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Salient point. Too bad it has absolutely nothing to do with the article you just didn't read, which seems to be and interesting, well-written, and objective piece about real journalists who work diligently within the profession. There's plenty of stuff to complain about on N4G without having to trash quality pieces. #1.1
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The site's currently under construction btw if anyone is clicking through and noticing the peculiar formatting of the article. Apologies. #5
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I thought about it, but there just wasn't enough room in the oven for me. #3.1
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Interesting, but he might have just been referring to the industry process as a whole. I'm not sure I'd take it as fact for Rising specifically. #4
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From what the Game Informer reveal has given off so far, it sounds like Matt and Trey pretty much have all creative control while THQ and Obisdian are just there to give them the tools they need. #4.2
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Just noticed the spelling mistake in the title. Extremely sorry about that, lol. #5
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