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Millions of ps4 soLd, and yet the most over the top exclusive this gen, Bayo 2, only for wiiU.

Uncharted Bloodborn are beloW Bayo, when it comes to OVER the TOP - fact

saLtyness will dissagree


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Sony (hires cLappers) to cheer for their casuaL gaming machines every E3 show, bro.

They are pathetic.

As a gamer, i still play all the goods.

yet Sony is False power.


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and yet, any ps3, xbox 360, ps4, xb1 exclusive, would be better more advanced on wiiU, due to the gamePad. according to reviewers around the gLobe.

will you let your salt pass to your veins ?

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bellow, you will find a group of thirsty goombas that mistake gaming with saLes.

Like saying that Justin Bieber is better than your favorite artist, just because he has more saLes ?

goooombas (:

Still waiting for sony or micro get an exclusive

that is more over the top

than Bayonetta 2, for wiiU.

p.s. Playstation 4 Sales figures wont change the FACT that wiiU is kicking ass with h...

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yes, nintendo looks up to sony ?


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nintendo sweats anything sony does ?


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nintendo is your daddy, too .. .

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Gravity Rush 2 is cell shaded ?

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but Breath of the Wild already does all of this, and more .. .

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Bayo 2! .. . Safe to say Bayo 2 is the most over the top game, this gen ?

Ps4 XB1 where you at ?

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purrty .. . almost like cell shaded .. .

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.. . ahhh schucks! .. . still looks cool .. .

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those grafiX! . nicely done .. . tricked me at first, though. Thought they were cell shade.
oh well .. . still looks rad

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i kno. im sorry

research it your Self .. .

not that yude wanna

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cLouds are huge deaL to me, in gaMing .. . gLad for you that you made yours to fLufF around .. . thanks

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so why care who soLd more ?

its a dVd player . back then dVd players were huge deal .. .

sony wanted to sell big.
so they add dVd player. ..

nintendi didnt care .

gameCube ruLed gaming, that generation
Sony sold more dVd players

yay for ps2 .. .

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GameCube sold less than ps2, because gamecube did not cater to the world like ps2 with built in DvD player. . . so when fantarts compare ps2 sales with gamecube saLes, GC is considered fLop. lol. . (whatever makes sony fanpies feel better)

still . Compared to ps2 exclusives

(gameCube has more memorable exclusives) than ps2. FACT

with (higher quality graphics (that aged great) FACT

a now (immitated controller) FACT...

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sssszzzz .. z z .. . z .. . . .. . Z

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Justin Bieber selling more albums than your favorite rapper, too. .. This means Justin Bieber brings more skills more taLent ? .. .



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