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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


lol the only reason ps4 sold is because of the number 4 at the end on play station < fact

and what exactly are owners of ps4 playing right now besides Resogun?

lol sony

Nintendo is your daddy kid, get used to it #8.3
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nope . the new splintercell, Rayman legends, and the new Deus Ex human Revolution already proved the wiiU to be the superior gaming system over any sony, microsoft or PC machine because of the gamepad << fact . its already bee proven .. any game on the wiiU if made correctly is more immersive experience .

nintendo wins #8.1
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well the wiiU is a better choice over the new sony and microsoft gaming machines < fact

but since some fanboys want to feel good about something, they use sales as a tool to feel better <

just face it, the ps4 and x1 launch exclusives raunched < fact

ps4 = Resogun

x1 = .. .

wiiU = (:

lol sales #1
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how is Ryse the best looking game so far? . sure it looks cool, but there is no skill here whatsoever, no talent < fact

Ryse looks like something anybody could have made. No imagination, no brain work required just copy and paste realistic look that already existed in real life waiting around for somebody with copy and paste skills to imitate . .

WindWaker HD 1080p for wiiU on the other hand looks like real talent requiring more skills more art direction... #1.16
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wiiU, the little engine that already did.

ps4, the engine hat could have been, but still awaiting greatness.

x1, the engine that .. . #1.1
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deff overrated GTA V was

yude think im trolling too but, can anyone tell me what about GTA V is CREATEive? what about GTA V requires SKILLS to pass?

what about GTA V required Rockstar deep brain work? like imagination skills?

when exactly does GTA V look impressive art direction? it looks copy and paste to me, not much talent there < FACTOID

hahaa GTA games is nothing but easy violence drugs guns pavement hookers kitchen... #1.1.1
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2014! . . the year of the gamer #1.2.1
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I love how the twisted say that sales determines somethings glory . ha ha LOVE the malinformers .

knack sold more than mario world for wiiU, does knacks bigger sales mean knack is a better game than mario 3D world, a game already crowned with game of the next generation?

haha sales EXPOSED! #2.1
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Smash bros Team Battle!

Bonk & DK VS popeye & Bowser #4
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lol well sales will NEVER determine somethings glory, the VALUE will . plus the wiiU sold out walmart online and ha wiiU is doing good.

ps4, x1, and wiiU deals with Video Games. so the value in this case would be the comfort, then the gameplay, then the grafix, audio then lastly the sales to determine who reigns supreme.

with x1 and ps4 underwhelming launch exclusives, this leaves the wiiU with the most high quality exclusives packed with more gameplay more... #1.3
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Rosalina my friend. She is so caring only appearing in spirit form just to help you when you've FAILED more than 20 times in the Mario Galaxies ha haaa .

Rosalina is there to encourage you, to help you. And lets you know that she is there to give you tips, but not to do things for you . you go on and finish this level like a big boy, all by your self. Rosalina wont make fun of you for dying and dying over and over trying to pass those levels .

see you s... #2
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i think the reviewer meant to say 6-7.5 score. darn apple keyboards .

but if stale repetitive gameplay leads to greatness then this must be a dream right now, this review, along with YOU reading this comment ..

this cant be true. by the laws of CREATEivity and SKILL encouraging gameplay, this review cant be true . #1
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but thats the thing, a new IP does not guarantee new gameplay. take the last of US for example, new IP SAME gameplay. Veteran gamers are not easily impressed.

Just look at the new Mario world for wiiU, same IP, but NEW INVENTIVE CREATIVE never before seen gameplay mechanics.

Sony needs to stop trying to trick noobs by saying "we offer new IP's unlike the competition" . because a veteran gamer knows that new IP does not mean new gameplay. #2.1
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The smash bros games actually require more skill more talent more (concentration) to be able to win against another wise fighter, more so than ANY street fighter game < fact

I did not bring any facts nor proof for this statement, so my fact regarding smash bros being the most hardcore fighter games ever created will be seen as just an opinion (; #3
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nintendo will make Excitebike 64 online compatible for the wiiU gamepad soon . .

there is no missed opportunity . .nintendo already has us in the palm of their hand #1.1
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Nintendo already proved to game reviewers and owners that the new mario 3D world for wiiU is worthy of game of the generation, not just game of the year . utra high quality and inventivity creative skills this new mario game, miles better than anything found on ps4 x1 < fact . according to reviewers . .

so i dont know why you guys are so FOCUSED on the sales of things. ha haa

say Super Mario 3D World for wiiU sold only 10 copies, this means the game is no... #1
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are u on Tylenol?

the only reason the ps4 sold so many copies is because of the number 4 at the end of PlayStation < fact

"the wiiU is just a peripheral" is what most think.

and i'm loving how underground and how bad ass a wiiU gamepad is online etc . imagine once the pad goes cLoud . tsssss

. .
this article and you guys with the sales of things .

knack for the ps4 outsold the best ne... #1.3
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I played and passed Chrono Trigger while I was working as security guard. So boring with nothing to do but patrol and unlock doors at certain times of the day can be stressful.

With a walkie talkie in my hand to recieve incoming alerts, and me in the back seat of my truck parked far away from employee view I would play portables Chrono Trigger was one of them.

This game is more like 9.7 outta 10 . .

lol 7 outta 10? this reviewer is obviously... #2
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ha haaaa . . attack of the butthurts!

I'm loving it . .

all these sony and microsoft fanpies living in nintendos land are finally realising who really runs these parts . .

ps4 and x1 were supposed to have the best launch lineup in the history of gaming what happened?

The fact of the matter is that a wiiU has higher quality games that require more skill to pass, that look more next gen than anything on any new sony microsoft m... #1.1
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lol since when do SALES prove somethings glory? ha. everyone knows the only reason ps4 is selling is because of the number 4 at the and of PlayStation < FACT

the wiiU has better games more high quality than the much awaited ps4 x1 < FACT

AND the wiiU has already been proven to be the more immersive more pro gaming experience because of the GAMING-PAD < FACT

The new Deus X, Rayman, and splintercell PROVED the wiiU to be a better more... #2.1
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