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playstation is cool too

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Attuh boi.

I always knew you were smarter than you feLt

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720p will look bad, very bad.

The nX is doomed


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Switch is home consoLe

p.s. Do vita pSp even rumbLe ?


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The Switch cannot do 3D.

The 3Ds stands out on its own.

3DS unique software will hold its grown .. .

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sound like sony-only-pony. lol

the Switch rumbLes, and does so MUCH more

this second string app, does not


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you fell for it .. .


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damn microwaves .. .

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long ago, before SOTC, nintendo said to make bosses so big, that scaLing them would be the only option .. . hardware limitations

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Resi 4 .. . ANOTHER reason why the Nintendo gameCube had (the) most memorabLe exclusives, that gen.. .

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seems nintendo are the only ones taking this "gaming" thing serious.

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@ just_looken

pSp no rumbLe .. . :( .. .

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17,000 gamers took the poll.

all have wiiU

all have ps4

studies showed that those 17,000 gamers show the wiiU more love than ps4

not surprising!

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lol the Switch.

Ps4 pro will be better

because we can play it excLusively from basement .. .

and games on the ps4 pro will look much much better than Switch because they will have a darker shade of grey.

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The Switch ? lol lets back it up a bit.

Cindy-Rella. name me one ps4 exclusive, that is more over the top, more Mature than Boyonetta 2 wiiU . .. one ps4 exclusive.

lol there is none! ..

The wiiU came in and kicked ass, unintentionally.

So its pretty much guaranteed that when it comes to gaming, the Nintendo Switch, will disconnect the ps4 pro's head from its neck!

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What about justin bieber saLes .. he selling more than your favorite artist, too... so (((just because more lolipops bought his albums, this means That Justin is more skills))) ?

OMG justin is killing it!


ps4 has blue ray, and number 4 at end of playstation = saLes!

lol feather heads .. .

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17,000 gamers took the poll, not the whole planet

Out of those 17,000 gamers, ps4 came out in 3rd place, as the least played gaming system

ps4 is the least gaming priority of hose 17,000 :(

what dont you understand .. . ?

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Were not talking the whole world here, bud

more like 17,000

all have ps4

all have wiiU

wiiU came out on toP

not the ps4aiL

cry me a river :(

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