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A sword !? OMG!!!

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whats so creative and inventive about HD, that makes you feel that nintendo should have been on it years ago ?

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To play with a 4 group of only sword fighters, you will have to ask for it, in the online smash lobby.

Its not like the game (forces) you to play against, "only sword wielders".

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LMAO . is there even a game in the PSN Game of the Month catalog, that is more challenging than TW101, let alone DKTF for wiiU ?


trolling fail, this vid. lol

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sony still trying to compete . havent they learned their lesson?
Nintendo has, and always will have better, more challenging, more talented looking, more inventive, more gory exclusives.

Just join Nintendo sony, and call it a night, cus it aint working! Or maybe team up with Microsoft, maybe then your plans of "domination", will work.

This gen, ps4 in the lead with more sales, wiiU in the lead with better games ..

Dont get...

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cooool .

but only CREATEive graphics, deserve nomination.

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The ps4 and XB1 are cool too .

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Square Enix and rpg's oh my .


lol you are still with saLes ?

lol lol . since when do sales determine somethings glory? Justin Bieber, sold more than Tech9, this means justin has more talent more skills? because he sold more ?? lol

S A L E S EXPOSED .): . awwww cheer up . soon you will feel better (:

bayonetta is a hack and slash ? whatever makes you feel better !! hahaa

p.s. m...

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thre goes Sony faking it again, trying to act like their servers are busy lol . .


yur always mad huh . lol

ummm . ths is a gaming community bro, not a sales figures site . sales this, sales that, you. lol

maybe this gen sony will make new ip's, with new gameplay too (: . maybe

not the same rehashed gameplay of 20 years ago lol TLOU etc.

even TW101 for the wiiU, more challengin...

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Assassins Creed is meh .

Dont worry, maybe this gen, sony ps4 will have more challenging exclusives than Ubi, and Nintendo exclusives . ):
lol TLOU no challenge, copy and paste grafix, overrated. ): :(

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The Vita will always be relevant. Because i will never forget the day the vita gave my friend carpelTunel syndrome ..

I warned him!

Advised him to get the trigger grips . ):

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Shulk has style too.

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leave the sales up to sony and microsoft, as that is all they are in it for . . cough cough No Bayonetta 2 support from both Sony and Microsoft cough cough < exposed!!

And yes its true nintendo is opening up to fans . I still remember when Nintendo was like, "if its a rumor, we dont answer", and now, they cant stop inter-acting with anything and everyone. .


p.s. . why is sony even tryi...

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it only works, if you know how to work it

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Can Dante transform into a black Puma, to traverse the land, like Bayonetta can?

How about a butterfly, can Dante sprout butterfly wings to safely pout from ledge to ledge?

What about a Crow, can Dante ShapeShift into a black Crow, and fly ?

Maybe you are correct, and Dante can also summon abominations from the depths of hell, to wreck havoc on foes . not! haha

Sony getting trumped this Gen again!

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$13 dollars is too much, for nicely detailed figurines that comes to life??

It's okay, McDonalds is always hiring.

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I wish Street Fighter was as advanced and as technical like the Super Smash Brothers games.

Can't even perform a dodge in Street Fighter.

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the vita is so crap, that it gave my friend carpeltunnelsyndrome in his hands . .

also . if more power means, better graphics, then why is there no sony exclusive on ps4, ps3, that looks more skills than Skyward Sword on the wii?

wake up

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Nope, sorry. After seeing this games cheap tricks of exploration, i dont want anything to do with this game anymore.

Ex: Im on a planet, and getting from the planet to outerspace only takes 5 seconds, without speed boost!? Seriously it does. lol

And theres also a ton of pop-up!

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true gamers are waiting for:

1. Uncharted 4

2. Bayonetta 2

3. MK X

4. Smash Bros 4

5. Bloodborne

6. Arkham Knight

7. Zelda wiiU

8. MGS V


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