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And that, people, is how you own somebody.

DSQD-Detox is probably going into damage control right now lol. Stock liquidation of all brain cells LMAO!

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Oh ok, is this only in Australia? Maybe New Zealand as well?

I was wondering why things were so expensive. Last time I checked, Skyrim was $109.95 as well. Why do they charge this much for DOWNLOADABLE (No manual, no box, no disc) games.

I never buy downloadable versions of games when I can get the boxed edition. Arcade games are a different story.

The people who buy the 'on demand' versions are usually idiots anyway, so they figure t...

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Quite a terrifying (and well written) read . Especially with that black background.

Hopefully people will stand up for once. I wouldn't support those cons at all.

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Yeah I don't think he knows when to stop lol.

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Would have been funnier if his mammoth beard got stuck and then it microwaved the sh*t out of him.

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Actually, that doesn't sound bad at all. He did a freaking amazing job with the Riddick series. Who knows.

I myself would suggest David Letterman. /s

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How many game to movie projects have fallen through?

Half of all the games I have played have been through that stage where someone picks up the rights for a movie, and it never happens.

The Darkness
Metro 2033

etc. That is just a few. I could easily name 30, without the help of the internet (for gods' sake, don't ask me to name 30)

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Chuck Norris!

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Not really. They were let of the Microsoft leash, only to find out that with Activision they are on a chain, with a shock-collar.

It would be nice if Activision used some of that money generated from cash cows like WoW and CoD to make a ground up engine, but I doubt it.

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As long as they don't get any funny ideas. Hopefully they take the time they need with the series, and keep it fresh.

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"traditionally X360 exclusive devs or franchises migrate to my console of choice"

Yes, it is excellent. Insomniac going to 360 is great also. Hopefully they both show the other console gamers a good time.

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I understand. I'd hate to be the guy to suggest getting a bigger HD, as the 3rd party ones are very cheap.

I never had that problem myself, as I have an original 'Phat' PS3 (love saying that), and intalls weren't a big issue back then. I ended up buying a slim a few years later, and that's when installs became more popular.

The big boy only gets taken out when I need to play some old PS1 and PS2 games. It ...

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I know its sucks, but I can understand the price points. The Vita is fairly powerful hand-held console, and so they are selling them at a loss or at least making a very small amount of money off of one sale.

To boot, 3rd parties haven't exactly been kind, they would rather try for the quick cash grab (Read: CoD BO Declassified). So with a small install base, they have to make money somehow.

Not saying I wouldn't want the memory cards cheaper, but th...

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I like Family Guy when it first came out like 10 years ago. It has just went downhill. I think it is uber lame, not funny and stupid. Same with the other ones, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. They are terrible.

They have some funny parts, but not enough. Sadly, South Park and The Simpsons have also run out of ideas.

We need new fresh comedies. I like Archer. I loved Drawn Together as well. Family Guy is finished, as far as I'm concerned.

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Sexism only works 1 way, everyone knows that. Sucks to be a male.

Example: Steve Gibbons tweeted: "Libs are led by a gutless douchebag and a narcissistic bimbo..."

This happened in Australia like a day or 2 ago, where a MAN criticised a MAN (gutless douchebag) and a WOMAN (narcissistic bimbo). He was made to apologise to the woman, but no-one said anything about what he said to the man (Tony Abbott).

It is pure double standard bulls...

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I mean no offense, but I would have thought that someone who is in college and as educated as you would have more than 1 bubble.

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Decreases load times, as Blu-ray reads slower than DVD.

I would love it if they gave the option to install every game. It really isn't a hassle. I just read the manual or get something to eat while it is installing, AND I put up with less issues in the game.

It's a win-win situation.

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Holy crap, that was a great article. I have disagreed with Jim in the past, but that article was excellent. He sure as hell knows how to write a good article. I'll be sure to read more of his articles from now on.

Everything he said was spot on. I highly recommend everyone reads it. I doubt it will change any of the childish fanboys' attitudes, but it is a great read nonetheless.

I'm just waiting for the first idiot to say he was biased against a ...

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Gran Tursimo has and always will have a strong online community. It is small things like this free car that makes people stick around. The community support is amazing.

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KO Geoff Kieghly please. Then a guy in a doritos costume KO's Cliffy. That way, everyone is happy. Except for that douche Kieghly...

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