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""Fact number 656" . . Only the DELICATE would block another user :)"


The reviews are in . the WiiU has more CHALLENGING, more BEAUTIFUL, more IMAGINATIVE more GORE, more higher quality EXCLUSIVES than ps4 and XB1 combined.
(((according to reviews around the GLOBE)))

and ps4 is headed toward becoming the most dssapointng NEW nextGen console in the history of gaming, due to below average and mediocre exclusives . .

. . . . . . .

lets just hope that The Order: 1886 is not what they are saying it is, a... #1.1.9
my GTA #3
looks better than other Uncharteds thats for sure.

but uhhh . Iwata was correct #6
here we goo!!!! #6
damn . Nintendo may not have many "Mature" exclusives, but when they do, those exclusives are the (((MOST))) Mature games ever created . .

CBFD - N64
Madworld - wii
Turok 1&2- N64
Bayonetta 2 - wiiU
Resident Evil Remake - Gamecube
etc etc.

.. . and now Devils 3rd for wiiU

Sony and Micro try harder . orrr #1.1.1
He said "The most high-quality exclusives by far, more than XBox and PS4 put together." . . and its true, according to reviews round the globe, wiiU is kicking ps4 and XB1 booty.

. .nothing to do with opinion, or which games cater most to you . . thats a diff story #1.3.3
that is no excuse for ps4 .

its had many chances and failed.

Little Big Planet 3 ((RAUNCH))

Infamous Second SOn ((Raunch))

Killzoe Shadow Fall ((Raunch))

Knack ((Raunch)) ..

ps4 had its chance #1.1.7
Please name me one gaming related quality about GTA V that is so CREATEive, that nobody else could have imagined it .

lol 10/10 ? #1.1.1
your excuses for why Nintendo exclusives are supposedly too good to be true are not even accurate lol

For example, you say that Bayo 2 is same as Bayo 1 . .lol lol . . can i turn into a sea serpent in Bayo 1 like i can in two ? lol . . can i play Twisted Jungle level from DKTF in wii Version of the game ? lol lol etc etc . . .

E V E N Bayonetta 1 wiiU version is diff from the 360 version . .

Nintendo dominates gaming boi . .
<... #7.9
and you wonder why you flunked 3rd grade #4.1.2
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Im sure Nintendo feels special that a game like Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the wiiU

wiiU is for Hardcore Gamers . .

ps4 awaiting greatness

XB1 getting better #1.1.8
9.6 0utta 10

Wavebird all day #1
the creator of DK, Mario etc . . .

if he says that recent games from other consoles bore him, that's because im sure hese seen stuff that is more fantasy than Final Fantasy itself.


meaning Miyamoto has seen more CREATEive work .


easily impressed he is not.

Like, will Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Order: 1887, Gears of War IIII, the new Final Fantasy ps4, Bloodborne, Sunset Ov... #1.1
And why is Resi 4 in this vid ? that aint yours Sony lol

Nintendo had that game exclusive to the gameCube . . THEN ps2 got resi 4 left overs . . nice try though

anyway good for you SOny gaming, yur 20 years fresh

Cant wait for GoW IIII

. . .

. .
. Also Sony, why would you allow for games that are also on the XB1 like MGS V, GTA etc to be shown as if they were sony exclusives ? #1.1
nope dont fall for it . . nintendo does not participate in silly boring "sales wars" lol

but when it comes to G A M i N G : . .will PS4 and XB1 exclusives ever catch up to Nintendo wiiU exclusives when it comes to HardCore, Unique, Adult content ? ( :

Will Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Order: 1887, Gears of War IIII, Bloodborne, Sunset Override, Rime, etc, God Of War IIII, will these PS4 and XB1 exclusives even cross the bar that Bayonetta 2 smeare... #1.2
change title to The Great Mystery: Why Don’t Platinum Games Sell Well? <<<< . to "why dont they sell (EXTRAORDINARY" . . its obviously selling well .

and Bayo 2's first christmas aint even here yet . .

anyway . . please lets get our heads out of the boring and missleading sales figures . .

lol lame "sales wars" #1.3
Its true, the PS4 is leading the way in the console "wars".

But unfortunately for sony, gaming is not about the amount of hardware or software sales.

When it comes to "gaming" wiiU is leading the way and KICKING SERIOUS ASS!

WiiU packed with higher quality, more challenging, better looking, more Adult exclusives than PS4 and XB1 combined < FACT

. . you must be goomba if you believe that Bloodborne, Uncharted 4... #1.5
yur gonna show bayonetta 2 your kids ?

lol . . . it is perverted in the name of the lord fooL.

not to mention its intense G O R E . . bloodier than Sonys kiddie Bloodborne

To show your children Bayonetta games is child abuse. #3.3
lol #1
monday is just around the corner too! . . .

In the mean time you should note that the Pro Controller is better for this type of free-camera game . .

. if you have played the first Bayonetta, remember to set Bayonetta 2's settings to the most challenging setting, because the Hard Mode may be too easy to "Veteran" players . .

(: #1.2
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