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Microsoft and Google are helping to create George Orwells 1984.

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according to NSA leaked documents Microsoft was the first and more then willing to give them backdoor access ...this is just lies and propaganda.

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oh thank god! now I can finally rest.

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So orwellian.

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lol yea no surveillance here. 1984

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I guess the NSA is expecting a huge install base.

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I just want a next gen Wipeout with custom soundtrack support:)

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yea Xbox one is awesome, with its inferior specs and its NSA camera for those Big Brother fans out there. 0o

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love the transition from c4 explosion to Battlefield theme.

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I guess people like the NSAbox.

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Thats the least of our problems with companies like Microsoft giving backdoors to the NSA....oh but they would never abuse their power with Kinect which is equipped goodies like facial recognition, 3d tracking, heart monitor, and night vision. #1984

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We are definately heading towards a world described in George Orwells 1984.

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Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden strongly disagree.

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NSA's minion corporation.

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All seeing eye logo #illuminati

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Everyone's favorite orwellian camera filled with a bunch of NSA goodies like night vision, facial recognition, 3d tracking and a heart rate monitor.

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Oya it's a great tool if you support a Orwellian future.

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Edward Snowden is definitely not picking this up.

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no doubt about it. Microsoft was the first to sign on with the NSA's PRISM data gathering scheme. The mandatory orwellian Kinect is a obvious result of this.

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Yea! don't bully the tool that Microsoft gave the NSA.

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