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holy seeds! . . i've been following close to road redemption . old fan of originals man tears good job wow the nitro boosting chain swinging fun . .

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you dont sound confused (:

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my 56 year old english teacher, she passed ocarina of time back in the N64 era .

i hope she is still alive to be able to see the kind of power nintendo's been playing with when she sees zelda wiiU . .

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you obviously did your research on the wiiU lol (:

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ha ? this Luigi stare situation even made it on the news.

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errrr . there is nothing wrong. that is just how you will have to play the game on a competitive level.

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Gamecube controller the most comfortable gaming controller ever created. period.

sorry sony, sorry micro.

facts of comfort.

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so, if serious customer comes up and asks between PS4, wiiU, XB 1.

"Which brand new nextGen system do you recommend i get, im looking for a system with amazing grafiX, Mature Content, u know, good games with a true gamers challenge?

some surround sound .

maybe TV integration?!

customer: "A system with seriously already more than FIVE brand new




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bam! another wiiU exclusive that proves just 1 game can sell many systems!

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ha haa easy to tell whn somebody is butt hurt.

obvious so obvious the article author has envy tward wiiU. poor guy

just because ps4 is collecting dust and wiiU causing internet jams as reported 2 days ago from all its glory :)

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As for me, i think the ps4 sold well just because of number 4 at end of Playstation.

1. ps4 has very few GREAT games - just Resogun. Infamous second Son is a beauty, but suffers with repetitive madness .

2. PS4 has no games with high Re-play value

3. ps4 launch exclusives RAUNCHED, disappointed.

4. i sold my ps4 .getting it back later when it gets higher quality games, game-CHANGERS! Better price by then .

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ah ha haaa . i read the article so lame, TROLLING FAIL . .

every reasons listed in this article for not owning a Nintendo U has Nothing to do with gameplay.

just a bunch of nitPicking


out of context scenarios in this article.

Lame reasons that can be exposed with gamer logic and gamer facts. .

Take a look at reason number one for not owning a wiiU, this is what it says;

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except every game they add NEW game-changing stuff that the previous game needed .so ha, you lose

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i smell blanca because megaman is Capcom like Blanca as well.

nintendo gave green flag for bowser to star in wReck it Raulf movie

. bowser sat next to them street fighters = blanca is coming to smash

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shouldn't the ps4 be the one crashing, why the Nintendo U ?

but but ps4 has SOLD more lol lol

i kid i play greatness awaits!

wiiU in the lead when it comes to higher quality games over the rest though

ps4 just more sales because of number 4 at end of playStation < fact

collecting dust

now wiiU is an underground bad asss

bayonetta aint even landed yet


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Not even LOZ: Links Awakening ?



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that gamePad . . its with me wherever i go. cLoud tech, wiFi tether oh my .. .

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are these (simple ports) of GOW, or are these TRUE HD remakes ?

or why with the 10/10 ??


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wOw this thanks!

all of a sudden eh!

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