too, so i can cut that LONG grass while running, with (waggle motions). Just like in Skyward Sword.

The grass in Zelda Breath of The Wild, is just so long and plush and in my face, that Cutting the grass like That would feel rad here!

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yepp . zelda games really show off spectacular lighting effects. that would be rad to see.

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like beating G A N O N will be an easy task

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Sony: "Okay everybody, at the count of three, say, (playstation wins), and well give you a head band".



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No gameplay, no cigar

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i keep hearing EVERYWHERE that Zelda wiiU was the most special show at E3 2016.

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nintendo copied something it planted in the 80's ?

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when sony brings more gameplay, then they will win one day

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