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According to Activision support you still need the IW disc :( check their Twitter, everyone is complaining

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Please do not post fraghero b's here, they flood Facebook with clickbait and poorly written articles, and constantly posting the same headlines over and over! Just go to their Facebook page and read the comments on any of their posts

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no need to "glitch" the app, create a second account, sign into remote play using the second account, hold the ps button and sign into your main profile.

ps4 controller connects to the ps4 with full use of remote play

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Some people have partners/kids who watch tv, it's easier to remote play then kick them off and have them moaning saying their bored

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This comes out Wednesday! BUT He is charging £6.50/$10

Check his twitter for updates

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Walking dead!! Great game!!

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Can't wait for the new album!!

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I can read an article and listen to the video, I do have four of these, how am I not paying attention?

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Rare? I have four of these stashed away!!

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Out of all the remasters out there, THIS IS ONE I REALLLLLY WANT, and cod4 :(

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How about the developers get off their asses and optimise it for each platform, stop blaming consoles

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Investors only care about money

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Cod4 is all I want

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How did this get approved. Must of seen 100 reviews for heists so far, and to bring a review out so late after the heists have launched seems pointless

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With button customisation does that mean you can change controls on games that don't support it?

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I was thinking the same. Seems like since the ps4 launch they have been struggled to even announce games on time, let alone give us anything worth playing. I wouldn't be surprised if they added a ps+ package to PlayStation now and get rid of igc

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I have a surface 2 as well, apparently there is a version of windows 10 RT being made but that's all that's been said :( I heard they are also dropping support for windows rt so who knows

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Can't wait to stream xbone games to my surface pro 3, I wish Sony had remote play working on PC's

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This is a shame but its a great game. Its worth paying £19.99 for!!

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