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you speak of details that even my grandma can work on, or even a robot.

like labor of monkey, your realism stagnant graphics?

nintendo will always dominate.

sony tries to dominate, but ends up domineering .

sad but true

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lol . R&C looks very good. But yes it looks pixar . though RC looks like something our brains have already experienced. nothing new, my boy.

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isnt Monster Hunter supposed to be exclusive to playstation handHelds ? .. . Nintendo cant just come in without knocking!

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I was starting to feel like i was in Tijuana

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transienTaL vibrations ?


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lol .. . you sound like you are happy that SFZ is a bad game lmao. but you couldnt be more wrong. haha

without facts as to specifically explaining in detail as to why it sucks, then sound goomba and salty.

confused goomba . like gaylord standing in a strait line :/

the ignorance that runs this planet

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hope they having fun

still not interested .. .

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metacritic fools you ?


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yaWn .. . for me

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The fact is that, Sony and Microsoft look up to Nintendo.

And always will.

end of story.

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frantic button presses and joystick flicks during bed time gets loud.

ha haa. maybe some rubber linings. lol

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Quieter controller buttons and sticks


WiFi standards



Upgradable hardware

GPS locator

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Nintendo NX wont be as strong as Ps4. And thats the point.

The big N likes to show the world the (prettiest most gorgeous) never before seen looking graphics of creative force, streaming out of a (L E A S T powerful) system than the "competitors".
(((As has been happening all these years)))


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witchcRaft i tell ya

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SFZ a mistake ? . not for me, and hundreds of thousandths of others.

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Other M is freaking rad. (gameplay) (sound track)

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not that the game is bad. but only a lteen would find this game interesting. till he gets a cLue

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sir. the game is what it is. Not what you wish it should be.

Its more of an activity than anything else. U N D E R S T A N D

your point of view of pokemon Go, is a little selfish and ignorant, no?

khh :)

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pokemon Go is obviously a casual gaming experience.

Sun and Moon are on their way .

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