And why for god's sake is DOOM in quotes?? Is this some sort of ironic doom?


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I got excited about the first Homefront. Fool me once...

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Couldn't agree more. I wasn't sure how this move would turn out -- but TellTale has clearly earned the benefit of the doubt

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Act 2 of 2 looks to be sold as DLC. If fine print is used to justify that you're only buying half a game that is being advertised as a full game, that's deception.

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It's evident when compared to the last Pokemon announcement trailer.

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I think a more apt comparison would be whether or not they announced HG and SS right after the announcement of a huge financial gain/loss.

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I don't know. That trailer is pretty weak -- to put it lightly -- and does seem slapped-together. Wouldn't be a surprising move since the idea is to instill confidence in investors.

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If only that's all it was. I have an 80/35 internet connection and I use the server browser to only join local, low-ping servers. Seems more like a netcode issue.

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The rubber banding is still horrendous. My biggest complaint atm

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It always weirds me out when people critique someone's personal GOTY list. These should just be yet more ways that we all discover new games to play.

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@BALLARD32 Still not sure I'd call that 50/50 -- just because the dev knew it wasn't ready doesn't mean the pub didn't force it to be released.

I obviously can't say whether or not DICE did claim that it wasn't ready, but we're talking about EA. They've earned a reputation at this point.

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@Utalkin2me I certainly don't remember using the word "flawless" and I recall posting problems with the game. I just believe that this particular person was exaggerating, for the reasons I stated. It being one of your top 3 worst launches just means you've been awfully fortunate with game launches to date.

And again, I have said nothing to excuse the launch of this game. It's been poor and is a black eye on the industry this year, particularly in this la...

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This is exaggerated quite a bit.

I have 40 hrs in across the PC and PS4 versions. Hit detection is fine. There are tons of populated servers.

Today, I have zero problems on the PC version. The PS4 version still suffers from some lag but it's mostly solved by filtering the servers for geographically close ones. The biggest problem with the PS4 version is that it still crashes on occasion, particularly on 64-player matches. Might be as high as 1 in 4 matche...

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Agreed. It's really impressive how well their gameplay translated to consoles in the first place, so it'd be really cool to see what they'll do with next-gen.

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I'm sure they have the design patented -- maybe the potential knock-offs are waiting for the exclusivity to expire

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They have them in development for next-gen consoles. They'll be different models because the form factor of the new analog sticks is different.

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I hope you feel better now that you got that all out, but it really doesn't sound like you read the article.

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@RVanner_ Still, it seems to me the intent is actually to quell the fanboy fanfare, not encourage it.

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"Just choose your platform and play your games."

That's essentially the message of the article. It goes into technical explanation, sure, but it's not arguing for any particular console.

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I'm a PC guy (hence the av), but mid-range right now does not blow away a PS4 or Xbox One. It will in a few years (or less), but not today.

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Spin? Did you read the article?

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