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@ supershiller

then why were Deus ex, splintercell, Axiom, and other games the definitive versions on wiiU ?
rather ps4, ps3, xb1, versions .

because of the gamePad

you lose



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Its only been 3 years since GTA V released .. . making it seem like its been 20 . lol

Nothing special here, people .. . move it along

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"years after the games reLease" .. . stopppp ittt

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Speaking of joy:

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Too late to change article title to. "15 of the best fighting games ever made".. .

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was it not ?

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Urban Champion ?

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The sNitch will allow for unique and advanced gaming, that ps4ail cant handle .. portability is only 1 feature.

thats why were pondering and wondering

get the big picture or gtfo


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strayanalog: Here's hoping something good comes from this small collaboration.

im over it

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The game caters to casuaLs and the generaL public.

70 million people engaging in these types of games is sad, really

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I am done with easy violence and done with playing with cars and fire trucks

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There is no "small collaboration" when Take-Two is involved.
AkA "specific (games)"

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The question is "best".

I cant even perform a dodge, in Street fighter.

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I dont get it.

It still looks generic

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If you read the article it states:

"We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo, and support of the Nintendo Switch. We look forward to revealing specific games and details at a later date".

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The correct answer is SSB4 - fact

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my Shadow is my best friend

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ahhhhh . come to paPa RDR2

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you sony-only-ponies

barfing the same thing over and over .. .

Nintendo dominates

get used to it

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I didnt care fir nintendi third party support, as i play all

But now that the Switch is here, i would not mind playing the Switch version.

The definitive versions

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