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More like put us in debt. #12.1
If 5 upcoming games I really wanted showed up at my house I wouldn't know what to do. #11
Dead Space was already way better than daytime Africa action TPS. #7
Suddenly the game isn't mediocre to PS3 fanboys and Xbox Fanboys can't stop crying. #3
Wow, could they be any older? #1
That's one way to get rid of excess MoH copies. #4
Have fun downloading PS3 games. Discs are here to stay. #15
That was sarcasm. #2.2
Playing on a harder difficulty will make limb shooting and disarming more useful. Play a game to its full extent before you write a shitty article about features that greatly improve games being bad. #1.1.1
I wouldn't mind not having a subscription that lacked Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix for less or free. I only want online multiplayer, I don't even need party chat. I don't mind paying for XBL though. #1.1
Why not just play SOCOM 2 if its that great? I think you're a little obsessed with an idea. An idea of greatness that never actually existed on the scale you think it did. #12.1.1
"I agree with you. NO gamer should have to miss out on such a great franchise..however, we all know that a multiplatform GTAV will limit what it could potentially be if it was only on the PS3. Blu-Ray holds more capacity than DVD9. More capacity = more opportunity to make GTAV better."

PC only would make more sense in that situation, where the series started. There is no way in Hell PS3(or Xbox 360) could get GTA as an exclusive. #3.1.2
Aiming is bad. We should just have lock-on in every game. #2
Convincing boxart, I'll get my wallet. #10
I don't see the hype. Why would I play this game over MGS 4 or Uncharted 2? #12
I think you forgot what fun is. You probably play serious games that are seriously lacking fun and content. #1.3
I want to see this on PC. The console version looks great, but nowhere near #1. #1
Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 look great. Halo: Reach is way more open than other games and the different effects from all the Covenant energy weapons, human weapons and vehicles and everything else are nice. The game also has a lot of color. Basic humans are easy to make look good, but the size, shape, style and movement of the enemies in both Halo and Gears of War are very impressive. Same with the weapons. #1.2
They'd be paying a whole lot more than its worth. Bungie isn't their property. Activision just has publishing rights to their games for 10 years. They have no control over Bungie otherwise. I think their new series will go Halo big and Activision wouldn't want to lose them 2 or 3 games into the series with bullshit. #1.1.12
Let me know when PCs get four player split screen and when they do something other than RTS and MMO better than consoles. #1.2
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