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I was all for ps4, then heard bout dedicated servers on x1. Not only is this gonna eliminate host advantage but free up 10% CPU power for multiplayer. Along with the dedicated sound chip in x1 freeing up 5-10% CPU. Plus now x1 clocked 10% higher than ps4. That's up to 30% CPU increase for x1 over ps4. Also I believe directx will give a performance boost over the ps4. Spec on paper favours ps4 but I don't think it's as cut and dried as that. Driveclub,knack and killzone look medioc...

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Why is that couch shouting?

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No, Gears of war is surly.

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I use a free program called borderless windowed witch displays windowed as fullscreen. Many games seem smoother if I get under 60fps with this utility .

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Cod runs at 60fps and is the most mainstream game. I bin gaming on pc at 1080p @60 fps and it's awesome. 30 fps is trash, anyone saying otherwise has not played gta iv, skyrim, farcry 3 and loads of others on pc @60 to know the difference. For me it is the single most important aspect to run @60 fps.

I can play crysis 3 on my pc at 1080p at very high, but only adaptive vsynced half refresh rate for smooth 30fps. Yet i prefer to play it on low with objects high at 1080p ...

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@taquito I totally agree, consoles are awfull compared to pc, I think you will be surprised what they can do with those specs on the new machines though. No windows os to penetrate, games properly d for all 8 cores. I call a 10x performance increase compared to same specs pc.

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exclusives are well and good, but the design of the machine means pretty much all multiplats perform better on xbox 360. lots of other companies make really good games to you know. looks like ps4 is gonna kick ass though, cant wait.

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You lot make me laugh. It needs 2 scalers because Microsoft are implementing a always on os with dvr function, hence 3gb for os. One scaler for games, another for the overlay when you press the Xbox button. This way the overlay can be a crisp 1080p always and it won't need the proccessing power of the other scaler, witch will be running the game in the background. Bejesus.

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The thing is these consoles, especially ps4 have super high bandwidth,and low latency between components. this along with no windows and dx layer are going to allow them to do more than a pc with twice or 3 times raw power. pc's modular nature is not game friendly.

also almost all pc games now are made with the lowest common denominator, ie ps3 and 360 in mind . the pc versions are just higher res and fps. once these baseline specs are raised, games will look alot bett...

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Can't believe people are even hyped for this. It won't even work properly just
Iike onlive. Plus this won't be free, Sony are gonna charge you to play those ps1 and ps2 games on ps4, after you bought them originally, then again on ps3. Suckers. Lol

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All developers just recycle the same games and ideas. They just have the sense to change the names. Cod is surely the same as moh on ps1 and going right back to doom on pc. Uncharted is tombraider from ps1 rebranded. Many of the biggest games now are using age old design and gameplay concepts, just prettier. Not moaning, I love these games, just sayin.

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just thought of something. maybe ps3's biggest problem is that it runs on Linux, no dought this will effect ps4 to. i mean who the hell has a linux gaming pc.

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he is right, after 6 years we cant still blame bad ports. the facts are the ps3 is underpowered compared to 360. low ram, slow read speeds on dvd, and cell single core structure is crap for gaming. i have both machines and the 360 is clearly more powerful.

framerate is the best indicator of graphics power, the only difference between a gtx 660 and gtx 680 is framerate. any graphics card can render, its the fps that differs. and ps3 framerate is always lower.

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the thing is i bought my ps1 for £500 on launch day, the power of the thing playing wipeout was phenomenal. dito playing gta iii on ps2. so your argument ofpower not mattering makes no sense because these were very powerful machines when released. if your picking up consoles years after release then they wont impress as much.

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Wii u is not next gen. Its an xbox 360 with a tablet controller. pc tells us nothing of next gen either, higher res and higher framerate is nice but current games are made with current gen specs in mind. you can upgrade a vw golf to 600 bhp but its still no ferrari. once the baseline specs are raised for next gen, then we will see real improvements.

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Can't believe ninty went with this CPU. If it was just to keep backwards compatibility it's crazy, you can pick up a wii for £30. Also ps3 performance is bad in every multiplat because it's CPU is weak for gaming, basically single core. Would developers with millions at stake not make there games run perfect if they could. Roll on the real next gen

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