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Sony is cool too

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lol . .are you mad because not even Bloodborne, nor Uncharted 4 will be better than Bayonetta 2 ?

Nintendo dominating this gen already . . dont be mad bro . . dont be mad . . .

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you are a goomba . . because a rehash would not have new and imaginative shapeShifting abilities like bayonetta 2 has. .

also a rehash wouldnt have all new vehicles of transportation like Bayo 2 has . . .

just because it has the same formula, dsnt mean it has the same ingredients . .

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lol . Nintendo dsnt need support . . and GTA V is trash . GTA V is a game made only to appeal to kids and casuals < fact .

Not even bloodborn nor Uncharted 4 will top Bayonetta 2 game value .

burn your sales figured down to the ground . Nintendo dominates this ish . . get used to it (:

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Nintendo takes gaming more serious than Sony and Micro . . this is why Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2, because of its unique value . . instead of NOT because of its low saLes . .

Sony = money fools

Micro = money fools

Nintendo = K I N G S of G A M I N G

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Enter Captain N!

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Wellll . .not that TLOU is a bad game, but think about this.

Do you think its fair for a game like TLOU, a game with no imagination, copy and paste graphics, no hardCore challenge, bogus A.I. and lack of CREATEivity, do you think its fair for a game like this to get 10/10 ? lol
when games like Bayonetta are the ones that bring the TRUE gaming challenge and creative imagination with the over the Top gameplay, actually taking more (brain work) to make . brain work = re...

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My first impressions with the Demo = caca .. . . because of the different button configurations.

Then once the game came out, after roughly 1,000 online matches, and customisable buttons, i give the game a 9.2 out of 10.

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im going to take serious what Amazon customers vote on ?

lol lol

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BurgerKing is hiring

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nehh . .those 2 can stay in Sony's All Stars lol

. damn . though Crash Bandicoot deserves to be in Smash, not second string All Stars

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So equip the bracelet of time and stop complaining.

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cheer up sir . . with a picture of C.Falcon as your avatar, one would think you were a happier "gamer",

dont let Bayonettas' normal sales bring you down ) : :)

Because its gonna take YEARS for Sony, Microsoft, and PC to outperform the Over the Top gameplay, and Creative Gore of bayonetta 2 (;

. . which is what mtters most when dealing with gaming - the gameplay, not the sales lol

besides, Bayonetta 2 good sales...

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so was the wii, it too was deemed too kiddy . ha , then MadWorld comes out, and theres nothing more creatively more rated M than MadWorld even KBFD for N64 on sony, micro nor PC machines (:

and again
just 2 wiiU UnReleased exclusives
Devils' 3rd, and Bayonetta 2 more pervertedly HOLY and addicting and more over the top and more bloodborne than all the Gods Of Wars and Gears of wars combined .

Nin(:love and light to you all

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still picking on that game Destiny

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Destiny aint the type of game to be reviewed ?


Everything and Anything, videogames and beyond, should be Constructively Criticized.

QA is important in order to deliver high production values.

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Im playing WARIOLAND II rite now, on the GAME BOY ADVANCE SP. So far so good.

Wario games were the first destructable environment games i ever played. And if you dont watch out, In WARIOLAND II, you can get turned into:

Zombie Wario

Flame Wario

and hammered into jumpy spring Wario, and many more!

and you get to fly an oWl!

And theres bosses!

even smart minigames.

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Hey! hi. Can anyone tell me, what is it about these games, that make them so "hard"?

are they hack-slash, where all you have to do is level up strong enough, and you eventually win? Or are these games creatively challenging, like Mike Tysons PunchOut, DKC Returns, Ninja Gaiden, etc type of challenging ?

Or are these Souls games a mix of RPG/head bogglers? Head Bogglers like The Water Temple in TLOZ: OT ?

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Im really attracted to the weapon transformations, and the ambiance.

But why is this called bloodborne? . i see no decapitations, no disslimbing. Like its toned down for kiddies . Also the gameplay seems a little sluggy .

But that slege hammer, can it too transform ? that'd be sweet!

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