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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


Sooo, wiiU a great companion ?
Yara, quit stalking me. ;) #1.2
Nintendo ain't done showing noobs, what the wiiU can really do. In terms of gorgeous graphics and gamepad usage.

NX will not come out any time soon . . if so, then NX comes at maybe very end of 2016, late mid 2016 .

for now, true gamers got wiiU.

WiiU already carrying some of the most beautiful most bad ass most challenging games ever created in the history of gaming < fact

and its barely 3 #2
thats true. wiiU was quite a mess when it first came out . . but now has "some of the most challenging, and best looking exclusives ever created", according to reviewers around the globe . .

tsss even sony gave Nintendo props for the wiiU . . . <<< look it up.

anyway . ps4 does not need good luck, it already has awesome games on the way . .

ps4 is like Vita right now, still awaiting greatness . #1.2.1
One of the beautiful things about Zelda games,

is that they always have some sort of side quest attraction, that is so well made,

that even inspires old players to re-connect their old nintendo systems, just to pay a visit.

Nintendo many years ago

realized the problem

with vast solo lands. And has already promised gamers,

something game changing with Zelda wiiU.

That will cha... #1.2
We cant just play and play and play games . and expect Nintendo to keep feeding us games and games non stop . . the problem is you, not nintendo ? #2.1.1
Xenoblade Chronicles is sLapchop . not for me . .

but hopefully, players can at least boost with those Mechs . too slow . dont see why not . .

P.S. .

Drive Club, killzone, Dreams, Bloodborne, LMAO .. all these games look good, but are not CREATEive looking . they look like something that anybody could have imagined. . no art skills lol . .truth hurts huh . .ha haaa

Dont be Jelous, just because the new Zelda game for wiiU, has th... #2.1
seriously . .dont know why everyone is in unbelievence with this guy in smash . as you said, not first time weve seen Final Fantasy characters on nintendo console .

Crash Bandicoot on the other hand #1.1
Nintendo already said that this Zelda game would be at least as big as Kyoto Japan . .

sounds like those teleport magic abilities from Links legendary instruments will REALLY come in handy.


we will get to play as Linkle, in this new Zelda game for wiiU . . . i think #1.2
ahhh! #4
nintendo likes to show off their power, by squashing the "competition", with less hardware juice . so wiiU it is . . THEN later in the future, this Zelda game comes to the NX.

If the info about this game is true, then it will be one of the FEW games to really take advantage of True H.D. processor, running on true 1080p display. till the last drop. putting other games to shame, in artistic value, and true ART talent. displayed in one of the most wickedest ways from... #1.2
Freaking Sony. Trying to cheat their daddy Nintendo all these years, to no avail. lol

Sony is winning the "console" war, yet not the gaming "war".

Still, Sony is cool. #1.1.1
saLes ?

ps4 is selling great, wiiu is not.

WiiU still has more challenge, more beautiful, more creative, overall higher quality games thatn ps4 xb1 . . Justin Bieber selling good too.

Sales least interest to me.

Im dying to play some new Excitebike, WaveRace #1.1
wiiU has higher quality exclusives than the xbx1 and ps4 . . COMBINED

get over it #1.6
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average looking = a look that anybody could have come up with. #1.1.2
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the classic controller is better, as it has the sticks closer together, for those moments when a gamer just has to be a gamer .

if you know what i mean, pues ai esta tu tamal. #2.2
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zelda wiiU = 319.7 sq miles #1.3.2
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Link;s Awakening ! . would be neat to see what nintendo can do with something like that!!!

none of these NEWschool zeldas like skyward or twilight please . .

and oh Nintendo . we also want Excitebike 64 online remake pLease . . o.O #1.1.6
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Uncharted 4


The Last Guardian


Devils 3rd

Splatoon #1
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Do some gaming research,

find The wiiU kicking faces in .. .


and with less power .. . #1
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LMAO . so you are saying, that if a customer comes into my store, and asks me:

"Which of the new Next Gen Consoles has the most BEAUTIFUL, most CHALLENGING, more GORY, more IMAGINATIVE games?, im mainly looking for a challenge" . . .

Ide get fired if i LIED to them and told them to get a ps4 or XB1 rather a wiiU << . .

ps4 and XB1 dont just need great games if they wanna WIN the GAMING war, ps4 and XB1 need exclusives that wil... #1.1.2
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