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Their only thinking about doing it in EP format right now, lets hope they decide to go the normal route, specially for a game like SilentHill... And remember how much konami priced the MGS-GZ demo. I wonder how much they would price each EP compared to buying a full fledged game. #2
And komani/kojima is thinking about making Silenthills episodic... I hope they dont go that route. #1.1.2
"We chewing gum and waiting to launch, and we almost out of gum" #4
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So what happened ? did it render at another 72p or what ? #12
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Ridiculous.. Who gives a flying crap whether its 720p or 792p ?... 792!? ffs, what in the fuk is that shit ?

all this over nothing, the difference is literally unnoticeable, its more political bs just so MS can say its not 720p. laughable LAUGHABLE!!! #2.8
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Naughty Dog aint making infamous... #1.13
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They said no mod tools unfortunately. 6v6 will have to do. #2.1
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You should get a job for one of those sites who make up sensationalist headlines over nothing, to get clicks.

PS4 VR has a chance of happening ?. in reality, so far its all unconfirmed rumor and speculation.

nDreams are working on a PS4 game, that is all we know on that.

Im all for sony releasing a VR headset, but people are getting ahead of themselfs, as usual. #3.1
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Yep, too close to PS4, if they had released it at the start or end of summer, it could of done alot better. #1.5
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We never would of gotten this as a PS4 launch game either way. At best a rushed prologue. Way too much work to get a full fledged GT game ready on a new system. GT6 on PS3 had already more then half the content ready to go from GT5.

Project cars is coming to next gen, next year. That will do until GT7. #1.5
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"Titanfall Stomps the VGX Even More With Awesome Gameplay" ??

LMAO, i watched that 3 hour bs last night, and apart from the Joel Banderas, and that indie space game(no mans sky), there was nothing. When they eventually showed some titalfall, it was just a shitty ingame introduction, cinematic of 2 new mechs. No proper gameplay footage. #1.8
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Yeah, make another sony. Afew of the original guys from team silent worked on the siren games. #5
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Not sure if serious, But they have to keep the hardware that theyv already shipped over a million units with, and by next year possibly several million.

Other wise, every xb1 game would have to have 2 builds, which would be far too expensive.

Only way that could happen is if they offered every customer with a xb1, a free upgrade with the better hardware, which realistically aint going to happen. #4.1
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I was watching that stream for awhile, they got pretty wasted on whiskey. I stop watching, then 20 mins later i read about this on gaf.

From the moment i started watching it looked like it was only heading one way. The wife was pretty hot too, flashing her black panties every so often, with her little black mini skirt on making it nice and easy every time she adjusted her legs, nice long legs too, flashing her feet on request by some foot fetish freaks.

They... #1.1.25
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So if you cant have a nicer experience, nobody else cant either ? is that it ?

Its your choice what to buy, and others shouldnt be punished for your decision. #1.13
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Top 11 of all time.

Silenthill 2
Silenthill 1
Resi 2
Resi 3
The Thing
The Suffering
Outlast #11
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Yeah, good luck with that EA, charging 69.99euros for a game on psn that could be bought at a store for 49.99e.
Fukn clowns... #1.7
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"to the extent permitted by law"

So when you agree to their terms of service, its all legal. #1.13
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"all eyes are on a possible Fallout 4 release sometime early 2014"

it would be nice, but keep dreaming. i bet next e3 before we even see ingame footage. #1.4
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funny thing is, shu responding is giving that vid thousands of hits it wouldnt of got.

the vid is clearly trying to cash in for the hits, and the guys source is his own asshole. #1.1.10
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