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Definitely wish I grabbed an NES Classic for this reason.

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Would be a huge reveal if true. Not sure if this game is Akira... but there seem to be similarities purely based on some of the key influences in Kojima's life. Might sound ridiculous, but I appreciate it when websites attempt something new instead of the same old thing, so kudos IO!

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N4G is predominantly a pro Sony website and writers cater to its audience. That's not even a criticism. Just the way it is.

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Seriously. lol

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Let's just enjoy the game.

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Agreed. Never really played Uncharted 2 and 3 myself.

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But there's an audience for it, so why should a company deny itself the revenue?

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Driveclub's online component didn't work at launch and the majority of N4G users said.... it's OK... free pass because we love PS4. Same thing happens to Halo and the pitchforks come out. Free ODST campaign, another MP map and other freebies.... yeah, Microsoft can come back from this.

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PS Plus... why do I pay for this again? What a waste.

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No more Drive Club.

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N4G community... not employed by Sony, but they sure act like it. :) Hey guys and gals, by some TVs and hunt down those hackers.

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Sony screwed up. The N4G community needs to get over it.

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Killzone and Knack were 2013 and Knack was critically panned. This year, Driveclub was a big letdown (buggy online, no free version).

Sony relied on PS4 sales to carry it through 2014. Without question one of the most woeful first party years for a hardware maker. Average. Completely average.

They should make up for it next year, but to say they delivered in 2014 is an opinion I can't get behind.

[braces for down votes from dominant PS (...

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Did Bethesda do its own mods, or has that been largely community driven?

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Do you think it would be a big seller among these audiences, though?

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Thrilled that the beta lasts from December 29-January 18. That's a lot of time.

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Personally I love it, having checked it out for a little over an hour. It's super intense and you change play styles because you have the one life. Definitely give it a try. What do you think of the infinite sprint?

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Breakout is an excellent multiplayer mode. Will be the most popular in the beta bar none. Looking forward to matching up with everyone. :)

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Bloodborne looks incredible. Going to be an outstanding year for PS4!

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